Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hoping for reassurances, but no

me: "I don't think I have an easy-going baby".

maternal health nurse: "No you don't. I didn't want to tell you that, but no... Ruby is not an easy-going baby."

me: "goddammit!"


lillipilli said...

But she's the prettiest thing ever which kind of makes up for it, right?

potty mouth mama said...

Don't despair - my little guy never slept during the day, and woke up all through the night until 10 months. Then I just couldn't deal with it anymore, so I went to Tresillian (not sure if you have these or similar in Vic??). It was fantastic. Fantastic and then some. Fantastic to the power of infinity. From that point forward he slept through the night, had fantastic day sleeps - and I started feeling human again.

He's my first child.

Second time around, my baby girl is an easy little thing (maybe cause I am more relaxed?), sleeps easily, easy to feed etc.

And babies go through stages, they change all the time. Don't give up!

Anonymous said...

some of the best people in the world are not easygoing miss ruby, like me. sometimes i am, sometimes i'm not. doesn't make you any less a sweetheart! xxx

Lauren said...

Jack's not easy going either...your day will always be full of surprises!!

Plus when she's older they will be great attributes to have

Beck said...

dont let it get you down, Max is what you might call "difficult" as well, but he's also hilarious and as bright as a button, eventually they do get themselves sorted out, it seems to get better when they can do more phisically, I think they just get frustrated that they cant do stuff, and worried that they might miss out on things if they do go to sleep... it wil get better eventually!
and really ruby just knows what she likes and likes to let you know what she doesn't...