Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome Home

Oh, um whoops... Merry Christmas to you ALL. In the rush of getting all the final Christmas orders out and packing for a family of 4 (furry child included) into a teeny Mazda 2 for a visit with Grandparents in Albury, well... I forgot. I did find the time to take Georgie's Annual Dress-up Christmas photo. Elf costume from IGA, a $2 bargain. He sends you licks and many good tidings also.

No one let me know HOW AMBITIOUS it was to travel with a 6-7 week old. She was a delightful gem, but it was a lot to ask of her (look how tired she is). I also had the realisation that because she is such a wonderful champion sleeper at night and slept all day when she was a really wee thing, that now she is alert, awake and wanting to be included in everything, well... we haven't taught her how to go to sleep yet. Daytime naps are few and far between. So that's going to be the mission of this week

Anyway, Happy New Year guys, we wish you nothing but all good things for 2009. It's so weird to think of New Years last year, to this one.... life has certainly changed in a number of ways! We're having a lovely quiet night with wine, cuddles and yummy cheese (Ruby is already in bed asleep!). See you in 09!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We're still here, plugging away until the Christmas explosion quietens down a bit. In the meantime, this is the news from Georgie Love HQ.

1. We've discovered that Ruby's "power instrument" is the vacuum cleaner. Pop it on - instant calm, very useful as she's entered that 6-8 week old awkward crying/unsettled phase. Although she did sleep for 7 hours in a row last night. The joyful thing is - although she's unsettled and cries a lot and fights during feeding, at nights we don't have a problem at all. We're well rested enough to have the energy to soothe and rock her all day, although she's already starting to come out of it. We're hoping the worst is over.

Other than that, we have had the first smiles and laughs this week - I got teary at the first one. Hope to capture them on film - they are too few at the moment. Oh and she's balding - she's only got hair on the back half of her head, she's rocking a comb-forward. Will photograph that too, so you can giggle at it as much as we do.

2. Georgie has a sore hip from chasing bunnies (don't fret, he never, ever catches them). He is also on a diet, since he now weighs more than some of my friends. This is unacceptable to George and he weed on the bookshelf downstairs to express his dissatisfaction at his new and impoverished state of affairs. As you can see, not happy.

It's for the best Georgie. No really.


No, I don't care howsad you look, you can't have my sandwich. And you are making me look bad with all these dress-up photos.


3. The awesome Lyndsay from Made by White (and the genius behind the Georgie Love redesign) has introduced me to my new favourite site. Things Bears Love.

Oh and have you seen their new range? I LOVE IT. Perfection. I think this Owl & Pussycat Brooch is my fave. I THINK. Ask me again in a few minutes.

4. I did a stupid thing and Ruby and I went to the horrortown of Knox Shopping Centre today, so busy. After hearing a story about someone who spent 90 (NINETY!) minutes looking for a park, here is a way to bypass parking nightmares. I just taking it those folks who you give 30 dollars to and they clean your car for you. Easy, no hassles and I come back and my car no longer smells like my dog and is covered in his hair.

5. Good lord, it's 9:30 um what's for dinner?

6. I am trying to work out what was my favourite album for 2008. I'll get back to you about it, but what was yours?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Georgie Love's Ultimate Guide to Gift Wrapping

Can I tell you a secret? I wrap stuff every day for Georgie Love. All packages come gift wrapped in some form or another (I change it and mix it up according to materials and inspiration). I like playing with colour and thinking of nice ways to wrap stuff, because to begin with, I was not very good. I am certainly not spectacularly great, but I am ok, if not a little lazy. I have a lot to do, so I genuinely have it down pat - quick, easy, not too elaborate. I like it when stuff I order is gift wrapped, so I do it for Georgie Love.

If people have special request - I happily oblige, gift cards, notes, Christmas wrapping. If you want it done in a certain way, you only need ask. (Christmas Paper this year courtesy of BEC - thank you Bec!)

Here's the secret part - it's Christmas and I am now officially SO OVER wrapping, so I really don't want to (can't be bothered) wrap presents for our family and friends. I have done TONS already and I think I should be exempt. I have never been a joyful wrapper and I have been looking at folkses blogs who love wrapping and get real joy out of it. A few years ago, I devised an INGENIOUS plan on how to wrap presents for the family. Note: this plan will only work if you have either a) pets or b) very small children. I am now going to share this hot tip with you.

I tell people that Georgie wraps their presents. It's incredibly lazy, quick and sort of cute (sort of). And this is how I do it.

1. Get all your supplies together before you begin. Pick your paper. You can choose either fancy Christmas paper, or newspaper, brown paper etc.

2. Place your present in the centre of the paper, as demonstrated

3. Pretend you were either born without fingers or any manual dexterity and in a haphazard fashion SCRUNCH (this is a very important technique to master) the paper around the gift.

4. Using your tape (or if advanced/confident, you could use string, wool or thread as well, but the technique remains the same) secure the paper to the object by wrapping around and around the gift in a sloppy zig-zag fashion.

5. The end result should look something like this.

6. To really "jazz" up your gift, add ribbons, bows, glitter, stickers, whatever you have handy. The more the better. And if your items clash or are the wrong season - fantastic. Your gift is now ready.

7. For the final touch, write a thoughful handwritten note to attach to your present.

8. Final result. Simple. Effective. Memorable. There will be nothing else like this under the tree.

When giving the gift, make sure (this is essential) that you make a big deal about how Georgie (insert your pet or young child's name here) went to the shop and chose the gift especially for them and wrapped it ALL BY THEMSELVES. AREN'T THEY CLEVER!

Please note that this skilled wrapping technique can be applied to Birthdays and anytime gifts as well, it's not just limited to Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The post known currently as My Afternoon

I didn't know whether to entitle this post as "My Afternoon" or "Shameful Secrets of Sal, # 125871". Either way, it has involved:

1. One ridiculously cute baby fast asleep in the Baby Bjorn.*

2. A cup of tea (Lady Grey) and a jar of broken oatmeal cookies to snack on as I sort through unfinished orders and take photos of all the new stuff (and I am only midway through putting stuff online... phew).

3. All this leads to oatmeal crumb goodness falling on her little crumb-catching noggin. I brushed them off when I saw them, she's none the wiser.

She did however figure out how to roll on her side today. She just couldn't work out how to get back.

This weekend is Meredith Music Festival, and it's the first time I haven't gone in years. So weird, change of priorities and interests. I am having this as HAIRCUT weekend instead and getting rid of this long, mumsy, unstyled monstrosity and going back to super short. As it should be in my world.

Anyway, as I said I am only halfway through uploading new stuff, break over, back to it.

(and *good lord that's a big head also in the frame HELLO HEAD)


Just quickly, did you see the lovely article in Living Creatively on two very, very lovely ladies and Georgie Folk Frankie & Ray and Pia Handmade?

Yesterday in the mail came several mixed bags of new things to photograph today, so stay tuned for more goodness.

I had big plans of cleaning or at least vaccuming and mopping today, but I don't think that is going to happen. The baby and Christmas-related mess and clutter is starting to do my head in. We also had a leaking tap flood emergency (now fixed by plumber) yesterday and despite being mopped, I am convinced the flooded area smells weird. I also think that I may be slightly neurotic.

AND last Thursday we finally caved and bought the Baby Bjorn. No more sling woes for us, and yes I can confirm it has changed our life. It does mean however that on many occassion I have had milk be sick all down my cleavage. Never in my life have I felt like a sexier woman. Mmmmmmmm....

Ok, back to bed for a little bit while the muppet is milk-drunk and sleepy!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Frivolous Purchase of the Day

I couldn't resist. I always love the artwork in Frankie, but now it's also available in a gorgeous 2009 calendar. I buy a calendar and diary every year, but um...always forget to use them.

For Auntie Erin

Oh hiya, yeah, yeah my outfit today TOTALLY has a cape.

Whaddya mean, capes are SO OVER?! YOU'RE whats OVER lady.

:-( Everyone laughed at me today in my cape Mum.

(*so this isn't a COMPLETELY gratuitous post, have you even seen how busy I have been at Georgie Love? It's new stuffpalooza at my house.)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Attention all Melbourne Folkses

How cool an idea is this? Are you going to go? (I want to but am nervous to take an unpredictable newborn!)

Melbourne Craft Cartel helps patch up economic woes - Call to action!

Craft-in demonstration to be held in Bourke St Mall, Melbourne CBD, Monday December 8th

The Craft Cartel will be supplying craft materials at the Craft In and encouraging passers-by to make a crafty gift or card themselves. The Craft Cartel will also be handing out an alternative gift buying guide, with plenty of ideas for christmas gifts that don't cost the planet or our communities.

On Monday December the 8th the Rudd Government is giving big cash bonuses to pensioners, parents, low income families and first home buyers. The objective of this handout is to boost peoples spending in order to keep the economy pumping. What the Government isn't talking about is the most effective way to spend this handout to truly support the economy.

As crafters we understand the importance of buying handmade. We know that buying a handmade present means supporting your local community as well as giving a big finger to mass produced sweat shop crap. We know that buying handmade is infinitely better for our environment too.

As crafters we also understand that in times of economic pressure, people are less likely to spend a few more dollars for the handmade option.

We want to give the community the message that if they really want to contribute positively to the Australian economy, they should forget the plasma tv and Buy Handmade and Buy Local this festive season.

Did you know?

- For every $100 spent at a locally owned business $45 goes back into the community and our tax base. For every $100 spent at a chain store only $14 comes back.

- Small local businesses are the largest employer in Australia. Every $1million spent locally equals 14 jobs!

- Non-profit organisations receive 250% more support from small local businesses than from large businesses. So if you support local business you support local causes too!

- Local business are more likely to purchase goods and services from other local businesses which dramatically reduces transport costs, one of the biggest causes of climate change.

- Handmade goods are more likely to include recycled materials which reduces the need for landfills

- Handmade goods are unique, high quality and set trends rather than following them!

The Craft Cartel will be supplying craft materials at the Craft In and encouraging passers-by to make a crafty gift or card themselves. The Craft Cartel will also be handing out an alternative gift buying guide, with plenty of ideas for christmas gifts that don't cost the planet or our communities.

We are looking for more crafters, designers, makers and handmade retailers to join us on the street to spread the message of buying handmade. We encourage people to bring examples of your work and promotional material to spread to people on the streets. We want people to come talk to passers-by about the pressures they face trying to earn a living making and selling handmade goods.

So come join us on the street and spread the word amongst your communities about buying handmade!

RSVP on Facebook and spread the word