Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Around the World with George the Fat Dog

Lordy! According to my blog traffic log thingy, in the last month there were quite a few visitors to the Georgie Blog from 27 different countries, such as Aus (as expected), NZ, US, Canada, UK, Argentina, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Serbia and a whole bunch of folks from Thailand and India but 2 visitors from Mongolia. Mongolia! That seems very far away and very exciting. Hola Mongolia!

This is one of the reasons that I love the internerd - all the peoples coming together. THAT and the fact that I can still buy Marks and Spencer undies on the internet whilst living here is Aus. Yes, they do make the good stuff.

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Monday morning, the long Australia Day weekend (and I hope you had a good one!) As the rest of the house and neighbourhood sleeps, I am awake (and have been for hours), sorting through the big boxes of good things I have received from Non-Fiction (check out their super cute tees and cards that are online now!), Dick and Dora, Zooblast and Georgie Love's new friend, Laughing Bird. I have shiny beads and badges EVERYWHERE (mostly because I can't stop touching them, SO SHINY).

Apart from a family lunch today, it's going to be hardcore Georgie uploading and writing today (yesterday afternoon was hardcore packing orders). 2008 is off to an awesome start - lots of georgie-folk have sent me stuff to kick off the new year (check it out, if you haven't had a chance already), however we have some new artists online now and many coming soon...! I am trying to expand the cute range of housie and homeware stuff that we have so stay tuned (and check out adorable office and house delights from the very cute OddsnBlobs!)

It's been an excellent weekend so far, Dr-Mr and I checked out a great local cafe for breakfast, followed by the film Juno. We both loved Juno, with me being the sap I am, cried a fair bit. I am fairly embarrassing to go to the movies with, actually. Would absolutely recommend it - sweet and very funny.

Had a friend over for dinner, a few drinks and we curled up on the couch to enjoy repeat episodes Flight of the Conchords. Which hasn't been on tv over here, but if you come across a DVD of it, check it out because it's very funny. Very, very, very funny.

I had breakfast with a delightful Georgie-customer-turned-great mate, Bec, and her wonderdog, Vance the whippet (who actually, is more spoilt than Georgie, which I previously thought impossible. Apart from my parents dog, who no-joke, gets breakfast in bed - often a poached egg on toast). So the verdict on the weekend so far - tops.

In other news, I had a small slice of chocolate cake (home made, great and easy recipe, very, very rich cake) and coffee for breakfast in a rush... and well.... what a bad idea. The shiny-shiny things are distracting me from the self-inflicted pain in my tummy. Ouch! It's a well verified fact - I. Never. Learn.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We've found these beautiful spot to walk George at nights. It's about a 5-10 minute drive from the house, is completely fenced in and tires Georgie out completely as there is SO much to sniff and snuffle about in. It's at a primary school, or next to a primary school (I am not too sure). Primary Schools are usually gold for George, you know why? Kids are clumsy and drop their playlunch EVERYWHERE! WHAT JOY!

I took some photos today of the walk-adventure.

Georgie arrives alert, on immediate bunny-watch (they are always too quick for him).

Is that a bunny? Nope, I think it's a cow George.... but close.

The beautiful views! It's so delightful! But full of flies and a reluctant Dr-Mr.

Lots of secret pathways! We ALL love those... we need to watch out for the many prickly blackberry bushes.

Can't stop to chat now, too much to see and do!

I mean it, I am serious!

This awesome school has a vegie patch and ducks and chickens (the pic of them was taken through the fence, they don't roam about!)

George, exhausted (he does get 2 walks a day), lets us know when he is ready to go home. So tie-tie (but elated)!

The Funeral of Lucky the Fish

This is adorable! And a little bit sad, but mostly adorable and funny.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lovely Liz from Betty Jo has tagged us in her journal to reveal "how does your garden grow". Well, in a very green, but rather overgrown mess on 3/4 acre mostly... but I wandered around at an overcast dusk last night to reveal the following....

We sit here sometimes in this knotted seat/walkway in the evening and laugh at George's antics.

The garden is full of these nooks and crannies - old pathways forgotten, big, shady trees full of nooks and places to hide.

The view from the back garden.

Apparently a big tiger snake lives down by the fern (closer to the dam, farther behind the fern), but we have never encountered her. The fern also marks the end of our property.

There are ferns EVERYWHERE. Some near the house are nearly three stories tall. Very old and beautiful.

We use recycled water in the garden and despite our lack of green thumbs, things still insist on growing and flowering. We have no idea what half the plants are and we are slowly discovering. I think spring will be spectacular!

Some we have planted ourselves, in empty and forgotten flowerbeds.

Apart from garden delights, I have MUCH on the brew at Georgie Love. We've said goodbye to some old friends (a genuine sniff) who have gone on to bigger things and we are in the midst of making some new ones, so definitely STAY TUNED! :-D

Despite the both of us being more than a little under the weather, we refused to waste our $70 tickets and took ourselves to Sufjan Stevens last night (and are paying the price today). It was beautiful. This one (not my video) is probably my favourite song off the Illinois album and live it made me a little teary, because incase you didn't know - I am a complete sap.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have a sore knee! I don't know why it's hurting. I think it's time for it to stop.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thank you! We snorgle you all!

With all money raised from Christmas gift wrapping at Georgie Love, we have adopted Kiah the Southern Humpback Whale, through the World Wildlife Fund.

Extensive whale hunting in the past has killed off all but 5% of the worlds humpbacks, by adopting Kiah we are helping recover and manage our whale population.

Thank you to everyone who had their goodies gift wrapped by us! To donate or "adopt" from the WWF, check out their shop!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and you and YOU! It's hard to believe we are at the end of DAY 3 in 2008. The Christmas season is definitely over and people are back to buying goodies from Georgie Love for themselves again as I have spent the afternoon wrapping lovely things in orders for folk that they can KEEP (and not give away)! I think I have highlighted in here many times, I am very GREEDY!!!!

As for all of us, my better half Dr-Mr got my not-so-subtle hint and he and the delightful Emma Grace did secret business behind my back and I DID get one of her amazing silver heart necklaces in my stocking. I absolutely love it and have been wearing it non-stop since then. George is much happier than he looked in that picture shoot below (it was the hat he protested about, but begrudgingly wore it for a few minutes so I could take the photo).
Well.... except... we live on 3/4 acre and George HATES WITH A PASSION going outside. People don't believe me when I tell them, he won't even stay out if Dr-Mr or I are outside with him... he does like the balcony (and walkies, obviously), but the backyard I think carries all kind of rescue dog former life baggage. It's making me sad and I can't work it out to make it better for him.

Apart from my neurotic, very spoilt and slightly odd dog, having some time off (after Christmas in Albury) and time at home, has been wonderful. I have spent the time following:

1. Hanging out with my friends.

2. Planting new things in the garden and watching them grow!

3. MANY cups of tea and leftover Christmas cake (mmmm cake!)

4. Finally getting to read the latest copy of Mixtape!

5. Enjoying the few days of rain, balcony views (and afternoon glasses of wine with Dr-Mr)

6. Watching/feeding the bossy wild birds!

I hope your holiday break was as relaxing as mine! And if NOT relaxing, filled with busy fun and much joy. :-) I hope 2008 brings good luck and good things to you!