Sunday, March 08, 2009

Oh hell-o, long time no anything, how are you? I am just settling here with a cup of hot-hot tea (Irish Breakfast), do you want one? And that picture above is not my tea, it's a random google image. My tea bag is still hanging over the side of my supermarket coffee cup, because we've highlighted before: THAT'S HOW I ROLL (i.e. way fancy).

We evacuated last week to a friend's place in the city and having three days out of the Georgie Love office (corner of the living area, one desk and one bookshelf and one cupboard) left me more behind than you would ever realise.

First thing, getting orders out, THEN putting the new stuff online (I am in love with these new bangles by Madz by the way, so glossy and tactile AND pretty) and finally, emails. Of which I am still behind, but hope to be caught up by the end of the day. But then it all starts again, because there are photos of new things still sitting on my camera, orders that need to go out tomorrow and yeah did I tell you I AM COMING DOWN WITH A BAD COLD.

I am at that glorious sneezing every three minutes early onset shit-feeling phase. I don't want to handle any goodies while I am revolting, so DON'T WORRY. Dr-Mr, who is still the picture of health, can put things together under my watchful eye FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM. I am hoping he stays germ free as Uni's back tomorrow and he has to start lecturing again for the year, which won't work well under the influence of influenza and the like.

Ruby is currently not sick, but since I kissed her 1000 times an hour before I realised I was sick, chances are, she will be. Poor little muppet. In her news update she had her 4 month vaccinations this week which led to 3 days no sleep and a very sad baby. Oh and a very vomity baby as on Tuesday she poured it all down me as we were just about to leave (late of course) for Mother's Group, vomited about (literally) 20 times (happily mind you, big grin while it just streamed out) on me AT Mothers Group then once more both in the supermarket and chemist. Bless.

Also, poor me as their ARE NO BISCUITS OR SWEET TREATS OF ANY KIND TO HAVE WITH MY TEA. Dr-Mr is on Ruby duty this afternoon and is encouraging me to go to bed. Which is a very good idea and I will, when the tea is consumed.

A massive congratulations from the 4 of us (did you forget about Georgie? Shame on you!) to Brooke, her Sparky and new baby Isla, who is a very tiny week and a bit old. Much love to you all!

Georgie-dog also wanted to let you know that today will OFFICIALLY be his first off-lead run in two months. His leg is better and he is fit and ready for action. I don't think he will have anticipated how much his fitness levels have dropped, so I am anticipating a sore and sorry-for-himself doggy later. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to see it, I am now off to bed.


potty mouth mama said...

Ruby is so so cute, look at her!! So darn cute. Love those big eyes - so curious!

Sheesh, Noah used to vomit on me all the time. A happy vomiter too. Sigh. I remember changing my clothes seven times one particular day, and by the end of it, I had no clean clothes left.

Thankfully, Scout was not a vomiter. She rarely vomited. Phew and thank goodness!

Love those Madz bangles. SO cute.

Can not imagine being evacuated from my house for 3 days, so hope you guys are all ok.

And hope you feel better soon. Rest up as much as you can. x
word verification is catorat - does Georgie like cats or rats?

meet me at mikes said...

OH! G-Love is back! Awesome news! Welcome back to cooler days and NO FRICKING FIRES!

WORD VERIFICATION : oreoper - oreos that are sold individually - (in the same vein as mint patties)

Sophie Appleby said...

So glad to here that everything is ok down your way. So sorry your not feeling well, hope you get better really really soon.
Hope you are having a relaxing long weekend.
Sophie x