Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poor old Georgie is having a tough ol' time. He's had a sore leg and hip since before Christmas, which has involved tablets, rest and finally X-Rays. The vet thought it may have been arthritis, but in his last trip (which involved sedation and the x-rays, and as a side note, sedated George is one of my favourite Georges. He is so wacky and soft), the x-ray determined that it's just a swollen joint. So he is on a strict NO WALKS (yep NONE) and NO SNACKS diet. In case you didn't know, Georgie's main joys in life are:

a) food. Any variety, preference given to whatever you are eating;
b) walks. Any variety, preference given to off-lead bunny chasing.

FOR TWO MONTHS. Tablets and MUCH REST. He's only allowed a tiny on-lead walk if he is going stir-crazy. We've been taking him for little outside plays in our 3/4 acre to make sure he gets out and today he DID get a little on lead walk (his first in a week) in the sunshine. It was small, slow and illicit, but it made him happy.

These are Georgie's vet-shaved legs of injustice. We have a new vet at the clinic we go to and she was LOVELY and entirely goofy. Her name tag was on upside down and I was uncertain as to whether bring it to her attention or not, because I LOVED the fact it was upside down.... too many important animal things to take care of, let me throw this at my chest and see where it lands...

Ruby has been having a super long 2 hour nap, it's bliss, but surely it's time to go wake her? I keep creeping up to listen to her breathe - her naps have been steadily going longer over the past few days, she used to be a strictly 45 minute nap girl. It's given me time to upload new things to Georgie Love - there were new things this week, more this evening (doing them as I type), and more possibly tomorrow, when I take the next round of photos. Lovely!

Oh the other thing in baby news - she's growing up! Obviously, but this week she has added a REALLY piercing squeal to her normal cry as well as a whinging noise when she doesn't get what she wants straight away. Noice.


Anonymous said...

oh my poor sweet georgie boy, i wish i could do it for you my little friend - and we all know i could do with a few weeks without snacks!!
and what a gorgeous little beansprout is miss ruby. honestly, i know i say this all the time, but she gets more perfect every time i see her! i could just eat her up.
eeek, is that burning lasagna smell??

Sally said...

hello, I am happy to be subscribing to your delightful blog
look at Georgie - isn't he lovely. but it is very hard to go without snacks. can he have secret snacks? I hope so. Your hairless baby is beautiful too. Thank you for sharing!

Skye Rocket Sews said...

Your baby is so gorgeous!
It's glorious when they sleep....bliss....cute to look at your shop,

Dick and Dora said...

There is only one real rule in life - NEVER wake a sleeping baby!

Penny said...

Aww Georgie!

Ruby's gorgeous - piercing squeals though! You need some cute little ear muffs!