Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh, you know when I was mocking that $55 baby swimsuit, uh... I did also buy it, JUST TO BE CLEAR. It definitely keeps her warmer in the pool, so I am not regretting it too much. TOO much.

Fortunately it's a little big, so she can wear it a little while. I am in this dilemma where I don't know whether to sell all the cute things that are in good nick that she is too big for now on ebay, or fold them and put them away for baby number 2 or 3 or 5. I mean, who knows if/when there will be another one. I think there will and I think Dr-Mr thinks there will... what did you do with all the too small clothes?

Things that have made me happy this weekend:

1. Spotlight and scones with the lovely Bec, which included beautiful presents from Japan!

2. MORE SWIMMING. We can't get enough of the baby pool joy.

3. Dr-Mr vacuuming the house, before heading off to work.

4. Being ALMOST up to date with new Georgie Love stuff (packages to be wrapped tonight, while watching terrible television {biggest loser, so you think you can dance, rove, etc}). New things from Frankie & Ray and Lauren Williams. Hooray!

5. Discovering I can download new effects for Photobooth.

I am obsessed with a kaleidoscope one.

Must be used sober.

6. Fixing performance problems on the mac and it working better.

Just waiting for the muppet to wake up to take her for a little walk in the afternoon sunshine. I hope you have had a lovely one!


CurlyPops said...

That kaleidoscope one is a little scary... the eyes keep following me!

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

I am having the exact same dilemma with baby clothes, there is a small mountain growing- and the space bags just never seem to stay sucked of air( ??!!) so do I go thru them and just keep the special stuff, do I give it away... do I keep it for possible number two? Will there be another one??? Will the mountain be so large that we will ahve to extend the house before the next one comes along?

Karin said...

oh such sweet photos! She looks so happy swimming. :D

Kate said...

Sally she is SOOOOOOO cute... really makes me miss the days of being a Nanny (and secretly hanker for a muppet of my own :P)

potty mouth mama said...

I love your photobooth photos, so darn funny. And I love that she loves the pool - so darn cute.

As for clothes... I keep all of mine - because I am expecting/hoping we have another. But I do go through them and get rid of things I really don't like, or that have gotten a little worn and I didn't realise at the time. Then I put them into big plastic storage boxes and stow them in the
'junk room'.