Friday, March 20, 2009


Ok, so I LOVE a good mix cd. It feels I am always in the car or working when Ruby is asleep and that's when I get to listen to music. So as I was in the drive today I went "OH! We should TOTALLY have a mix cd swap!". Exciting idea for me, oh yes. But then I realised that maybe I would get 20 different (I am ambitious) mixed cds and how on earth would I be able to listen to them all properly? And then I remembered about 6-8 years ago I was involved in a global cd swap and it was awesome - someone got the names of everyone interested and swapped them and people sent packages to someone they were linked up with.

AWESOME AND SUPER FUN IDEA. I am a thinker, so I was like "but what if people want to join in and GET a mix cd, but don't have the capabilities to make one?" Well, they can craft or swap something else. Do you want to play? Here is my rundown:

1. Do you want to swap a mixed cd you have made, craft or sweet swappable item OR BOTH? (by swappable item I mean cute things, paper and pen sets, fabric or crafting supplies, you know - the same sort of stuff you would love to receive in the mail)

2. Do you want to RECEIVE said item from another lovely person somewhere in the world? OF COURSE YOU DO.

3. All you have to do is email me the details I have requested below and be COMMITTED to sending something out (I will chase people up and have some spares to send in case people don't follow through as they said they would). I will randomly match people up who preferably DON'T know each other (let's make new friends) and will send you the details of one person (or more than one if you request) for you to send your music/craft package. If you can only commit to either a music cd or craft item, then I will match you with someone who wants music for craft or craft for music. If you want to put both in your package then I will make sure you swap with someone who will send both too - so it's all fair, equitable and most importantly MEGAFUNTIME.

4. So do you want to play? And seriously friends, don't be shy - the more takers the better as long as you can either send a mix cd that you make or something crafty that you made then you are eligible to play. And if you DO play and DO have a blog, spread the word so that MORE people play and there is more glorious package sending across the globe. Love-Love-Love.

5. I will take details of all interested peeps by the end of March, so you have a week and a half to get involved. I will then send you your swap person by 1 April. Then if you can send your package before Easter (Friday 10 April - again a week and a half to get organised and to the post office, but really you could get cracking as soon as you send me your details). If you could then confirm to me as soon as you get your package - just so I make sure everyone gets something!

6. If this is a success, we could do it again in a few months, say quarterly? (getting ahead of myself here, let's just at least see if ONE other person wants to play along with me).

OK - so if you want to join in the THE MEGA-GIANT GLOBAL MIX CD AND CRAFT SWAPAPALOOZA 2009, please send the following details to me at: sally(a)

1. Your Name & Address
2. Will you send a music cd, craft or swap item or both?
3. Do you want to receive cd / craft item or both?
4. Are you happy to post your package internationally?
5. Your blog address (if you have one)

Ok good. Let's get cracking.


chunkychooky (Cath) said...

yeeeeeeeees please!!! this is such a great idea I love it! love it!sign me up!! count me in!

potty mouth mama said...

I'll play! Hmm. Now I just have to get cracking..

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun - even though i have not a crafty bone in my is definitely something i can do!! COUNT ME IN LADY!

mariannealice said...

Count me a mixed cd swap and I'm sure I can find something crafty around here to pop in with it...

Chrisy said...

..i'm in! will email details!

sarasophia said...

Yay! I want to play--I want to play!

This will be my very first ever swap, sending over my details, etc. right away<3