Saturday, December 20, 2008

We're still here, plugging away until the Christmas explosion quietens down a bit. In the meantime, this is the news from Georgie Love HQ.

1. We've discovered that Ruby's "power instrument" is the vacuum cleaner. Pop it on - instant calm, very useful as she's entered that 6-8 week old awkward crying/unsettled phase. Although she did sleep for 7 hours in a row last night. The joyful thing is - although she's unsettled and cries a lot and fights during feeding, at nights we don't have a problem at all. We're well rested enough to have the energy to soothe and rock her all day, although she's already starting to come out of it. We're hoping the worst is over.

Other than that, we have had the first smiles and laughs this week - I got teary at the first one. Hope to capture them on film - they are too few at the moment. Oh and she's balding - she's only got hair on the back half of her head, she's rocking a comb-forward. Will photograph that too, so you can giggle at it as much as we do.

2. Georgie has a sore hip from chasing bunnies (don't fret, he never, ever catches them). He is also on a diet, since he now weighs more than some of my friends. This is unacceptable to George and he weed on the bookshelf downstairs to express his dissatisfaction at his new and impoverished state of affairs. As you can see, not happy.

It's for the best Georgie. No really.


No, I don't care howsad you look, you can't have my sandwich. And you are making me look bad with all these dress-up photos.


3. The awesome Lyndsay from Made by White (and the genius behind the Georgie Love redesign) has introduced me to my new favourite site. Things Bears Love.

Oh and have you seen their new range? I LOVE IT. Perfection. I think this Owl & Pussycat Brooch is my fave. I THINK. Ask me again in a few minutes.

4. I did a stupid thing and Ruby and I went to the horrortown of Knox Shopping Centre today, so busy. After hearing a story about someone who spent 90 (NINETY!) minutes looking for a park, here is a way to bypass parking nightmares. I just taking it those folks who you give 30 dollars to and they clean your car for you. Easy, no hassles and I come back and my car no longer smells like my dog and is covered in his hair.

5. Good lord, it's 9:30 um what's for dinner?

6. I am trying to work out what was my favourite album for 2008. I'll get back to you about it, but what was yours?


potty mouth mama said...

Bring Ruby over to my place, I love the vacuum cleaner too, it's always out, and I love to vacuum. We could be great friends.

Poor Georgie. What was he thinking of when he widdled on the bookcase?! Shame on you Georgie. No wonder he's in work clothes, he better go earn a crust to buy a new one. Or at least some cleaning products to clean it.

And finally, that brooch is the bomb and then some. GORGEOUS!

CurlyPops said...

Georgie is so suave in his shirt and tie.... I can't believe he actually lets you dress him up!

Lauren said...

Oh..she's so cute! Jack was a fan of the saved my sanity many times. Hope work settles down soon.

Have a wonderful Ist Christmas with Ruby! xx

Bec said...

hey sal, i love that ruby loves the vaccuum cleaner! and i love the expression on georgie's face, like this is not good. situation worsening. what happened to my modus operandi!?
hope you have a great break my friend, and enjoy christmas as a mama! take care, love each other and be good. xx

veronica darling said...

Happy New Year to you guys! I haven't been to Knox, but they're all the same those Horrortowns! I went to Penrith's SUPACENTA (spelt like that ON PURPOSE! EEK!) for my new sewing machine on Monday but luckily no one was there! V. strange!

Best album is FLEET FOXES all the way, love them. Oh, and TZU as well (for the Aussie choice) xoxo

prasad said...

cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee dog.