Friday, December 05, 2008

For Auntie Erin

Oh hiya, yeah, yeah my outfit today TOTALLY has a cape.

Whaddya mean, capes are SO OVER?! YOU'RE whats OVER lady.

:-( Everyone laughed at me today in my cape Mum.

(*so this isn't a COMPLETELY gratuitous post, have you even seen how busy I have been at Georgie Love? It's new stuffpalooza at my house.)


Anonymous said...

i know this blog update is for aunty erin, but i choose to read aunty bec :-D ...oh my freakin god - (sorry to use swears in a baby related blog comment) but this child, she is to die for!! i LOVE the cape miss ruby, and don't let anyone tell you they aren't cool! they are UBER cool! can't wait for cuddles on tuesday, yes and you too georgie, i love you too!

Trixie Jones said...

hehe, her cape is soooo very cute! and she is so beautiful!

erin said...

I AM DYING! she is the most beautiful baby in all the world. i'm dying to meet her, or at least hear her squeaky sounds while you hold her <3 must talk soon!!!

leslie said...

super cute, indeed! : )

Lauren said...

She's gorgeous!