Monday, March 30, 2009

Phew... so what's been happening? I feel like I have been away for AGES. Have I? Anyway, in the meantime:

The muppet turned 5 months old. Where has the time gone? She is so delightful and mostly not trouble anymore. Mostly. Night sleeping still needs work.

She started solids last week - a month earlier than expected. We were going to be strict 6 months, but she was getting cranky when we ate, trying to grab food from us, mimicking chewing and waiting every 90 minutes in the night for a feed. So she was ready. I was not ready and had to turn to Stephanie Alexander to teach me how to stew fruit. Is that a terrible admission? I didn't know how to stew fruit, but NOW I DO. She is particularly fond of an apple and pear blend and tries to shove the spoon so far in her mouth that she gags.

Dinner was pumpkin and after some particularly funny faces as it wasn't as sweet as fruit, she loved it and gobbled it all up.

SWAPAPALOOZA 2009 has currently 30 participants - if you are interested you have only ONE DAY LEFT to get involved!

ALSO April is Georgie Love's THIRD BIRTHDAY MONTH! More details to follow of giveaways and all that nonsense.

I am having sewing lessons from the simply delightfully kind Kirsty from kootoyoo. More info on that to come, as I have set myself a MEGA CRAFT CHALLENGE. Why? Can I be that bored? SURELY my LACK OF SPARE TIME would prevent me SUCH STUPIDITY. Nope, it's going to be fun - you will see very soon.

Oh and finally, had the second worst food poisoning* in my life yesterday, due to inadvertently consuming unwashed baby spinach. Learn from my mistakes, my friends. Hideous. Feeling better but still not ready to tuck in to dinner. UGH.

Is that it? Maybe. For now.

(*first one happened in the UK, it wasn't food, but no one ever tells you you can't drink the water out of the bathroom in England, it's not filtered. I was so sick, having anyone even in the same ROOM as me set me off)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ruby Rock's Fashion Forecast

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just a quick note: Sneak and Pearl & Elspeth summer stock on sale at Georgie Love - tees and skirts. Get in to it! Making room for their forthcoming Winter ranges. Prices have already been adjusted.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Updates, Cakes, Complaints - business as usual

Current participant total = 16. To that I say Wheeeeee! To YOU I say why haven't you signed up yet? No indecision required.

Just made the World's Best Chocolate Cake. Well, its in the process of baking and now I feel sticky and sickly from too much batter. I know I posted the recipe ages ago which I was trying to find the link to, but my internet is currently too slow to anything that I might consider interesting. Damnit.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

For those avoiding Chocolate this year

How can you go past these one-off, crotched Easter Egg Buns? Available from the wonderful Julie Ramsden at Georgie Love! Only 6 available so get in now.

No, wait... now there is only 5...

Like a Ruby-child possessed by something completely unholy

Funny at 2pm. Not as funny at 4am.

Ok, still a little funny at 4am.

Friday, March 20, 2009


So, what am I looking at here, you may ask? Essentially the entire sum of both my creative ability AND mastery of Adobe Illustrator. TAKE THAT Crafty Peons! Anyway, I was asked by participants in the MEGASWAP for something they could put in their own blogs to advertise and um ... that thing up there is it.

Current total of participants EIGHT!


Ok, so I LOVE a good mix cd. It feels I am always in the car or working when Ruby is asleep and that's when I get to listen to music. So as I was in the drive today I went "OH! We should TOTALLY have a mix cd swap!". Exciting idea for me, oh yes. But then I realised that maybe I would get 20 different (I am ambitious) mixed cds and how on earth would I be able to listen to them all properly? And then I remembered about 6-8 years ago I was involved in a global cd swap and it was awesome - someone got the names of everyone interested and swapped them and people sent packages to someone they were linked up with.

AWESOME AND SUPER FUN IDEA. I am a thinker, so I was like "but what if people want to join in and GET a mix cd, but don't have the capabilities to make one?" Well, they can craft or swap something else. Do you want to play? Here is my rundown:

1. Do you want to swap a mixed cd you have made, craft or sweet swappable item OR BOTH? (by swappable item I mean cute things, paper and pen sets, fabric or crafting supplies, you know - the same sort of stuff you would love to receive in the mail)

2. Do you want to RECEIVE said item from another lovely person somewhere in the world? OF COURSE YOU DO.

3. All you have to do is email me the details I have requested below and be COMMITTED to sending something out (I will chase people up and have some spares to send in case people don't follow through as they said they would). I will randomly match people up who preferably DON'T know each other (let's make new friends) and will send you the details of one person (or more than one if you request) for you to send your music/craft package. If you can only commit to either a music cd or craft item, then I will match you with someone who wants music for craft or craft for music. If you want to put both in your package then I will make sure you swap with someone who will send both too - so it's all fair, equitable and most importantly MEGAFUNTIME.

4. So do you want to play? And seriously friends, don't be shy - the more takers the better as long as you can either send a mix cd that you make or something crafty that you made then you are eligible to play. And if you DO play and DO have a blog, spread the word so that MORE people play and there is more glorious package sending across the globe. Love-Love-Love.

5. I will take details of all interested peeps by the end of March, so you have a week and a half to get involved. I will then send you your swap person by 1 April. Then if you can send your package before Easter (Friday 10 April - again a week and a half to get organised and to the post office, but really you could get cracking as soon as you send me your details). If you could then confirm to me as soon as you get your package - just so I make sure everyone gets something!

6. If this is a success, we could do it again in a few months, say quarterly? (getting ahead of myself here, let's just at least see if ONE other person wants to play along with me).

OK - so if you want to join in the THE MEGA-GIANT GLOBAL MIX CD AND CRAFT SWAPAPALOOZA 2009, please send the following details to me at: sally(a)

1. Your Name & Address
2. Will you send a music cd, craft or swap item or both?
3. Do you want to receive cd / craft item or both?
4. Are you happy to post your package internationally?
5. Your blog address (if you have one)

Ok good. Let's get cracking.

Our Dearest Ruby,

Can I just prefix this by saying LORDY do we love YOU. Ok? However this indecision about where you want to sleep between 3 and 6 am is, frankly, bullshit.

It's in bed and kicking, out of bed and kicking, I want food, no I don't, spit my dummy halfway across the room, where the FRICK is my dummy? I want to be swaddled and OH GOOD LORD SET ME FREE. I am half asleep and cranky and am unable to read your mind at this time. Also, is this the most appropriate time to take a crap? I am sure it's all that kicking and fussing, because you used to be a 10am girl like clockwork.

Also, you know we love you vocalising, squealing and practicing sound and vibrations in your mouth and throat, however again, not appropriate between 3 and 6am when it's obviously dark, we're quiet (ok, there is the occasional giggle when you make a remarkably loud or cute noise) and not responding to your obvious desire to play.

See, you have the luxury to nap all through the day - sometimes for 2.5-3 hours. As grown-ups, we don't have that luxury. Your nap times are when I do all that work that I have to do, so that when you wake all we have to do is hang out together, read, go for walks and play our classic showstopper "RubyFallDown".

I really, really hope your first words aren't going to be "for F*^#s Sake Ruby".

All my love,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

achieving little.

I have a method of judging how messy the house is. It's always fairly chaotic with 2 working spaces taking up half the living room, plus the myriad of toys, play mats, an exercise machine, dog beds and the like. But it's graded in this way "how ashamed would I be to have people come over". At the moment the shame is only mild to moderate. I haven't cleaned this week (Dr-Mr did vacuum over the weekend though), but I HAVE tidied and dusted the coffee table. Oh yes. You may come over for a cup of tea. My only real shame is that I can only offer you trail mix to accompany the tea.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

7 shades of being absolutely out of sync

Hello again. I was tagged by Ms Kylie and her world of cool maybe two weeks ago to do this, which is dreadfully overdue. I started this last week when I was in bed with the cold of doom (which is still lingering, while Dr-Mr and Ruby's versions lasted 24 hours), however because I WAS in bed, sick, with a laptop, um... some of them were possibly sounding snarky, impatient or unpleasant. More than usual.

The Rules:
1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks about you.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
5.Link the person who tagged you.
6.Leave a comment for each blogger.

7 interesting facts
I think I have done this once or twice? You know working with dead people, terribly afraid of the dark, a potentially fatal allergy to horses, unborn twin, blah, blah, blah. It exists somewhere in here - I think about 12 months ago (found it here OH and here is another one with dodgy facts here). All the other ones I can think of right now are well, mostly inappropriate or things you shouldn't reveal on the internerd. Which I would do, I am a fairly candid person, but Dr-Mr would probably get cross at me.

7 fairly unspectacular things

1. I HATE with a PASSION those bows, clips headbands etc that parents put on their babies. If this is you, I am so sorry to be offensive, but I am THISCLOSE to ripping it off your child when I see them in public. I don't know if anyone has told you, but they are godawful. Your baby can start wearing them when she has a full head of hair.
Ruby is dressed like a little tomboy mostly, we have very little pink. Yesterday we went to the shops with her dressed in black leggings, a black and grey striped hooded top and red socks. 3 people commented on what a cute litte boy she was. I couldn't be bothered correcting them - it's all leggings and tracksuit pants and plain tops.

2. I hate becoming a "regular" at places. We are now a regular at our lovely favourite local cafe and the owner loves Ruby and always comes to chat and gives us discounts on the bill. I live in a small community and should relish that as one of the outcomes, but no. It makes me feel uncomfortable when they reduce the bill. That's one thing people move to small towns to enjoy, but that's one thing about living in the city that I miss - I love being anonymous. I'd rather go somewhere and be unnoticed. It might be attached to the next one:

3. I am HORRIBLY shy. It's both RIDICULOUS and STUPID. But out of Dr-Mr and I, I'm the outgoing one.

4. I hate talking on the telephone, most of my close friends realise this keenly and know not to take offence at me lack of telephonic communication, I'd rather send an email written inbetween me doing 100 other things and would instead LOVE to catch up in person. Let's meet and hug, ok? Ok.

5. Dr-Mr and I LOVE trash television. I used to be one of those people who took pride in saying they didn't have a television. Now if it's reality, competing for love or the most beautiful person title, we are HOOKED. I justify it as needing something to do while wrapping packages. I cry at makeover shows. Every. Fricking. Time.

6. Dr-Mr's family only butter one side of the bread when they make sandwiches, which is so ODD to me. He thinks two sides buttered is indulgent unnecessary, but OF COURSE it is. The butter (or marg, I am not fussy), is there to CONDITION the bread - it doesn't bring a flavour like the avocado or mustard does. Wouldn't you agree?

7. Way before we had the bebe, like maybe 3 or 4 years ago I bought the HOT! HOT! HOT! Dance Songs cd from Sesame Street. It STILL goes on occasionally for much joy-dancing to "Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco", much to Dr-Mr's disbelief and shame.

It's no laughing matter. Fo shizzle, where's my cookie mofo. Come over for a dance some time, party at my house.

Um, as I have tagged 15 poeple previosly I am not going to again. If you are inspired do it and let me know - I love knowing the weird things about everyone.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekends, toys, obviously I am either obsessed with my child or don't have much on at the moment. Actually, it's a bit of both.

The Muppet and I went to the Stitches & Craft show yesterday, which was a 2 hour drive each way (I got lost on the way and the traffic was craphouse on the way home), so it was a BIG effort. When we got there, we avoided all the beads, potpourri stands and found the indie craft stalls along the back wall.

MOST unfortunately, after a 2 hour drive, the Muppet was very hot, cranky and tired and so we did not get to watch Handmade Nation, which is extremely disappointing. Instead we got to briefly catch up with crafty folk we hadn't seen in a very long time, meet some lovely new ones and make just the one purchase. Muppet, as you can imagine, has a pretty nice collection of handmade toys, and we added a super-sweet Oobee named Bernie to the collection. Made by the delightful Leslie from onegirl. I also loved the quilts she made, so will be ordering a custom cot quilt very, very soon.

OH HAI Bernie, I'm, Ruby, so please to meet you. *shakes hand and squeezes head*

We're going to be SUCH good friends, I have so many secrets I want to tell you (*whispers* I save my chunkiest vomit for Mummy when we are just about to leave the house)

HEE Heeeeeee! Your face is FUZZY man!

...And your belly is squishier than mine... and....

what's in your nappy?

The Muppet is only just starting to show an interest in soft toys (her favourite thing is crinkly plastic), but she has already taken a real shine to Bernie and spent a lot of time looking and stroking the different textures on the body.

In other weekend news: I cut all my hair off (what was left, now it's ultra short) and Georgie got his first off-lead run for 2 months - his sore-leg rest period is finally over.

He was very happy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Georgie Love update, long overdue because I usually talk about my self-centered crap.

I was a little premature in saying Ruby escaped the cold - she is now under the influence of her first. However despite the sneezes and snuffles, she is still in very good spirits and is squealing and cooing madly away on her playmat. Other new, Georgie Love is CURRENTLY UP TO DATE. Woah. I have a couple of outstanding packages that are waiting on stock to arrive, BUT all new things are now online. Althoug I have an inkling there will be some other things in my post office box soon to have fun with. But, here is a quick run down.

Sophie Isobel Designs - have you seen these delights yet? Adorable, whimsical, handmade fabric badges to express your love for all the favourite things in your life - check out the range because I just bet that something will be a perfect fit for you.

A lot of favourites have been restocked and new designs in stock from Miss Beba.

Super, super sweet wooden brooches (made from sustainable Australian plantations!) from States of Nature.

After a long holiday, Dress Pattern Purses are finally BACK from Mistress of the Upper Fifth.

She may have just given birth to a beautiful baby girl, but soomewhere amongst all of that Trove managed to restock some favourite pieces and beautiful new ones.

I already mentioned Madz Has Runaway's beautiful new bangles and brooches. I love the bike one and this translucent forest scene especially!

Ok, I was going to add some more, as really, I haven't noted anything new in SO LONG, but that is enough pictures for now. I think those are the current March updates. March! IT'S MARCH. (Emphasis on where the heck does time go?) Dr-Mr just called to say that this picture of Ruby looking at HIS picture on the computer is adorable...

AND that he has the cold now too, which is most unfortunate, but at least I am coming out of my own pit of disease and can care for my phlegm-ridden family. Health ahoy maties!

Oh and HEY, did you notice how the supposed Georgie Love update is still completely SELF INVOLVED?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Georgie Love's Third Birthday - More things to plan, I am already asleep.

April 12 is Georgie Love's THIRD Birthday and it's been on my mind for a few weeks now, roughly, in a panic ohmygoodness what am I going to do kind of way". So what I am going to do is what I always love to do - giveaways! Hurrah! Gift Vouchers and I have a huge collection of stuff from the website to give away - I am not sure if it will be in one big bundle or broken up to share love...

Anyway, if YOU would like to give away a voucher or Georgie Item from your own blog or site, drop me a line here and I will choose some with a random number generator (often George himself blowing them around on the floor).

Oh and I said I wouldn't but I did - Come twitter with me at Georgie_Love. It's like when you start a blog, you really have nothing interesting to say. It also highlights how long I am infront of this machine wrapping packages, listening to music and watching terrible television at the same time. It mostly happens while the Muppet is asleep, which fortunately is often - cause when she is awake, she is number 1 priority.

Cold almost gone, apart from hacking cough and miracles of all miracles, the muppet avoided catching it. So did Dr-Mr. I am so glad. Speaking of Muppet, she hs been in a ridiculously good mood the part couple of days. SO DELIGHTFUL. I am trying to train her to put herself to sleep and so far she's taken to it like a trooper - we used to cuddle her to sleep and try and put her down and now I just put her down awake and she coos for a while, drops her dummy and drops off. Who knew such a small thing would FILL ME WITH SUCH UNBRIDLED PRIDE. Ok, if you do read my twitter, you will know that there is not much else going on with me at the moment, BUT she's been this high maintenance baby up to this point, so when things happen easy, it's a freaking miracle. Dummy has also been banished for sleep time without any fuss as well - I want to start winding it down to losing it after 6 months.

Ok, must stop procrastinating while she's napping, I have some simply delightful stuff to go online, I just need to buckle down and DO IT.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Oh hell-o, long time no anything, how are you? I am just settling here with a cup of hot-hot tea (Irish Breakfast), do you want one? And that picture above is not my tea, it's a random google image. My tea bag is still hanging over the side of my supermarket coffee cup, because we've highlighted before: THAT'S HOW I ROLL (i.e. way fancy).

We evacuated last week to a friend's place in the city and having three days out of the Georgie Love office (corner of the living area, one desk and one bookshelf and one cupboard) left me more behind than you would ever realise.

First thing, getting orders out, THEN putting the new stuff online (I am in love with these new bangles by Madz by the way, so glossy and tactile AND pretty) and finally, emails. Of which I am still behind, but hope to be caught up by the end of the day. But then it all starts again, because there are photos of new things still sitting on my camera, orders that need to go out tomorrow and yeah did I tell you I AM COMING DOWN WITH A BAD COLD.

I am at that glorious sneezing every three minutes early onset shit-feeling phase. I don't want to handle any goodies while I am revolting, so DON'T WORRY. Dr-Mr, who is still the picture of health, can put things together under my watchful eye FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM. I am hoping he stays germ free as Uni's back tomorrow and he has to start lecturing again for the year, which won't work well under the influence of influenza and the like.

Ruby is currently not sick, but since I kissed her 1000 times an hour before I realised I was sick, chances are, she will be. Poor little muppet. In her news update she had her 4 month vaccinations this week which led to 3 days no sleep and a very sad baby. Oh and a very vomity baby as on Tuesday she poured it all down me as we were just about to leave (late of course) for Mother's Group, vomited about (literally) 20 times (happily mind you, big grin while it just streamed out) on me AT Mothers Group then once more both in the supermarket and chemist. Bless.

Also, poor me as their ARE NO BISCUITS OR SWEET TREATS OF ANY KIND TO HAVE WITH MY TEA. Dr-Mr is on Ruby duty this afternoon and is encouraging me to go to bed. Which is a very good idea and I will, when the tea is consumed.

A massive congratulations from the 4 of us (did you forget about Georgie? Shame on you!) to Brooke, her Sparky and new baby Isla, who is a very tiny week and a bit old. Much love to you all!

Georgie-dog also wanted to let you know that today will OFFICIALLY be his first off-lead run in two months. His leg is better and he is fit and ready for action. I don't think he will have anticipated how much his fitness levels have dropped, so I am anticipating a sore and sorry-for-himself doggy later. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to see it, I am now off to bed.