Friday, January 30, 2009

addictions, distractions, impulse shopping, lordy I am dull and predictable.

Muppet is napping, I am STILL uploading new Dick & Dora pieces online (I think the above pendant is my favourite - it's both shiny, shiny and woody - two of my favourite things) and I am also perusing my favourite online clothing shop (this one). But I have to tell you something - fashion wise I am VERY, VERY dull. I find Lilli's blog inspirational, she's gorgeous and can throw an outfit together with ease, but me, I am defined by two, nay, three things (with the exception of today - I am wearing tan thai fisher pants which oddly enough, I haven't worn since I was in thailand about 6 or so years ago) and a black tee, because I am not leaving the house today).

Ok, so this is me:

1. Stripes. ALWAYS loved them, but avoided them for years as there is a myth perpetuated that "chubby girls don't wear stripes". I have (counting them in my head) 5 black and white striped tops and another 8-10 other striped tops. I am looking at the top above and determining whether I NEED it (yes I do) and whether I will buy it (shh... but yes, I HAVE to, I CAN NOT RESIST).

2. Jeans. I own about 12 pairs and I am contemplating the bad boys above as well. Noone NEEDS that many jeans, but I keep buying them - partly because fave store above didn't ship to Australia for a long time, so I had LONG HUNTS for good jeans, but nothing compared. I have about 2-3 pairs I wear regularly, and another 9 that are slated for ebay or the op shop. If I had time that is - there is currently a pile on the bedroom floor that have been sitting there for 3 weeks waiting for direction. I desperately WANT to sort through and cull my wardrobe and hang the clean clothes that have been sitting in the washing basket that lives inside the wardrobe... but no, time is not found for this.

3. Boots. I WILL wear them in 35 degree heat (ok, anything over 38 is more likely to be thongs). I love them best and I do not know why.

Oh and here is a toss in, obviously with Georgie Love, I do own a ton of lovely accessory type things, but I don't often wear anything - never earrings, rings infrequently, pendants often make me feel like I am choking - if anything, the occasional brooch. I bought the pendant above before Christmas from here (great shop by the way), which I LOVE, but I have not worn it yet. It could also be that I have not been out and it's probably a LITTLE too much for the hillbilly supermarket in our area, but still. I am doing it a great injustice.

Speaking of hillbilly supermarkets, so often I have been tempted to take secret camera photos of so many other locals, but that is both mean and wrong, but really, there was a grandmother aged woman in the chemist yesterday in denim hot pants, no brassiere, and a electric blue halter necked top. You can't make that up and you can't erase the image from your mind.

We have been trapped at home too long with this heat, I was excited before that the new pack of nappies from the brand we use had all new pictures on them. Muppet couldn't give a crap about pictures on them, so I know they are for my benefit and I appreciated that to make NAPPY CHANGING INTERESTING there was new cutesy pictures. I am going to the city tomorrow for a haircut and I am giddy with excitement.

Lastly, I've had a ton of great people approach me with new things for Georgie Love, so definitely keep your eyes open over the next few weeks - don't ask me why I decided to create more work for myself, I AM JUST A GIRL WHO CAN'T SAY


Anonymous said...

oh snap! i had my hair cut today too sal, and you and i both know you can't keep a girl with a good hair cut down!!
i love that pic of you and miss ruby, she looks more like dr-mr in that one. i haven't ever really thought she looked like either of you, but today (or rather yesterday), she looked a little like the good man.
hope georgie is keeping cool, and oh snap again, i LOVE the new stuff on GL. but does that ever change with me?? i think not... xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal,

Ruby is so beautiful, I hope the weather hasn't been too full on. Yesterday was 39 degrees inside at home ..agg!! Take care Sarah, North Melbourne.

CurlyPops said...

Now I can't get the image of the bra-less lady in hot pants out of my head either!

Rabbit and the Duck said...

So many great things in this post! Love the necklaces and the striped top.

The heat does bring out some strange outfits, but why do a lot of older men, most of them not in good shape, feel it is ok to walk around in shorts and thongs, and NO SHIRT in public. So glad the weather has cooled down a bit now : )

lillipilli said...

Ah Sal, you can ALWAYS rationalise a new pair of jeans, man! Especially with the Aussie doing so well against the pound. Plus surely there's a few dresses and tops you can snap up to (You know, to make the shipping worthwhile, 'n all) did you end up buying that dress you had your eye on?

erin said...

so glad you are writing regularly in here

ruby is most beautiful. what a perfect little round head, i can't get over it. i have presents for her i should've sent ages ago--i hope they still fit.