Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Craft Experiment 1 - Phony Flowers

Hypothesis: Everyone can craft. Even the clueless. Well, maybe not clueless, even the clumsy.

Date of Experiment: 14 April 2009

Time of Experiment Commencement: 11:15 am

Conditions: caffeinated, sunny, baby asleep. Using Frankie wrapping paper.

Location: Living room coffee table, home, Dandenong Ranges, Victoria

Equipment prepared before commencement. Crafty Book engaged, beginner project identified.

Forgot. My inability to cut a straight line legendary. Click image to view true outcome.

Hmm. Not looking so good so far. Possibly wrapped too tight, will correct in repeat procedure. Will reserve judgement until stem attached.

Stem attached. Does not appear to replicate image in book.

11:44 Change in conditions: baby awake.

Repetition of experiment did not improve outcome. Suspect that experiment subject (self) may be missing craft gene.

Conclusion: Success of experiment: perhaps 3/10. Further experimentation required. Flowers left in pot, when dusty, not wilted will make way to bin. Bobby pins (stamen) to be recycled.


lillipilli said...

Aw, Sally! What're you talking about? These are totally cute! You're too hard on yourself!

Anonymous said...

i must agree - you are way too hard on yourself! i think they look super cute and think outside the square, they would make a great addition to gift wrapping, i like them alot - the flowers albeit of the paper variety look superb! i say craft experimento numero uno is a success!

potty mouth mama said...

You are crazy lady - these are uber good. I love them. Maybe they're different because the paper stock is thicker? In the book, don't they use telephone books?

At any rate, I think your flowers are sublime. x

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

yes, be kind to self , be encouraging, remember nothing motivates us more than starting- and now you have. Focus on the fact that you finished it and it looks lovely rather than what you don't like about it.

By the way I reckon after you finish this experiment you will be hooked on craft - in fact way before you finish I reckon.
go fourth and create- this is juts the beginning!!!

pepper said...

good start, good start! they're v. cute :) and I love your documentary style recording of the process (I imagined in excited David Attenborough voice)

Chrisy said...

lordy girl what are you on about...these are really cute...i admire anybody who can craft with a baby! just need to display them differently...give them their own little modernist vase or blutack them in a line down a wall...really enjoy your writing style...

CurlyPops said...

I think they turned out to be lovely!
It's all just part of the homemade / handmade look you see.

vivvily said...

rofl- is one of the petals in that second flower pic torn?? Great attempt Sally, I look forward to seeing the rest. Good on you for giving it a go :)

Erin said...

Hiya, I'm the original creator of the phoney flowers. I just heard last night that you made my project and I was so excited. I reckon yours are pretty cute! I can almost definitely say the paper you used made it more difficult for you, though - That Frankie stuff is quite thick. The yellow pages (or sewing pattern pages or similar) are thinner and tissue-y, so they scrunch up a bit better and also allow the petals to bend into shape a bit more. If you give it another go, I'd love to see! Oh, and don't worry, I ruined a flower or two along the way while making them. Kind of like the first pancake or crepe is meant to go to the chooks.