Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where I am an ass AGAIN on Valentines Day and ruin the whole thing.

Oh hai, it's Valentines Day, had you noticed?

LE SIGH. I just had flowers delivered from my lovely Dr-Mr - he hinted they were coming and they arrived late this afternoon. It's terrible when the first unplanned words out of your head are: "Yay! thank you! Oh, that one is quite f**ked up"

The flowers, whilst a lovely, beautiful gesture... well all the roses are wilted, bruised, brown on the edges and quite a few have rotted spots. Um, my wonderful partner spent a ton of money on these and I am the unromantic pragmatist who insists you should get what you paid for and what is advertised. Anyway... what would do you do? Probably better than me anyway.

Do you:
a) Shut up, declare your love for them and your partner whom you hug, then put the flowers in water and be thankful you got anything, you thoughtless, senseless, ungrateful cow.

b) Say "Oh they are lovely... thank you so much but I know how expensive flowers are and you should really ask for a refund, this is not what you paid for..."

c) Do b) and then to awkwardly explain why to justify your point, show him the rotted bits.

Soooooooooooooooooo..... I totally wish I had done a). I am sitting here feeling awful and teary, I have hurt Dr-Mrs feelings* and that is the worst part.

I hate Valentines Day, there will be no celebrations next year.

(*but I still think he should ask for a refund)


Rabbit and the Duck said...

Don't worry, we have all done things like that. Last week the doorbell rang, I dragged myself off the couch and answered it to see my boyfriend there. The words 'Why don't you have your key, I had to get up from (insert whatever it was I was doing)' escaped my mouth in quite an irritated tone before I realised he was holding a big bunch of flowers to surprise me. Ack I felt terrible after that.
Also, yesterday he came home with some long stemmed roses for me. Which were gorgeous. I loved them. I did point out the slightly wilted yellow one but it was ok. I then cut them and put them in a vase. I showed him how lovely they looked in the vase. He said 'I can't believe you cut the long stems! Don't you know they are specially grown like that'.
You can't win.
Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

is it wrong that i truly laughed out loud when i read your comment, i mostly love the quite f**ked up part, as though something can have varying degrees of f**ked up! LOVE it. if it is any consolation, i spent last night sobbing uncontrollably. why i hear you ask - well, a combination of nintendo, screaming (and HUGELY naughty) children, lego and work. yesterday was NOT a good day needless to say. hope your day got better babe, mine certainly did. xx

Betty Jo said...

Yes I'm definitely in the "should ask for a refund" camp. I got a box of Lindt balls yesterday that were so melted and squishy (not bally and firm), but I put them straight in the freezer, and by god they still tasted good.
This week in the letters section of my local paper a woman wrote in complaining about how a florist didn't deliver the bunch they had advertised.She'd spent $80 and said they were"Blooming awful"!
The letter appeared right next to a feature on a Florist.

Jules Knoblock said...

Hmmm that is a tricky one. And I'm sure I would've said the same as you... and we all say stuff right off the top of our head when we don't have the time to think about it.

Maybe Dr Mr can have a chat to my other half regarding sending flowers and changing nappies ;)