Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome Home

Oh, um whoops... Merry Christmas to you ALL. In the rush of getting all the final Christmas orders out and packing for a family of 4 (furry child included) into a teeny Mazda 2 for a visit with Grandparents in Albury, well... I forgot. I did find the time to take Georgie's Annual Dress-up Christmas photo. Elf costume from IGA, a $2 bargain. He sends you licks and many good tidings also.

No one let me know HOW AMBITIOUS it was to travel with a 6-7 week old. She was a delightful gem, but it was a lot to ask of her (look how tired she is). I also had the realisation that because she is such a wonderful champion sleeper at night and slept all day when she was a really wee thing, that now she is alert, awake and wanting to be included in everything, well... we haven't taught her how to go to sleep yet. Daytime naps are few and far between. So that's going to be the mission of this week

Anyway, Happy New Year guys, we wish you nothing but all good things for 2009. It's so weird to think of New Years last year, to this one.... life has certainly changed in a number of ways! We're having a lovely quiet night with wine, cuddles and yummy cheese (Ruby is already in bed asleep!). See you in 09!


Anonymous said...

oh my god, miss ruby gets more delicious every day! look at that cheeky little face, what a monkey!
and of course, everyone knows how much i love a georgie dog in dress up! he never fails to impress me with his get up.
love and hugs, hope your festive season was restful and VERY happy. b xx

potty mouth mama said...

Oh she is beautiful - look at that cheeky little smile - she is beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Sounds like a fun Christmas!

Good luck on the sleep front, they're fast little learners!

lillipilli said...

Oh Sally. Little Ruby just gets cuter and cuter! We finally have the first baby in my immediate circle of friends - Harry - who's just a few weeks old, and I'd forgotten how tiiiiny they are to start with.
Also - Himself and I have our own first fur-kid arriving on Monday, which is very exciting. Yay for Christmas costumes!!

ButtonsByLouLou said...

Found you through your cute online shop. Very cute little baby too!