Friday, October 17, 2008

Yummy things

I love these kind of Spring days! The sun is out, it's warm, I am at home and don't have many cares in the world - had a lovely quick visit to Misa and her adorable boy Milo from OlofsDaughter - there are some very gorgeous new products that will be online shortly (lovely things for little people!). It's all good.

Oh, and other GOOD news - baby has turned! They did her manually at the hospital on Wednesday and it was quick and easy, far less uncomfortable or stressful that I thought it would be, so I am relieved, obviously. The Dr who did it gave her only a 4% chance of turning back. I like those odds.

Am getting into the routine of maternity leave, but of course being at home makes me see and think about all the things I SHOULD or WANT to be doing....

Like clearing a years worth of cobwebs from the windows! Yuck! I want to get a window cleaner out, but Dr-Mr is insisting he is going to get the ladder out and clean it out when he is on leave from November.

and WEEDING. I just can't imagine getting on the ground and into that right now! I think our house is starting to look like a hobo house (from the outside anyway!)

We haven't spent much time in the garden recently - weather has been bad and our weekends have been filled with catching up with everything we don't get time for during the working week. Everything is overgrown and seems to be green and healthy despite us, not because of us! Stuff is blooming everywhere.

I know it's not the best use of space, but I love keeping things a little overgrown and wild. When outside, all I can hear are little birds chirping, the wind and occasional bleats from local goats, sheep, doggies barking and the free range chooks scratching next door. So peaceful. It's a different world.

Yes, it's beautiful outside, but it's time for Georgie and I to have an afternoon nap. If you are loving of the dogs and want to meet some new adorable pups, check out the new blog The Adventures of Vance, Fletch, Me & Captain Sensible! Is it just me, or does everyone love cheeky whippet stories?


Shannon said...

I had an afternoon nap today as well - only felt slightly guilty that I wasn't doing something more productive! Your garden looks lovely - I think you can get away with that wild look where you live. My house, on the other hand, is in the middle of the suburbs and is definitely starting to look like a hobo house!

Bec said...

i would LOVE to come and live in the georgie tree house. it would be full of adventures and just so long as the garden doesn't feature any wildlife of the feathered variety, i would stay out there all day...poking around, imagine all the delights!

BigCat said...

Your garden looks amazing. What a lovely place you have.

potty mouth mama said...

I thought I had commented on this already, weird. Maybe I did in my head.. I had someone come and clean our windows before I had our second baby. I had a real bee in my bonnet, it was the best money I spent.

And the weeding can wait!