Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My life

Just briefly, there comes a point in your life when you are expecting people to knock on your door at any moment and you are mid cleaning a stinky baby vomit off both your top AND pants when you think "I should quickly spray myself with toilet deodoriser to mask the smell", when you realise you know, that really ain't right.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekends are nice

The weekend was great, thanks for asking. But COLD. Lordy, even I, a seasoned Melbournite who DOES love the winter (which by the way, is the Muppet's middle name, that's how much we DIG THE COLD) was frozen to the bone in the city, which is on average 3-4 degrees warmer than the hills where I live. But anyway. The highlights?

Dr-Mr's birthday. Celebrated with presents and cupcakes from the crabapple bakery. Today is the actual day, so there are MORE cupcakes from the local bakery and I am cooking a meal (yep, you read that right) for him tonight to mark the occasion. Georgie wrapped his own present. Obviously.

We found this lovely Doll House for Ruby at our local vintage furniture store which is usually super overpriced, but we got this little Grandpa made gem for $28. I love it.

We also bought this jumperoo thing for her, as she was getting a bit over the playmat and other toys. So delightful when we first put her in it, she was the most excited I have ever seen her, she just kept looking at us and BEAMING, leaning down close to inspect the toys and lights and then look up, wiggle and beam. Yup, I cried a little (again) at her joy. Dr-Mr put it together while I fed her dinner (pureed chicken and pumpkin), which is why she is sporting it all over her shirt. She doesn't usually look like a baby hobo, all one pant up, one pant down, one sock and covered in food. Just saying.

Sunday was a sewing lesson with Bec, from Amy and we made zippered purses. Don't look at this stitches TOO closely, but I don't think you could have found two more proud crafters. I'm the pink. This was followed by a delicious eggy lunch, a Queen visit (hello new sailor pants) and a visit to Beck Wheeler's studio where I purchased 3 tiny monster paintings for Ruby's room. Which I WILL photograph one day. Just because it's lovely and I love it.

Attempted Craft Experiment 2 (finally) today details to follow shortly. Just waiting for Muppet to wake up, I think we are going to head to the library this afternoon for some more books. Because she's a reader, yo. I also said I would host my Mother's Group here tomorrow, thinking it would inspire me to clean, but no. Lacking inspiration. I tidied, maybe will vacuum later or tomorrow morning. Wanting to just warm my cold feet by the fire. Am hoping YOU are warm. And cosy. And drinking tea. Possibly with biscuits.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ok, so at the moment I am resembling Flat Stanley. Do you remember him? Not because of my SUPER THIN PHYSIQUE (it's not), but because I am feeling a little stttrrreeetttccchhhed at the moment. Ahem. Also trying not to show the mild sense of panic at the prospect of returning to work for 2 days a week in 2 and a bit weeks. They are being incredibly flexible, are supportive of me working from home some of that time and are giving me the options of lots of interesting things to do, but seriously? Day job, Georgie Love, Baby, Dr-Mr, Dog and more? Argh.

Oooh. Deep breath.

Well, I never said I wasn't ambitious. I think I envisage my lack of a social life continuing. I had been planning for a few weeks on having a BIG LUNCH here and inviting everyone I know (it's a few, and it's a lazy way to catch up with everyone in one hit. Of course, it would be a lazy prepared lunch involving little or no cooking, or better yet everyone comes here and cooks for me). But I have done nothing about it. There is the whole cleaning, emailing, inviting, planning, getting dressed and brushing your hair nonsense that I can't be bothered with.

Anyway, have been doing orientation at Ruby's daycare (where she will be max 1 or 2 days a week) over the past few weeks - it's the best of a not-ideal scenario, it's on the campus where we both work (in Dr-Mr's building to be precise, we are both within 5 minutes if she ever needs us), the staff are lovely and have been there for ten years - or more, and frankly, I think it could be good for her. She's a very shy and somewhat touchy baby, so the social development is a good thing. Still, I'm trying to pretend the idea of someone else settling her to sleep or feeding her lunch doesn't make me sad.

Speaking of the muppet, she is getting very active. And grabby. Rolling every which way, I don't watch much tv during the day at all (seriously, only The Ellen Show), because if the tv is on, I leave the room with Ruby happily in the middle of her playmat, rolling to grab her toys and yelling at her Oobee or Mr Banana. I go downstairs to make a coffee and return to find this:

She will have rolled/scooted/maneuvered a full 90 degrees to position herself squarely in front of the tv. Which I promptly turn off. Seriously, not good for the brain development, surely?

Other than that, she's a beautiful, happy baby who slept from 7 to 5 last night. It's getting better. Just don't ask me about the GREAT CRAFT EXPERIMENT, it's slightly backburnered this week. Shhhh.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh, you know when I was mocking that $55 baby swimsuit, uh... I did also buy it, JUST TO BE CLEAR. It definitely keeps her warmer in the pool, so I am not regretting it too much. TOO much.

Fortunately it's a little big, so she can wear it a little while. I am in this dilemma where I don't know whether to sell all the cute things that are in good nick that she is too big for now on ebay, or fold them and put them away for baby number 2 or 3 or 5. I mean, who knows if/when there will be another one. I think there will and I think Dr-Mr thinks there will... what did you do with all the too small clothes?

Things that have made me happy this weekend:

1. Spotlight and scones with the lovely Bec, which included beautiful presents from Japan!

2. MORE SWIMMING. We can't get enough of the baby pool joy.

3. Dr-Mr vacuuming the house, before heading off to work.

4. Being ALMOST up to date with new Georgie Love stuff (packages to be wrapped tonight, while watching terrible television {biggest loser, so you think you can dance, rove, etc}). New things from Frankie & Ray and Lauren Williams. Hooray!

5. Discovering I can download new effects for Photobooth.

I am obsessed with a kaleidoscope one.

Must be used sober.

6. Fixing performance problems on the mac and it working better.

Just waiting for the muppet to wake up to take her for a little walk in the afternoon sunshine. I hope you have had a lovely one!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Facebook, you flirt!

So, hands up those of you on facebook? You know how it always tries to entice you with advertisements that say things like "3 friends of yours have a crush on you, click here to find out who!". I have never clicked, I know it's horsecrap, plus most of my friends on Facebook aren't romantically interested in a 32 year old pragmatic divorcee, with child and a Dr-Mr. I think the Facebook folk have taken offense to my lack of CRUSH interest and just told me the following:

Oh, I think you will find Facebook that it is YOU who is dumb. HA! HA! HAHAHAHAHAH! Take that!

And seriously, have you watched the videos below? Do you need some joy today, or don't you?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's Talk Craft


I ask you, why haven't I seen this on blogs so far? (Althought you may have - I am behind on my reading)




Thank you all for the kind words about the ongoing craft experiment and my attempt at phony flowers, although I don't need ego boosting or placating because I am just reporting the outcomes of the experiments and you know what folks, you can't argue with SCIENCE. Lordy, no!

The muppet is asleep, so I am trying to identify experiment number 2. I have a project in mind, I just need to locate some supplies. I just had a flick through the book and tried not to HAVE A PANIC at the complexity of some of the pieces, because I will take my time. After learning to sew, it appears I need to learn how to knit. And crotchet. Also, obviously, and how to cut a straight line, and don't talk to me about lines and rulers - I have those. I also have WOBBLEHANDS.

Anyway, the other things that occupy me this week:

1. We are very sad to announce that little Ruby-Muppet has moved from our bedroom into her own room. Which is only next door, but I still had a little cry about it. We both miss her night chirps. I've been settling her into her cot for day naps over the past few weeks, which she is now completely used to, but before she completely grows out of her bassinet (& we are very close), I have put it in her room so she gets used to sleeping there at night. It's day 3 and the first two nights she was totally comfortable, so that's good.

2. Still not sleeping through the night, we have cut her down to one night feed around 3-4 and she will then sleep again till 5. Which she thinks is wake and play time. For an hour. Then it's sleep time again. This is awful.

3. Since swimming is her new favourite thing, Dr-Mr and I have been taking her every other day. After a particulalry vigorous arm flapping/leg kicking session, she slept through the whole night. It was the one night in the week that I had insomnia and a crap nights sleep.

4. Seriously, $55 for a new baby bathing suit? Ok, it's a rashie combo and adorable, but SERIOUSLY?

5. She is now rolling about like no ones business. Out of the blue. Every which way, just cause she can. And blow bubbles, drool EVERYWHERE.

OH, AND FINALLY I hereby declare SWAPAPALOOZA 2009 a success! I am getting wonderful feedback, everyone seems to be LOVING their packages and wanting to play again, which is good news. If you haven't got yours yet, please let me know - some are coming from OS, but some I may have to chase up. I want to make sure that everyone gets something, so let me know if you are currently missing out.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Craft Experiment 1 - Phony Flowers

Hypothesis: Everyone can craft. Even the clueless. Well, maybe not clueless, even the clumsy.

Date of Experiment: 14 April 2009

Time of Experiment Commencement: 11:15 am

Conditions: caffeinated, sunny, baby asleep. Using Frankie wrapping paper.

Location: Living room coffee table, home, Dandenong Ranges, Victoria

Equipment prepared before commencement. Crafty Book engaged, beginner project identified.

Forgot. My inability to cut a straight line legendary. Click image to view true outcome.

Hmm. Not looking so good so far. Possibly wrapped too tight, will correct in repeat procedure. Will reserve judgement until stem attached.

Stem attached. Does not appear to replicate image in book.

11:44 Change in conditions: baby awake.

Repetition of experiment did not improve outcome. Suspect that experiment subject (self) may be missing craft gene.

Conclusion: Success of experiment: perhaps 3/10. Further experimentation required. Flowers left in pot, when dusty, not wilted will make way to bin. Bobby pins (stamen) to be recycled.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Georgie Love Blog Giveaway - WINNER!

Congratulations to Monique for being the winner of the Emma Grace's beautiful sterling silver brooch. Random.org selected number 29 on this beautiful Monday morning to be the winner!

I feel very happy today, the sun is out, I am productive, we're about to take the muppet swimming (again - she adores it, although since that photo was taken she has graduated to the BIG POOL and splashes and kicks like a little fish), have a sandwich in the sun and an overall lovely time together. Hope your day is just as sweet (& not just from chocolate).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Craft : A Science Experiment

Hoooo. I have been wanting to write about this for a couple of weeks now, but time has been a precious thing that has eluded me. BUT here I am. I am about to embark on something I call...


Actually, there is probably no science in it really, but it IS a craft experiment. Me, I am a thinker, an ideas person and fairly useless with my hands. But it's 2009, I have enthusiasm, I have a few skerricks of time and a lovely, lovely craft book.

EVERYONE has been blogging about Pip Lincolne's book Meet Me at Mikes 25 Fun and Crafty Projects. Slightly confused as there is actually 26 in the book. Anyway, everyone has been blogging about it. Is it as good as they all say, actually yes, it's wonderful - it's a collection of patterns, how tos, and projects to be attempted by anyone.


I HEAR that call people. So here is my science experiment: I am testing the hypothesis that everyone can craft. To some degree. I told my friend of my venture and she said 'but you are sausage fingers! You don't craft!". THAT IS NOW INCORRECT, I AM CRAFTING. I am going to do all 26 craft projects and blog the results. I WAS going to start from 1 and work my way through to 26, but noting that number 3 is a crocheted panda and considering at this point that I can't crochet a square (but I eventually will), I have decided to be less ambitious and start small. My first project will be revealed shortly, which after a trip to Spotlight to buy some supplies (including my first ever pair of fabric scissors) I am equipped and ready to begin. Hopefully before the end of the Easter Break.

Yes, so far in the experiment we are at the following update: I went to a mega Spotlight, bought supplies, made a dick of myself* joined their club , had my first sewing lesson with Kirsty, a loan of a sewing machine and now Bec and I will be having regular Saturday Morning sewing classes with Amy and picked the first project. Further updates to follow.

(*by being lazy, avoiding queues and overwhelmed by choice, I asked if they had any precut fabric or fabric scrap bags and the staff member looked at me like the idiot I am. Apparently the answer to that is No)

Friday, April 10, 2009


Happy Easter to YOU. I hope you have a lovely and peaceful time with your family. Did you get your swapapalooza package posted in time? If not, never mind - as early as you can next week would be awesome.

I knew that all over Australia packages have been arriving to many happy people in the letterbox and to an overwhelming positive response, which makes me SO happy. I had 2 arrive today (I did one both craft & cd package and a couple of straight cd swaps) and I am SO EXCITED. When I get really excited about something I can't open it. I open it squeal and wiggle a little (true) and have to walk away. It's a somewhat kooky delayed gratification thing. I then go back to it... Fortunately I have had enough time to delay the gratification and have listened to the GLORIOUS 80s mix from Manda (who, love her, made a mix for the muppet too - including detailed dance and action instructions). I also got a very cool hipster mix from Fiona, which I have loved every track of - so am thinking I was EXTREMELY lucky to have hooked myself up with those two. Oh yes. I still have my craft swap to come, so there is still MUCH MAIL JOY TO BE HAD.

Have you received something yet? The overwhelming response has been super positive and everyone has said "let's do it again!". So we shall. Shortly. It's too soon!

Hope the baskets full of chocolate just for YOU. Oh and did anyone find any Humpty Dumpty (with beanies) eggs this year? I was looking for Dr-Mr (he insists on one every year) but could not find one in 5 different egg-selling stores. I had to contend with "Rolly" a kind of odd clown looking beanie-filled monstrosity.

Monday, April 06, 2009

This PostSecret just made me cry.

It probably didn't help that I am listening to the Mountain Goats. Lordy I love them.

Ok, PHEW oh-boy it was a busy weekend and I barely (in the times the muppet is asleep or happily playing with something on her own) moved away from the computer. Lucky it's been so wet and cold outside, that I don't feel like I have missed out on anything life-wise. I love staying indoors on days like these, looking outside at all the rain in the trees.

AM EXCITED, I hinted there was other giveaways coming and I just put a secret package together for a secret someone holding their own Georgie Love giveaway. Intrigued? Details forthcoming! But it's a good one, I just put some of my new favourite things in a bag, things I love which hopefully YOU will love too.

That makes it 8/11 items currently ticked off on my TO DO LIST. Feeling chipper about it, which means I can finally get to item 10 on my LIST, sewing lessons. Now as mentioned, the so so lovely Kirsty gave me a lesson during the week and even LOANED me a machine. So unbelievably generous. I can now stitch forward AND reverse. I am planning a trip to Spotlight this week for SUPPLIES.

Anyway, my very good friend and birthday girl BEC was very curious (possibly jealous) about my sewing lesson and SECRET CRAFT PROJECT (which isn't so secret really, I just need time to tell you about it. Am making it number 12 now on the list) and we've had a discussion and decided we want to take sewing lessons together. I think Bec may be more experienced than me, but only JUST. She doesn't have the sewing phobia that I do.

Anyway, I thought I'd put the following out there - we're looking for someone willing to walk through some sewing tricks with two newbies. We can both sew in a straight line (I think). Ideally someone who could think of some projects that we could work on. We'd be looking for say one hour on the weekends and we'd both put in $10 and pay that person $20 per hour. We're both Easty (I think), but could travel a little distance, although sometimes I may have a bublet with me, who I would bring things to occupy. I could also bring super-delicious baked treats from my local and famously good bakery.

Could this be you? Either email me (sally(a)georgielove.com) or comment below and we'll chase it up.

I just got this word verification commenting on someone 's blog. It makes my eyes hurt. Ok, muppet is asleep, it's too dark here to take photos so I am doing SOLID work on swapapalooza. Could you imagine the shame if I was the last one to get their stuff out? Argh.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Manic, Manic, Manic and a BIG 3RD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

I have a TO DO LIST. If you are unfortunate enough to follow me on Twitter, you will have experienced much TO DO LIST angst chatter. And NO MILK chatter. Did you think it would be about Georgie Love, Craft and all related things? AHHAHAHAHA! No. It's only 3.7% substance.

Anyway, this is item number 5 on the to-do list. Items 3 and 4 are not yet complete, but this is just as important. April 12 is Georgie Love's THIRD BIRTHDAY and you know that always means a big GIVEAWAY. Any orders placed in April will be in the running to win a $150 voucher to spend any thing that takes their fancy in the whole store.

IN THE MEANTIME, by just commenting on this very blog post before April 12, you will be in the running to win a very, very beautiful Emma Grace heart sterling silver brooch, valued at $110. Sweet! You don't have to answer any kind of question, just say write to say hey. There are more giveaways popping up around the place in random spots, so LOOK OUT FOR THEM.

Also, I haven't figured out what I am going to do with these yet, but I also have TEN custom Sophie Isobel Design brooches, declaring to the world I HEART GEORGIE LOVE. Well, do you? (& Sorry Sophie, I pinched the pic from your blog)

More news coming soon, including my forthcoming CRAFT PROJECT, which I am annoyed I haven't been able to start or tell you about yet, but that can't happen till this TO DO LIST is completed.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

OK. Swapapalooza now CLOSED. All participants (36!) have been swapped and email. If this is pulled off without a hitch, next time I must remember not to do it at the end/start of the month when I am manic doing end-of-month Georgie Love finances.

If you have joined in, please do the right thing and send your Love Package Swapathon!

More news coming soon and it is EXCITING.
Swapapalooza details being emailed this afternoon! A day late due to being sick over weekend and had to catch up on everything else, but check your email this afternoon!