Thursday, February 05, 2009

baby dates

R: "Oh HAI Stevie"
S: "Sup"

R: "Oh y'know, just illin' and chillin"
S: "Yup, know how that is"

S: "I dig your pad"
R: Yah, it's pretty rad"

S: "Dude, I like hanging out with you and stuff, but there is just one thing I have to say..."

R: "Yah, wasssthat?"

S:"What's with the bib? Those things are like SO embryonic "

R: "Oh"

R: "Um" *awkward silence*

R: "I drool".

(the delicious dark headed dumpling is Julie Knoblock's bub!)


Trove said...


Can I just say how cute these two behbehs are?? I'm sitting here with the goofiest smile on my face!!

Anonymous said...

oh what a pair of sweethearts they are!! i love how ruby is all like, hey stevie - whats up? and stevie is the cool cat! too cute! xx

Jules Knoblock said...


At least Stevie is honest and doesn't beat around the bush. Maybe they could go onesie shopping together, coz she'd DEFINITELY tell Rub's if her butt looked big in outfits.

kate spencer said...

awww.. can't say how cute these babies are.. and their cute conversation. :D
I think these babies will grow up being watched by their fans on this blog.. and I'm one of them.

Thanks! :)

potty mouth mama said...

Ahem - ridiculously cute, and I love their dialogue.

LADY - you spoil me sooooooo. Thank you so, so, so much. You really are so very naughty - but my goodness, you really are so wickedly good. Is that possible? My oh my, I love the Scoops brooch - love that wee bird, and the necklace is gorgeous, I wore it yesterday afternoon, was perfect with my outfit.

Thank you so much, you're a naughty, awesome lady.


PS - Loved the cards too. Both hanging up in our living room. x

Katherine said...

Oh man, so much cuteness.

I hope you guys are all okay and safe with the fires and everything. *is worried* *hugs*

ck4eva said...

Oh, I needed a good laugh today! Thank you! That was awesome! :)