Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of my favourite blog ladiez pottymouthmama tagged me in the photo thingy : "Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same."

Disappointingly (no offence George), this is it. Christmas 2006, Georgie is feeling festive. And a little pissed off. As you, dear readers, may be... "another freaking dress-up photo of that fricking dog, are you SICK lady?". Yes! Or possibly bored or easily amused. Patience of a saint, that animal.

(& I am tagging those I haven't seen do it yet, mainly Bec, Jules and Lily, get cracking if you feel motivated.

Last night I ventured (without babe) into the cittah and went to a preview of the Cat-Rabbit / Ghost Patrol collaboration exhibition. It was wonderful - beautiful artwork and toys. I am a big fan of Cat's toy making, which is made even more special/amazing when you realise they are all hand sewn. Anyway, it's at the Gorker Gallery in Fitzroy from today until 8 March. Go, you will enjoy.

In the other category of complaints, I am ridiculously tired - the 14 plus weeks of broken sleep is certainly wearing me down at the moment.....Zzzzzzzzz.... I went to a BBQ after the exhibition yesterday and had it not been me inhaling MY FIRST COFFEE IN A YEAR (it was magnificent), I was tempted to go there, say hi, nap on my friend's bed and then come home. Gadzooks.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Procrastination and good lord, am I really in a pair of bathers on the internet.

Oh, it's ridiculous, I have SO much Georgie Love work to do and no time to do it. I am not wasting time per se, I cleaned the whole house today which makes me feel like superwoman when I do it. We also spent a delightful hour at the Aquatic Centre in Monbulk, where Muppet had her first ever swim.

At first there was major trepidation, uncertainty and a smidgeon of fear.

Then calmer, but still uncertain...

But then, EXCITEMENT! Swmming is AWESOME!

No seriously Mum, I LOVE it (but I am still terrified of the shower, so don't pull any of that showering crap AGAIN)

Then, Dad dried Muppet off and we went home for a BIG FEED and NAP.

And then with the urgent fire threat in Belgrave (about 10kms away), we spent the evening quickly packing the car up and driving halfway out to the city before it was downgraded and we turned around and came home. Phew. I am so tired now, but I think it was a good practice run for what we need/want to get and how quickly we can leave the house. On the way back I stopped the traffic dead (to much beeping) to let and echidna cross the road. Echidna!

That reminds me, I forgot to write that during a drive a few weeks ago around past Gembrook, two deer bounded the road infront of us, it was so beautiful and surreal!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where I am an ass AGAIN on Valentines Day and ruin the whole thing.

Oh hai, it's Valentines Day, had you noticed?

LE SIGH. I just had flowers delivered from my lovely Dr-Mr - he hinted they were coming and they arrived late this afternoon. It's terrible when the first unplanned words out of your head are: "Yay! thank you! Oh, that one is quite f**ked up"

The flowers, whilst a lovely, beautiful gesture... well all the roses are wilted, bruised, brown on the edges and quite a few have rotted spots. Um, my wonderful partner spent a ton of money on these and I am the unromantic pragmatist who insists you should get what you paid for and what is advertised. Anyway... what would do you do? Probably better than me anyway.

Do you:
a) Shut up, declare your love for them and your partner whom you hug, then put the flowers in water and be thankful you got anything, you thoughtless, senseless, ungrateful cow.

b) Say "Oh they are lovely... thank you so much but I know how expensive flowers are and you should really ask for a refund, this is not what you paid for..."

c) Do b) and then to awkwardly explain why to justify your point, show him the rotted bits.

Soooooooooooooooooo..... I totally wish I had done a). I am sitting here feeling awful and teary, I have hurt Dr-Mrs feelings* and that is the worst part.

I hate Valentines Day, there will be no celebrations next year.

(*but I still think he should ask for a refund)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

other little things.

This is Ruby's quiet song. Every time it's played, she immediately stops crying and goes quiet and listens to it, wide eyed and calm. It's played often in my house and I sing it to put her to sleep. Ironically, it's a song that can make me cry, it's so beautiful. But not as much as this song makes me cry.

She has shown a real liking for the whole cd, so we bought her a copy, to give to her when she is older. We have a box with a collection of stuff we are putting together about her when she was little.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I have been teary for 24 hours about all these fires, it's just so terrible. We have been thinking of ways we can help (and lordy do I have a ton of clothes and things when the need for those arises), so see below for Georgie Love's donations for February.

Pip Stafford has listed a number of wonderful and positive ways people can help - what touches me personally as well is the animals, I had a bit of a cry yesterday talking to Dr-Mr, thinking of all the fearful and panicked animals who would have lost their lives. I think we will have a chat and maybe foster some - I am not sure how Georgie would go with another dog, but we have 3/4 acre, so I am sure there is room for other non-canine things.

Muppet and I walked into town before and it's all anyone was talking about - every house we passed had the news on, people were talking on their mobile phones and in shops about it - there were tins on ever counter taking people's change for the relief fund - we live in a bush fire risk area, so everyone feels these things personally - and the sense of relief in them passing us by.

My brain gave me a little break from it all with the most weird dream this morning - here is a snippet:

"Oh my god, there is a brown bear in purple chiffon entering that cafe!'
"oh wait it's ok, he's opening the door and letting everyone out"
".... what then IS he doing in there?!"

Bushfire Relief

Georgie Love are terribly saddened by the bushfires that are devastating families, entire communities and some of the most beautiful (and our personal favourite) parts of Victoria. As we also live in a bushfire prone area, we are particularly struck by this tragedy - and realise how presonally lucky we have been to not be affected as well.

As such, we will be donating 10% of all profits from Georgie Love for the month of February to the relief fund.

If you also want to make personal contributions, you can through over the counter at any bank, the Red Cross (1800 811 700) and The Salvos (137258), or via direct deposit through internt banking : VICTORIAN BUSHFIRE RELIEF FUND BSB: 082 001 ACCT NO 860 046 797

Thursday, February 05, 2009

baby dates

R: "Oh HAI Stevie"
S: "Sup"

R: "Oh y'know, just illin' and chillin"
S: "Yup, know how that is"

S: "I dig your pad"
R: Yah, it's pretty rad"

S: "Dude, I like hanging out with you and stuff, but there is just one thing I have to say..."

R: "Yah, wasssthat?"

S:"What's with the bib? Those things are like SO embryonic "

R: "Oh"

R: "Um" *awkward silence*

R: "I drool".

(the delicious dark headed dumpling is Julie Knoblock's bub!)

Hoping for reassurances, but no

me: "I don't think I have an easy-going baby".

maternal health nurse: "No you don't. I didn't want to tell you that, but no... Ruby is not an easy-going baby."

me: "goddammit!"

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Yes, I am petty and too outspoken.

Notice how all the blogs are so nice and positive? I would like to introduce a new category to the Georgie Love blog at the very least...


I am very, very, very tired today and it makes me just a little short tempered. I went to the supermarket and nabbed a register to checkout that only had an elderly couple buying a loaf of bread and some eggs. I dumped down my purchases (nappies and toilet paper, essentials) about 30 cm behind the bread and the woman literally panicked and RAN from her position at the end of the register to the beginning to put a divider between the nappies and the bread. I said to myself "Sally, don't say anything, don't say anything" but I broke and said to the woman:

"You know, I really think the cashier would be able to sort your and my groceries, the panic was probably unnecessary". I thought I said it as gently as possible, but the lady gave me a dirty look and ignored me. This is what I hate, the PANIC THAT YOUR GROCERIES AND MY GROCERIES MAY TOUCH AND TAINT EACH OTHER. Ridiculous.

ALSO if a stranger came up to you in the supermarket and said out of the blue "Can I touch your baby's feet?" would you say:

a) yes
b) no
c) um... something else.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? And what is giving you the shits today? Or in general?

(ps: yes that picture has no meaning to this post in general, but "being petty" "petty things" etc brought up no appropriate images in google images, so I looked up "cutest thing ever", just for balance, right?!)

And here is something else from that search!

Julie Ramsden

Well, I have blogged a few times about the joy that is Julie Ramsden's amazing crotched toys, I just love them - they are so bright and detailed and a real labour of love, each one is hours and hours of work.

She also made us a perfect mini George (seriously, if you have an animal you love, contact us about getting a Julie replica toy, they are a barrel of happy goodness). We love our mini George.

And she emailed me the other day to show me some pieces she has in an exhibition, I mean seriously... check this out, it's just RIDICULOUS, I keep looking at it, it's just SPECTACULAR. She is such a talented lady and is so humble with it. Click on it and have a look at it bigger, go on... do it!

There is also this little guy, who I love, I wonder if he will be rehomed, if so I certainly want to buy him (I imagine we'd be having a wrestle over it Bec!) . I love everything about him, from his little bear to his button stand. (seriously Julie, post exhibition, is he for sale?)

Anyway, if you want to go and see these creations in person (plus lots of other crafty delights, although make sure you vote for Julie), the exhibition is being held at the following location/dates:

2009 Linden Postcard Show
7 February - 27 March

26 Acland Street, St Kilda 3182
Gallery hours 1pm-6pm Tues-Sun
Phone +613 9209 6794

I am hoping to make the long trek out there with the muppet, who is doing one of her afternoon SUPER LONG SLEEPS, which is great because she was a little monster this morning, forcing me to cancel an outing. I should be napping at the same time because I am, quite literally, a zombie. Arrgrghhhghgh...brains.

And in the other non-anything else category, a big thank you and un-photographed shut out to PottymouthMama, who not only has one of my favourite blogs, but she also sent us a big box of decluttering baby safety goodness, which is was so lovely and will be so unbelievably useful that I can't thank her sassy-self enough. I have a Georgie Love thank you package that I am putting together in front of me, which is a LITTLE cheeky for someone decluttering, but I think new things are new things and not clutter. Does that make sense? I have no idea anymore.

Muppet stirs! It's time for a mega feeding, she will be STARVED.