Sunday, February 15, 2009

Procrastination and good lord, am I really in a pair of bathers on the internet.

Oh, it's ridiculous, I have SO much Georgie Love work to do and no time to do it. I am not wasting time per se, I cleaned the whole house today which makes me feel like superwoman when I do it. We also spent a delightful hour at the Aquatic Centre in Monbulk, where Muppet had her first ever swim.

At first there was major trepidation, uncertainty and a smidgeon of fear.

Then calmer, but still uncertain...

But then, EXCITEMENT! Swmming is AWESOME!

No seriously Mum, I LOVE it (but I am still terrified of the shower, so don't pull any of that showering crap AGAIN)

Then, Dad dried Muppet off and we went home for a BIG FEED and NAP.

And then with the urgent fire threat in Belgrave (about 10kms away), we spent the evening quickly packing the car up and driving halfway out to the city before it was downgraded and we turned around and came home. Phew. I am so tired now, but I think it was a good practice run for what we need/want to get and how quickly we can leave the house. On the way back I stopped the traffic dead (to much beeping) to let and echidna cross the road. Echidna!

That reminds me, I forgot to write that during a drive a few weeks ago around past Gembrook, two deer bounded the road infront of us, it was so beautiful and surreal!


Anonymous said...

that face, it just melts my heart. look how happy she is - it's like she is saying - oh my freaking lordy, this pool rocks!
was thinking about you yesterday with the threat in belgrave - i knew you'd call if you needed me. xx

mariannealice said...

Both of you look so happy and gorgeous - such beautiful smiles from you both!
I would have stopped for the echidna as well.

Little Diva said...

Oh, how gorgeous your little bub is.

I love reading your blog and have just nominated you for a Proximidade Award.

Please visit my blog to check it out.

Christine xxoo

Jules Knoblock said...

Those swimmy fotos are sooooooooo cute!!!! Ruby the water babe :)

Good on you for helping out echidna's... I'm sure lots were killed in the fires. We need all the echidna's we can get. x

Oh no fires 10 k's from you. Make sure you trust your instincts too and not the warnings- sometimes the updates don't come in time. As we have seen. Thankfully that ghastly wind has died down a bit. Stay safe lovey.

Katherine said...

You both look so incredibly beautiful and happy in that last one. And I'm glad everything went okay with the evacuation - that's scary stuff. Miss you kitten. *hugs*