Tuesday, February 10, 2009

other little things.

This is Ruby's quiet song. Every time it's played, she immediately stops crying and goes quiet and listens to it, wide eyed and calm. It's played often in my house and I sing it to put her to sleep. Ironically, it's a song that can make me cry, it's so beautiful. But not as much as this song makes me cry.

She has shown a real liking for the whole cd, so we bought her a copy, to give to her when she is older. We have a box with a collection of stuff we are putting together about her when she was little.


potty mouth mama said...

I think that whole album is solid gold. I love it. The orchestral elements, the quirky stories, his beautiful almost whisper-like voice. I love it all. He is quite prolific too, which is even cooler!!

I love that Ruby has such ace taste in music.

PS - I've been saving my new goodness to wear for special. My husband thinks I am a complete nutter, but I save special things for 'special'. And when I wear them, it always makes me happy.

Thanks for this simple and beautiful post. It's nice to hear about your life with your wee beautiful babe.

Anonymous said...

what a sweetheart you are sal. such a good mama and a responsible one too. lordy knows we need kids who like REAL music! xx

Anonymous said...

Casimir Pulaski Day makes me cry every time I hear it. It got to the point where I hid the cd for a while because my beloved liked to play it all the time, perhaps because he secretly enjoys my pain?