Saturday, November 29, 2008

baby juggling

Have I disappeared into the vortex of BABYLAND? NO I HAVE NOT! Ok, I have, maybe. Kinda. I have taken up one handed typing which means that:

1. Emails from me are now very short

2, Emails and replies from me aren't prompt or timely

3. Blogging is near impossible.

I took these pics a mere second ago, to point out my current one-handed disability, and various typing poses. She's a little monster, pretends to be calm, content and asleep on my chest, but as soon as you make the slightest move to put her down, she screams and pouts, until you settle back down with her.

Pose 1 - are you asleep yet? No? Ok, as long as you are resting quietly, we can continue.

Pose 2 - ok, we are all happy, she's awake, calm and we can start typing/working etc.

Pose 3 - Are you asleep yet? Do you want to have a nap in your pram or bouncer? No?

Pose 4 - Possibly asleep, ow to my back and dead arm. Current pose held.

Pose 5 - She's fully asleep - FREEDOM! Time to do some washing, maybe have some breakfast, clean my teeth, wrap packages, take photos of new stock, pat Georgie, etc.

I took these photos progressively as I started typing this......

Also please note my dark circles and DESPERATE need for a haircut. At least in these pictures, I am fresh out of the shower, so I am briefly free from smelling like milk-sick. I have been to the shops a number of times not realising I have milk crusts on the shoulders of my black tees. Because ladies, that's how I now roll.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I was a bit skeptical about what stimulation a play mat could offer a mostly sleeping/feeding/pooping 9 day old baby.

But I was wrong! Interaction was definitely made.

Georgie here represents the current state of the rest of us - mostly haggard and sleep deprived. Here he is dreaming of his own play mat. Made entirely of sausages.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party all the time

Oh, last night was not a good night. We're all tuckered out today. We sleep during the day and party all night.

ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. She chirps like a bird when she sleeps, which never fails to makes us both giggle even at 4 am with no sleep. In between naps, feeds, eating and taking random photos, Georgie Love work is happening - slowly. I thought it would be very, very quiet with the supposed 2 week shut down. But no, quite the opposite, which is of course good, great even. I am just surprised. It's nice to have something non-baby to focus on in the evening and work on veeeerrrrrrrry slowly.

Friday, November 14, 2008

And so...

Here she is! This is the week old Ruby Winter Rock (her Dad's surname) and she was born on her due date, Saturday 8 November at 9:35pm. We were unexpectedly induced after our 40 week midwife appointment on the Friday, that showed at the very last minute I was starting to show signs of pre-eclampsia. A very fast (just under 5 hours), intense and natural labour (with lots of twists and turns on the way) happened and she came into the world. We had absolutely AMAZING support and a positive experience with our hospital.

We're totally enamored, sleep deprived and waiting for the fact that we are parents to finally sink in. We are not sure who she looks like yet - she has Dr-Mr's nose and my ears. Most likely she just looks like herself!

Georgie was not impressed with her arrival and vomited on the rug in front of me in protest within 30 minutes of her coming home. He has been completely spoilt, patted, fed, taken for super-walks and included, so he is coming around and gave her a tiny lick to the back of her head and hand at different points, which is a positive thing since he refused to look at me or her when we got back (and for those squicked by doggy stuff, we did use anti-bacterial wipes/washing straight after the licks)

More mushy baby stuff to follow!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Typical Weekends at Georgie HQ

Very pregnant, likely cranky and possibly hungry lady works HARD on the Georgie Love website, taking photos, packing orders, taking care of bizzness, I believe it's called.

Dog and website namesake dozes on comfy mat on the balcony in the sunshine, occasionally moving to bark halfheartedly at birds.

It's not a bad old life for you, is it Georgie?

Extreme contented snout close-up.