Saturday, November 29, 2008

baby juggling

Have I disappeared into the vortex of BABYLAND? NO I HAVE NOT! Ok, I have, maybe. Kinda. I have taken up one handed typing which means that:

1. Emails from me are now very short

2, Emails and replies from me aren't prompt or timely

3. Blogging is near impossible.

I took these pics a mere second ago, to point out my current one-handed disability, and various typing poses. She's a little monster, pretends to be calm, content and asleep on my chest, but as soon as you make the slightest move to put her down, she screams and pouts, until you settle back down with her.

Pose 1 - are you asleep yet? No? Ok, as long as you are resting quietly, we can continue.

Pose 2 - ok, we are all happy, she's awake, calm and we can start typing/working etc.

Pose 3 - Are you asleep yet? Do you want to have a nap in your pram or bouncer? No?

Pose 4 - Possibly asleep, ow to my back and dead arm. Current pose held.

Pose 5 - She's fully asleep - FREEDOM! Time to do some washing, maybe have some breakfast, clean my teeth, wrap packages, take photos of new stock, pat Georgie, etc.

I took these photos progressively as I started typing this......

Also please note my dark circles and DESPERATE need for a haircut. At least in these pictures, I am fresh out of the shower, so I am briefly free from smelling like milk-sick. I have been to the shops a number of times not realising I have milk crusts on the shoulders of my black tees. Because ladies, that's how I now roll.


Betty Jo said...

I remember the subtle manouver needed to actually transfer baby out of arms into sleeping place. One wrong move and you're toast! Then it's back to the drawing board for another try.
Have you tried doing stuff with missy in a Baby Bjorn?

Georgie Love said...

We have a sling we have used to varying degrees of success and distress. We've talked just recently about investing in a bjorn - also because I have so far refused to take the pram out of the house!

potty mouth mama said...

Hey lady - you look beautiful no matter the sleep deprivation! I love the tired look of new mamas. That may be weird, but there's a sense of tired, milky love!

I was going to suggest a sling too. We have a babasling and it's awesome.

Tinniegirl said...

It's nice to hear from you when you do make it to the computer.

Bec said...

you look HOT, HOT, HOT mumasal! but who am i kidding, you were always hot! you kinda have disappeared into the baby vortex but she is well worth it! i love her! and i love that you have worked out how to do internet stuff whilst holding her! priorities! she'll be typing before speaking! it is so nice to hear from you again, and i look forward to another blog rendezvous soon! love to you all! (is that a peepy dr-mr in the background of the last shot!?)

Lauren said...

I was going to suggest a sling too...I've heard wonderful things about the hug-a-bub.

Beck said...

you both look excellent but I soooo sympathise on the tricky sleeper!!! Max for some reason didn't like the clacking of the keyboard when he was little so it was nigh on impossible to get any blogging done and incredibly frustrating when you think they're asleep and then they open their eyes as you lower them into the cot as if to say "oh really, I don't think so..." I will say though that the baby bjorn is a completely brilliant invention and changed our lives, I highly reccomend them and you won't know yourself once you are HANDS FREE again!!
by the way you are looking an absolute treat, I can't believe you still look that good with so little sleep!