Sunday, March 15, 2009

7 shades of being absolutely out of sync

Hello again. I was tagged by Ms Kylie and her world of cool maybe two weeks ago to do this, which is dreadfully overdue. I started this last week when I was in bed with the cold of doom (which is still lingering, while Dr-Mr and Ruby's versions lasted 24 hours), however because I WAS in bed, sick, with a laptop, um... some of them were possibly sounding snarky, impatient or unpleasant. More than usual.

The Rules:
1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks about you.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
5.Link the person who tagged you.
6.Leave a comment for each blogger.

7 interesting facts
I think I have done this once or twice? You know working with dead people, terribly afraid of the dark, a potentially fatal allergy to horses, unborn twin, blah, blah, blah. It exists somewhere in here - I think about 12 months ago (found it here OH and here is another one with dodgy facts here). All the other ones I can think of right now are well, mostly inappropriate or things you shouldn't reveal on the internerd. Which I would do, I am a fairly candid person, but Dr-Mr would probably get cross at me.

7 fairly unspectacular things

1. I HATE with a PASSION those bows, clips headbands etc that parents put on their babies. If this is you, I am so sorry to be offensive, but I am THISCLOSE to ripping it off your child when I see them in public. I don't know if anyone has told you, but they are godawful. Your baby can start wearing them when she has a full head of hair.
Ruby is dressed like a little tomboy mostly, we have very little pink. Yesterday we went to the shops with her dressed in black leggings, a black and grey striped hooded top and red socks. 3 people commented on what a cute litte boy she was. I couldn't be bothered correcting them - it's all leggings and tracksuit pants and plain tops.

2. I hate becoming a "regular" at places. We are now a regular at our lovely favourite local cafe and the owner loves Ruby and always comes to chat and gives us discounts on the bill. I live in a small community and should relish that as one of the outcomes, but no. It makes me feel uncomfortable when they reduce the bill. That's one thing people move to small towns to enjoy, but that's one thing about living in the city that I miss - I love being anonymous. I'd rather go somewhere and be unnoticed. It might be attached to the next one:

3. I am HORRIBLY shy. It's both RIDICULOUS and STUPID. But out of Dr-Mr and I, I'm the outgoing one.

4. I hate talking on the telephone, most of my close friends realise this keenly and know not to take offence at me lack of telephonic communication, I'd rather send an email written inbetween me doing 100 other things and would instead LOVE to catch up in person. Let's meet and hug, ok? Ok.

5. Dr-Mr and I LOVE trash television. I used to be one of those people who took pride in saying they didn't have a television. Now if it's reality, competing for love or the most beautiful person title, we are HOOKED. I justify it as needing something to do while wrapping packages. I cry at makeover shows. Every. Fricking. Time.

6. Dr-Mr's family only butter one side of the bread when they make sandwiches, which is so ODD to me. He thinks two sides buttered is indulgent unnecessary, but OF COURSE it is. The butter (or marg, I am not fussy), is there to CONDITION the bread - it doesn't bring a flavour like the avocado or mustard does. Wouldn't you agree?

7. Way before we had the bebe, like maybe 3 or 4 years ago I bought the HOT! HOT! HOT! Dance Songs cd from Sesame Street. It STILL goes on occasionally for much joy-dancing to "Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco", much to Dr-Mr's disbelief and shame.

It's no laughing matter. Fo shizzle, where's my cookie mofo. Come over for a dance some time, party at my house.

Um, as I have tagged 15 poeple previosly I am not going to again. If you are inspired do it and let me know - I love knowing the weird things about everyone.


Pod said...

I'm totally with you on the telephone thing, I will do almost anything to avoid making a call, including driving to the place in question rather than call........
I'm also with you on the sesame street loving and of course the muppets

ck4eva said...

Thanks for your answers! It's always so intriguing to know people's quirks. I'm totally with you re those bows on babies though - ugh! Puh-lease!!!

Suzie said...

OMG Sal you look absolutely divine with the pixie haircut. So so so pretty. Motherhood clearly agrees with you.

Cath said...

I couldn't agree more about the bow- on- head look on babies. I was given a packet of 7 when my daughter was born ( one for everyday of the week) by an older woman at work. I could have vomited. peopl always assume my little girl is a bot too- she has short hair and unisex clothing...

leslie said...

um, i think we may have been separated at birth - hate the bow thing; my sister had to ask me to send photos of mae in pink as her birthday present because she'd never seen her in anything girly; so with you on the "regular" thing (which i know is totally weird but i can't help it. i just want to sit and do my own thing, not make small talk. hate small talk.); loath the phone and, if i don't recognise the number, will just let it ring which drives my husband crazy. they'll leave a message, right? and then i can email or text them back : ) and i had to smile at your "let's just meet and hug" line - one of my huge quirks is that i don't do the whole kiss on the cheek/half hug that seems to be the norm here in australia. we just don't do that in canada, or at least no one i knew did! it's full hug or nothing.

got your etsy convo, SO happy that ruby loves her oobee! i'm crazy excited to work on your quilt, i'll probably start pulling fabrics this afternoon! xox

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

I hate babies with jewellery most, urgh

potty mouth mama said...

All the quirkiness aside - and it's good - it's so darn good, HOW GOOD DOES YOUR HAIR LOOK!?! My goodness. You are one foxy mama. Look at you, all pouty lipped and gorgeous. GORGEOUS>

Cindy said...

Who doesn't love Cookie disco I tell you - one of my FIRM faves as well. I will be singing it in my head for days now.

mariannealice said...

I really hate hairbows/bands etc on babies- I have a photo of me as a six week old with a bow sticky taped to my head...I am convinced that had something to do with my vehement dislike of baby hair ornaments. I dislike talking on the phone, do not understand butter(must be butter)on one side of the sandwich (what keeps the other side from getting soggy - butter is necessary for waterproofing!)and it would seem that you and I have almost matching do's at the moment. Sadly I do not have a copy of HOT!HOT!HOT!dance songs. I didn't know that it exsisted....that song is one of my favourites...must see if I can get me a copy