Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sing along with me, IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DODODODOOOOOOOOOOOO! *punches fist in air along* Woooooh!

Ok, I just realised that this could totally have two meanings, I am now 38 weeks barefoot and pregnant (literally, NONE of my shoes fit anymore, Dr-Mr calls them my giant clown feet, they are just HIDEOUS), so yes, we are definitely in the final countdown for that... weird to think that it could sort of happen at any time. Already starting to get emails and calls from folks checking I haven't gone into labour yes, because they had a feeling I had. I am certainly hoping that I will be the first to know when it happens.

ANYWAY, we've been hinting about it for weeks, months even, but the new Georgie Love site is due to go live very early next week. I will post again to prompt you go have a look-see (it's totally worth it) when it's up, but we're on the FINAL COUNTDOWN! I sort of feel like I have been having two babies - the Georgie one and the other one who is sitting like a rock on my bladder, forcing me to get up in the middle of the night literally every 90 minutes to wee. BABY, I NEED SLEEP.

It's the end of week 3 of maternity leave... Am in the swing of things, I think I LOVE not working, although the tiredness can go and get stuffed. My days are Georgie Love, naps, baking (I have even had friends over to bake with me, perfection!), cleaning, reading, some shopping... I would consider this RELAXING. Dr-Mr is not convinced I have totally got the hang of it yet. I made wholemeal pancakes with grilled cinnamon banana and maple syrup for breakfast the other morning, how is that NOT relaxed? :-)

It's 30 degrees today, I have not gone to my Saturday morning Preg fitness class so that I can reserve all energy to hang out with Dr-Mr and Georgie in the sun today. Not sure what is on the cards, but his manic work phase has eased up a little which means a no (or very little) work weekend for both of us. Am excited about the prospect!

Hope yours turns out a winner too.


veronica darling said...

Take care babes! You're sounding very mummy and homemaking-esque!

I wish I were pregs to get me relaxed and cooking!!! xoxo

Bec said...

Thanks Sal and Europe!
I will be singing that song for the rest of the day now!
I think I am semi with dr-mr - you don't know the true meaning of relaxing! Even though you are spending your time doing things that are fun, easy-ish, therapeutic even...I would hardly call cleaning relaxing - crazy lady.
Totally psyched for the new GL - I am sure it will bring lots of new delights...just like waking up on Christmas morning with a few special pressies under the tree...
talk soon my sweet - bec xx

veronica darling said...

Hey Sal, I also tagged you! Don't worry if you can't do it, I don't think it's like Chain Mail or anything!

mariannealice said...

Love your style of relaxing...I am hoping you go into labour a few days early because it is sooo frustrating to go overdue! Much better to be taken a little by surprise.Look forward to seeing the new site. Hope that baby rock lets you get some sleep...