Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Julie Ramsden

Well, I have blogged a few times about the joy that is Julie Ramsden's amazing crotched toys, I just love them - they are so bright and detailed and a real labour of love, each one is hours and hours of work.

She also made us a perfect mini George (seriously, if you have an animal you love, contact us about getting a Julie replica toy, they are a barrel of happy goodness). We love our mini George.

And she emailed me the other day to show me some pieces she has in an exhibition, I mean seriously... check this out, it's just RIDICULOUS, I keep looking at it, it's just SPECTACULAR. She is such a talented lady and is so humble with it. Click on it and have a look at it bigger, go on... do it!

There is also this little guy, who I love, I wonder if he will be rehomed, if so I certainly want to buy him (I imagine we'd be having a wrestle over it Bec!) . I love everything about him, from his little bear to his button stand. (seriously Julie, post exhibition, is he for sale?)

Anyway, if you want to go and see these creations in person (plus lots of other crafty delights, although make sure you vote for Julie), the exhibition is being held at the following location/dates:

2009 Linden Postcard Show
7 February - 27 March

26 Acland Street, St Kilda 3182
Gallery hours 1pm-6pm Tues-Sun
Phone +613 9209 6794

I am hoping to make the long trek out there with the muppet, who is doing one of her afternoon SUPER LONG SLEEPS, which is great because she was a little monster this morning, forcing me to cancel an outing. I should be napping at the same time because I am, quite literally, a zombie. Arrgrghhhghgh...brains.

And in the other non-anything else category, a big thank you and un-photographed shut out to PottymouthMama, who not only has one of my favourite blogs, but she also sent us a big box of decluttering baby safety goodness, which is was so lovely and will be so unbelievably useful that I can't thank her sassy-self enough. I have a Georgie Love thank you package that I am putting together in front of me, which is a LITTLE cheeky for someone decluttering, but I think new things are new things and not clutter. Does that make sense? I have no idea anymore.

Muppet stirs! It's time for a mega feeding, she will be STARVED.


Anonymous said...

oh my lordy - we sure will be wrestling! she is un-freaking-believable. julie ramsden is one talented lady!
fancy a trip together to view the delights that are julie ramsden creations??
and on an entirely related topic, i NEED a crocheted fletch - but alas, it must wait till after japan... xxx

potty mouth mama said...

Firstly, those crocheted creations are incredible - yowsers. I love the Georgie replica - that is awesome. And I really love the last little dude - so cool!

Great news on the mega long sleep - that's good for the mummy's sanity!

And finally, you are seriously naughty. I hope there are some things in that box of tricks to help you. But you certainly don't have to send me anything. xxxx