Monday, January 05, 2009

You know it's REALLY overdue that you get out of the house when you realise that the rampant desire to buy many Space Bags has been filling your head for more than ONE day.

and the random thought occurs to you that "you know, I really hate washing up the cutlery the most...."

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

cutlery is sooooooo fiddly, i hear you on that one sal! i never really caught onto why space bags were good. do people really have that much stuff that they need to suck the air out of it to within an inch of life? i don't know. meanwhile, work sucks and i would much prefer to be out in the sunshine! :-D

Jules Knoblock said...

That's your funky jumper at the top of the pile isn't it!? Mmmmm noice!

potty mouth mama said...

I aspire to own many, many space bags one day.

And as for washing cutlery, it's even worse when the dishwasher bakes food onto the cutlery and they require a punishing clean. Sigh.

I hear you sister. Loud and clear.

Dick and Dora said...

I think it could be something to do with having a young baby ... I bought a heap when mine was just a few months old, which reminds me, I should check to see what's in them. Obviously not something I actually needed to keep, if I haven't gone looking for it in 2 years.