Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Georgie Love update, long overdue because I usually talk about my self-centered crap.

I was a little premature in saying Ruby escaped the cold - she is now under the influence of her first. However despite the sneezes and snuffles, she is still in very good spirits and is squealing and cooing madly away on her playmat. Other new, Georgie Love is CURRENTLY UP TO DATE. Woah. I have a couple of outstanding packages that are waiting on stock to arrive, BUT all new things are now online. Althoug I have an inkling there will be some other things in my post office box soon to have fun with. But, here is a quick run down.

Sophie Isobel Designs - have you seen these delights yet? Adorable, whimsical, handmade fabric badges to express your love for all the favourite things in your life - check out the range because I just bet that something will be a perfect fit for you.

A lot of favourites have been restocked and new designs in stock from Miss Beba.

Super, super sweet wooden brooches (made from sustainable Australian plantations!) from States of Nature.

After a long holiday, Dress Pattern Purses are finally BACK from Mistress of the Upper Fifth.

She may have just given birth to a beautiful baby girl, but soomewhere amongst all of that Trove managed to restock some favourite pieces and beautiful new ones.

I already mentioned Madz Has Runaway's beautiful new bangles and brooches. I love the bike one and this translucent forest scene especially!

Ok, I was going to add some more, as really, I haven't noted anything new in SO LONG, but that is enough pictures for now. I think those are the current March updates. March! IT'S MARCH. (Emphasis on where the heck does time go?) Dr-Mr just called to say that this picture of Ruby looking at HIS picture on the computer is adorable...

AND that he has the cold now too, which is most unfortunate, but at least I am coming out of my own pit of disease and can care for my phlegm-ridden family. Health ahoy maties!

Oh and HEY, did you notice how the supposed Georgie Love update is still completely SELF INVOLVED?


Michelle said...

So much goodness in your shop update! And lil Roobs is still the most adorable blogging baby EVER.