Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Georgie Love's Third Birthday - More things to plan, I am already asleep.

April 12 is Georgie Love's THIRD Birthday and it's been on my mind for a few weeks now, roughly, in a panic ohmygoodness what am I going to do kind of way". So what I am going to do is what I always love to do - giveaways! Hurrah! Gift Vouchers and I have a huge collection of stuff from the website to give away - I am not sure if it will be in one big bundle or broken up to share love...

Anyway, if YOU would like to give away a voucher or Georgie Item from your own blog or site, drop me a line here and I will choose some with a random number generator (often George himself blowing them around on the floor).

Oh and I said I wouldn't but I did - Come twitter with me at Georgie_Love. It's like when you start a blog, you really have nothing interesting to say. It also highlights how long I am infront of this machine wrapping packages, listening to music and watching terrible television at the same time. It mostly happens while the Muppet is asleep, which fortunately is often - cause when she is awake, she is number 1 priority.

Cold almost gone, apart from hacking cough and miracles of all miracles, the muppet avoided catching it. So did Dr-Mr. I am so glad. Speaking of Muppet, she hs been in a ridiculously good mood the part couple of days. SO DELIGHTFUL. I am trying to train her to put herself to sleep and so far she's taken to it like a trooper - we used to cuddle her to sleep and try and put her down and now I just put her down awake and she coos for a while, drops her dummy and drops off. Who knew such a small thing would FILL ME WITH SUCH UNBRIDLED PRIDE. Ok, if you do read my twitter, you will know that there is not much else going on with me at the moment, BUT she's been this high maintenance baby up to this point, so when things happen easy, it's a freaking miracle. Dummy has also been banished for sleep time without any fuss as well - I want to start winding it down to losing it after 6 months.

Ok, must stop procrastinating while she's napping, I have some simply delightful stuff to go online, I just need to buckle down and DO IT.


potty mouth mama said...

I would LOVE to do a Georgie Love giveaway on my blog. That's for realz.