Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where I become convinced that my crazy child is communicating with dead people

Hey there YOU. I am in the middle of enjoying the post Christmas madness new year sales slump. There is the odd Georgie package here and there, but I am mostly doing little website work... Enjoying the break frankly as Christmas orders with a newborn was certainly hectic. There is of course more new stuff coming soon, so check it out...!

So if not working, what have I been doing? Hanging out with Miss Ruby and Georgie at home mostly. While pregnant, I bought a second hand baby swing on ebay. We have only just started using it, but she loves it. It swings by itself (and lulls a baby to sleep) and has these sun and bee things which spin around with the movement. Stopped using those, because for a 9 week old, it's a over-stimulation mess. The rocking is ENOUGH.

I noticed the other day that she was looking up to the left and grinning and laughing. Grinning and laughing at a.... wall? I got down and looked up from her perspective... nope there is nothing there but a wall... I am someone easy to spook and the hairs on the back of my neck twinged... goodness... is she... no... could she be?.... surely not... looking at dead people? Obviously, I am an idiot if that is the first conclusion I jump to, but I think that is well established here in this blog.

I get back down on the ground and reinvestigate... and notice that it is the box that makes the swing move that is causing such glee - it causes a rhythmic click-click-click sound. I have to dance around, change nappies, sing and talk in a high pitched kitten voice to get smiles and giggles, and here is an inanimate white box which kicks my arse at bringing giggles.

Other than that, we have visited Dr-Mr at work...

Discovered our hands

And to save water, started having our daily bath in the bathroom sink.

Don't worry, Georgie is involved in everything too. He's been (resentfully) on a diet and is way proud to tell you that he has lost about 3 kilos. I am not allowed to call him Fat Dog anymore... maybe Pleasantly Plump George. Or Merely Cuddly Georgie... You're inspiration for us all my friend.


Anonymous said...

i love that miss ruby thinks that white boxes clicking is entertainment enough...if that sort of caper continues, you can send back all the fancy toys she ever gets as gifts, only white boxes required here thanks.
love the sink shots, she is growing up so quickly. the smiles, boy, they could melt any heart!
love your work georgie, 3 kilos is nothing to sneeze at, despite how displeased you look at the current foodie situation!

pen said...

so post-xmas diets do work!
just wait until Ruby starts high chair feeding- food for all! then it will be 'georgie-hoover'

Jules Knoblock said...

Another funny post. Haha you make-a-me laugh! Ruby is adorable! She has such a perfect little face :)

kate spencer said...

I was caught by your title that "your child is seeing dead people"
Your baby is really cute and gladly she's not.(seeing dead people)lol.
I enjoyed reading your post.
I like your blog, so much humor in it.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

yr baby is GORGEOUS! I saw this name on a blogroll and thought that it may have been a etsy customer of mine!!! I was right! Love yr blog! (this amy from little alouette) so lovely to see my wee customer! love it1 I will be back. xo

The Gel Journals said...

he he he - you've got the cutest liddle girl wirl ever! :) I hope my kids turn out as cute as her - even if they start to talk to "dead people". :)

PS. Thanks for inspiring my day