Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekends, toys, obviously I am either obsessed with my child or don't have much on at the moment. Actually, it's a bit of both.

The Muppet and I went to the Stitches & Craft show yesterday, which was a 2 hour drive each way (I got lost on the way and the traffic was craphouse on the way home), so it was a BIG effort. When we got there, we avoided all the beads, potpourri stands and found the indie craft stalls along the back wall.

MOST unfortunately, after a 2 hour drive, the Muppet was very hot, cranky and tired and so we did not get to watch Handmade Nation, which is extremely disappointing. Instead we got to briefly catch up with crafty folk we hadn't seen in a very long time, meet some lovely new ones and make just the one purchase. Muppet, as you can imagine, has a pretty nice collection of handmade toys, and we added a super-sweet Oobee named Bernie to the collection. Made by the delightful Leslie from onegirl. I also loved the quilts she made, so will be ordering a custom cot quilt very, very soon.

OH HAI Bernie, I'm, Ruby, so please to meet you. *shakes hand and squeezes head*

We're going to be SUCH good friends, I have so many secrets I want to tell you (*whispers* I save my chunkiest vomit for Mummy when we are just about to leave the house)

HEE Heeeeeee! Your face is FUZZY man!

...And your belly is squishier than mine... and....

what's in your nappy?

The Muppet is only just starting to show an interest in soft toys (her favourite thing is crinkly plastic), but she has already taken a real shine to Bernie and spent a lot of time looking and stroking the different textures on the body.

In other weekend news: I cut all my hair off (what was left, now it's ultra short) and Georgie got his first off-lead run for 2 months - his sore-leg rest period is finally over.

He was very happy.


Jules Knoblock said...

OHH!!!!!! Sorry we missed you!!!! We were there on the same day!!!!!!!!!

And that IS a fair bloody effort you going all on your own from your place. I woosed out and stayed at my Mum's the night b4 so it was only 30 mins drive with help from Grandma with bub's on the day.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, ruby, bernie and georgie...they all make for a super cute post! and i love the happiest puppy picture in the world! you can't photoshop that shit, the look in his eyes is pure bliss!

leslie said...

love the dialogue, soooo funny! and adorable.