Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yeah, she's totally Dr-Mr's little girl! (ps: that pic is pre-haircut). :-)

Friday, January 30, 2009

addictions, distractions, impulse shopping, lordy I am dull and predictable.

Muppet is napping, I am STILL uploading new Dick & Dora pieces online (I think the above pendant is my favourite - it's both shiny, shiny and woody - two of my favourite things) and I am also perusing my favourite online clothing shop (this one). But I have to tell you something - fashion wise I am VERY, VERY dull. I find Lilli's blog inspirational, she's gorgeous and can throw an outfit together with ease, but me, I am defined by two, nay, three things (with the exception of today - I am wearing tan thai fisher pants which oddly enough, I haven't worn since I was in thailand about 6 or so years ago) and a black tee, because I am not leaving the house today).

Ok, so this is me:

1. Stripes. ALWAYS loved them, but avoided them for years as there is a myth perpetuated that "chubby girls don't wear stripes". I have (counting them in my head) 5 black and white striped tops and another 8-10 other striped tops. I am looking at the top above and determining whether I NEED it (yes I do) and whether I will buy it (shh... but yes, I HAVE to, I CAN NOT RESIST).

2. Jeans. I own about 12 pairs and I am contemplating the bad boys above as well. Noone NEEDS that many jeans, but I keep buying them - partly because fave store above didn't ship to Australia for a long time, so I had LONG HUNTS for good jeans, but nothing compared. I have about 2-3 pairs I wear regularly, and another 9 that are slated for ebay or the op shop. If I had time that is - there is currently a pile on the bedroom floor that have been sitting there for 3 weeks waiting for direction. I desperately WANT to sort through and cull my wardrobe and hang the clean clothes that have been sitting in the washing basket that lives inside the wardrobe... but no, time is not found for this.

3. Boots. I WILL wear them in 35 degree heat (ok, anything over 38 is more likely to be thongs). I love them best and I do not know why.

Oh and here is a toss in, obviously with Georgie Love, I do own a ton of lovely accessory type things, but I don't often wear anything - never earrings, rings infrequently, pendants often make me feel like I am choking - if anything, the occasional brooch. I bought the pendant above before Christmas from here (great shop by the way), which I LOVE, but I have not worn it yet. It could also be that I have not been out and it's probably a LITTLE too much for the hillbilly supermarket in our area, but still. I am doing it a great injustice.

Speaking of hillbilly supermarkets, so often I have been tempted to take secret camera photos of so many other locals, but that is both mean and wrong, but really, there was a grandmother aged woman in the chemist yesterday in denim hot pants, no brassiere, and a electric blue halter necked top. You can't make that up and you can't erase the image from your mind.

We have been trapped at home too long with this heat, I was excited before that the new pack of nappies from the brand we use had all new pictures on them. Muppet couldn't give a crap about pictures on them, so I know they are for my benefit and I appreciated that to make NAPPY CHANGING INTERESTING there was new cutesy pictures. I am going to the city tomorrow for a haircut and I am giddy with excitement.

Lastly, I've had a ton of great people approach me with new things for Georgie Love, so definitely keep your eyes open over the next few weeks - don't ask me why I decided to create more work for myself, I AM JUST A GIRL WHO CAN'T SAY

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot, Lazy Tales

What do you mean, you don't want to come and clean my house? You can help yourself to anything in the fridge when you are done. That's fair... right?


It's 43 degrees here in Melbourne today, I am sure you have been told by a thousand different sweat soaked bloggers. We have ducted cooling (you can come over if you vacuum), but even on full blast it's still about 25 degrees inside. We ventured out briefly, to buy chops for dinner, pick up a prescription and buy something nice for Georgie (butchers bones and unfortunately, diet kibble). And now we are back.

Muppet is asleep in her bassinet. She's clocking up an hour so far, I am hoping for an hour more. She's handling the heat ok - lots of feeds, lots of naps, I sit her under the air vents and we have chats. "Talking" is her new favourite interactive activity and she could do it for hours - she tried to last night, instead of sleep, but we put an end to that.

Me? I am on the couch not doing much of anything. Yeah, the house is a mess, there are Georgie Love packages to wrap, a few more new Dick & Dora products to upload, I am SO behind on my emails and I am sure I could make a phone call or two.

But nope. I DID do the dishes. And yes, I bought chops. We shall, at least, be eating this evening.

I did put some ice cubes in the bird's water/bird bath, but it melted before any of them got to enjoy it.

These guys are guarding it. Fortunately they DO let the little birdies have their drink and splash. There was this absolutely MASSIVE black bird that I have never seen before guarding it ominously, but the two parrots have taken ownership once more.

Georgie is yipping in his sleep, bone in his belly, raspberry & pineapple Callipo in mine.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poor old Georgie is having a tough ol' time. He's had a sore leg and hip since before Christmas, which has involved tablets, rest and finally X-Rays. The vet thought it may have been arthritis, but in his last trip (which involved sedation and the x-rays, and as a side note, sedated George is one of my favourite Georges. He is so wacky and soft), the x-ray determined that it's just a swollen joint. So he is on a strict NO WALKS (yep NONE) and NO SNACKS diet. In case you didn't know, Georgie's main joys in life are:

a) food. Any variety, preference given to whatever you are eating;
b) walks. Any variety, preference given to off-lead bunny chasing.

FOR TWO MONTHS. Tablets and MUCH REST. He's only allowed a tiny on-lead walk if he is going stir-crazy. We've been taking him for little outside plays in our 3/4 acre to make sure he gets out and today he DID get a little on lead walk (his first in a week) in the sunshine. It was small, slow and illicit, but it made him happy.

These are Georgie's vet-shaved legs of injustice. We have a new vet at the clinic we go to and she was LOVELY and entirely goofy. Her name tag was on upside down and I was uncertain as to whether bring it to her attention or not, because I LOVED the fact it was upside down.... too many important animal things to take care of, let me throw this at my chest and see where it lands...

Ruby has been having a super long 2 hour nap, it's bliss, but surely it's time to go wake her? I keep creeping up to listen to her breathe - her naps have been steadily going longer over the past few days, she used to be a strictly 45 minute nap girl. It's given me time to upload new things to Georgie Love - there were new things this week, more this evening (doing them as I type), and more possibly tomorrow, when I take the next round of photos. Lovely!

Oh the other thing in baby news - she's growing up! Obviously, but this week she has added a REALLY piercing squeal to her normal cry as well as a whinging noise when she doesn't get what she wants straight away. Noice.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where I become convinced that my crazy child is communicating with dead people

Hey there YOU. I am in the middle of enjoying the post Christmas madness new year sales slump. There is the odd Georgie package here and there, but I am mostly doing little website work... Enjoying the break frankly as Christmas orders with a newborn was certainly hectic. There is of course more new stuff coming soon, so check it out...!

So if not working, what have I been doing? Hanging out with Miss Ruby and Georgie at home mostly. While pregnant, I bought a second hand baby swing on ebay. We have only just started using it, but she loves it. It swings by itself (and lulls a baby to sleep) and has these sun and bee things which spin around with the movement. Stopped using those, because for a 9 week old, it's a over-stimulation mess. The rocking is ENOUGH.

I noticed the other day that she was looking up to the left and grinning and laughing. Grinning and laughing at a.... wall? I got down and looked up from her perspective... nope there is nothing there but a wall... I am someone easy to spook and the hairs on the back of my neck twinged... goodness... is she... no... could she be?.... surely not... looking at dead people? Obviously, I am an idiot if that is the first conclusion I jump to, but I think that is well established here in this blog.

I get back down on the ground and reinvestigate... and notice that it is the box that makes the swing move that is causing such glee - it causes a rhythmic click-click-click sound. I have to dance around, change nappies, sing and talk in a high pitched kitten voice to get smiles and giggles, and here is an inanimate white box which kicks my arse at bringing giggles.

Other than that, we have visited Dr-Mr at work...

Discovered our hands

And to save water, started having our daily bath in the bathroom sink.

Don't worry, Georgie is involved in everything too. He's been (resentfully) on a diet and is way proud to tell you that he has lost about 3 kilos. I am not allowed to call him Fat Dog anymore... maybe Pleasantly Plump George. Or Merely Cuddly Georgie... You're inspiration for us all my friend.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I know we're in water restrictions, but SURELY it's time to wash the windows? Ugh. One of the few negatives of living in the hills, SPIDERS! Dr-Mr assures me he will be removing them before we have family visiting later this week.

Monday, January 05, 2009

You know it's REALLY overdue that you get out of the house when you realise that the rampant desire to buy many Space Bags has been filling your head for more than ONE day.

and the random thought occurs to you that "you know, I really hate washing up the cutlery the most...."

Happy New Year!