Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes, I am an over-sharer

Well, I am hoping today will be the BIG DAY where (& I was about to say Georgie takes off his pants to reveal what is underneath, but GOD what am I thinking with such an analogy?) the new website is revealed. Fingers crossed, these things are never as uncomplicated as they appear to be. It's all looking good so far anyway, so more news is forthcoming.

The delightful Veronica Darling tagged me for the 6 facts about you thingy, which I answered with mostly verbose oversharing a few months ago, so I thought I would do it again with other random weekly posty things I THOUGHT about answering, but laziness prevented me. And also shame, you'll soon see why. Although obviously not ENOUGH shame, surely some of these facts should be kept secret.

1. The first album (on cd) I ever bought was New Kids on the Block's Funky, Funky Christmas.

Let's all go back and enjoy that time together... LIVE!

2. The first concert I ever went to (& band I ever loved) was Bros. Just so there is no confusion between you and I, I totally loved LUKE. I still secretly love them a bit and am dancing to you tube clips while writing this. I could also absolutely and TOTALLY challenge you to an "I'VE BEEN TO THE WORST AND MOST EMBARRASSING LIVE CONCERTS TO ADMIT TO" play-off. They include, in no particular order: Bros, NKOTB (twice), Debbie Gibson, MC Hammer, Indecent Obsession, early days Kylie (also twice before she was ironic and cool), I have a vague feeling I might have gone to Tiffany as well... but I am uncertain. I have a TERRIBLE memory, it drives Dr-Mr nuts, something that happened 5 minutes ago is as confusing and vague in my head as something that happened 5 years ago. I am sure there are some other pearlers I have forgotten, but that IS enough to win, right?

3. I have already admitted in the last 6 things that I am totally afraid of the dark, but when I was little I totally LOVED and wanted to BE Punky Brewster (it's a wonder that I don't have a dog called Brewster), but the Halloween special for Punky Brewster terrified me and I couldn't sleep for a week after it.

4. My favourite album or band is REALLY hard to pick. My three favourite bands are:

Maximo Park (their first album A Certain Trigger is sheer brilliance, it's never fails to make me completely happy). The song above Apply Some Pressure is possibly my favourite off the album and despite listening to this song 1001 times, I STILL LOVE it every time. I first heard this album in a weird time of my life and it's one of those albums that gets you through those times, yeah? Fortunately the album endured beyond it!

The Mountain Goats. I HATED this band when I heard their first single on the radio (This Year). John Darnielle's vocals are a little hard to get used to... I had a group of friends who loved them and I would hear the album at everyone's house and it grew on me bit by bit and now I am obsessed and everyone else has moved on. I am a lyrics person (Dr-Mr is a music person), and they write these incredibly melancholic and sad songs, but perform them with such JOY that it is ridiculous. They are the only band that I am gutted to miss seeing at Meredith Music Festival this year (am not going for the first time in a long time, as I will be with new bub). But it's ok, I have seen them 3-4 times before, so that is a small consolation. They just write beautiful songs.

Of Montreal. They are just starting to get a little known in Australia (I was a little sad to hear them on JJJ earlier in the week), they write dirty, catchy, intense and sometimes depressive pop music, that NEVER FAILS TO PUT ME IN A GOOD MOOD. Ok, now days, after the pop-misadventures of my youth, I kind of like darker music.

5. I am surprised to find that I like Kanye West, camping, broccoli, cleaning the bathroom, flat heeled boots, Marian Keyes novels, Antiques Roadshow and going to watch the cricket.

6. My favourite movie is a toss up between the Labriynth (DANCE MAGIC DANCE!), The Goonies, Swingers, Me & You and Everybody We Know, Brick and.. um... Bring it On.

Now who am I tagging? YOU, yes you, if you haven't done it yet, get to it!

ALSO, a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to JULIE KNOBLOCK, as while her baby was due pretty much on the same day as me, her intuition was spot on and baby-girl Stevie Nell came a couple of weeks early. Check out a brief run down and some amazingly gorgeous photos in her blog. So exciting!

(and no, I am no closer to popping this baby out, she is super-snug and settled, even though I secretly shout COME OUT BABY when Dr-Mr isn't looking, he's happy for her next week, I would have been happy YESTERDAY)


Daisy said...

Bad Concerts I have been to:

1. Ratcat
2. Black Box

What was that concert we went to at the Enmore that time? That was a *good* concert but all I can remember is light & smoke machines.