Monday, February 09, 2009

I have been teary for 24 hours about all these fires, it's just so terrible. We have been thinking of ways we can help (and lordy do I have a ton of clothes and things when the need for those arises), so see below for Georgie Love's donations for February.

Pip Stafford has listed a number of wonderful and positive ways people can help - what touches me personally as well is the animals, I had a bit of a cry yesterday talking to Dr-Mr, thinking of all the fearful and panicked animals who would have lost their lives. I think we will have a chat and maybe foster some - I am not sure how Georgie would go with another dog, but we have 3/4 acre, so I am sure there is room for other non-canine things.

Muppet and I walked into town before and it's all anyone was talking about - every house we passed had the news on, people were talking on their mobile phones and in shops about it - there were tins on ever counter taking people's change for the relief fund - we live in a bush fire risk area, so everyone feels these things personally - and the sense of relief in them passing us by.

My brain gave me a little break from it all with the most weird dream this morning - here is a snippet:

"Oh my god, there is a brown bear in purple chiffon entering that cafe!'
"oh wait it's ok, he's opening the door and letting everyone out"
".... what then IS he doing in there?!"


Anonymous said...

only you would dream of bears in chiffon sal, and i love it! xx

Kim said...

We send our Love and Prayers to all affected by this terrible fire. Stay safe and thank you for your post.