Sunday, November 02, 2008

Typical Weekends at Georgie HQ

Very pregnant, likely cranky and possibly hungry lady works HARD on the Georgie Love website, taking photos, packing orders, taking care of bizzness, I believe it's called.

Dog and website namesake dozes on comfy mat on the balcony in the sunshine, occasionally moving to bark halfheartedly at birds.

It's not a bad old life for you, is it Georgie?

Extreme contented snout close-up.


Bec said...

i swear, i love this dog! rightful position assumed! look at his face.
take care miss sal, talk soon - b xx

jodie nicholson said...

1. I want a coat that shiny
2. I want to spend my days laid out in the sun
3. Pregnant negates grumpy :)

lillipilli said...

Aw George. That's the squinty-eyed look of pure contentment you've got going there.

erin said...

came over here to see if possibly you'd updated your blog from your baby-bed :) CONGRATS AGAIN, I LOVE YOU!