Monday, April 06, 2009

Ok, PHEW oh-boy it was a busy weekend and I barely (in the times the muppet is asleep or happily playing with something on her own) moved away from the computer. Lucky it's been so wet and cold outside, that I don't feel like I have missed out on anything life-wise. I love staying indoors on days like these, looking outside at all the rain in the trees.

AM EXCITED, I hinted there was other giveaways coming and I just put a secret package together for a secret someone holding their own Georgie Love giveaway. Intrigued? Details forthcoming! But it's a good one, I just put some of my new favourite things in a bag, things I love which hopefully YOU will love too.

That makes it 8/11 items currently ticked off on my TO DO LIST. Feeling chipper about it, which means I can finally get to item 10 on my LIST, sewing lessons. Now as mentioned, the so so lovely Kirsty gave me a lesson during the week and even LOANED me a machine. So unbelievably generous. I can now stitch forward AND reverse. I am planning a trip to Spotlight this week for SUPPLIES.

Anyway, my very good friend and birthday girl BEC was very curious (possibly jealous) about my sewing lesson and SECRET CRAFT PROJECT (which isn't so secret really, I just need time to tell you about it. Am making it number 12 now on the list) and we've had a discussion and decided we want to take sewing lessons together. I think Bec may be more experienced than me, but only JUST. She doesn't have the sewing phobia that I do.

Anyway, I thought I'd put the following out there - we're looking for someone willing to walk through some sewing tricks with two newbies. We can both sew in a straight line (I think). Ideally someone who could think of some projects that we could work on. We'd be looking for say one hour on the weekends and we'd both put in $10 and pay that person $20 per hour. We're both Easty (I think), but could travel a little distance, although sometimes I may have a bublet with me, who I would bring things to occupy. I could also bring super-delicious baked treats from my local and famously good bakery.

Could this be you? Either email me (sally(a) or comment below and we'll chase it up.

I just got this word verification commenting on someone 's blog. It makes my eyes hurt. Ok, muppet is asleep, it's too dark here to take photos so I am doing SOLID work on swapapalooza. Could you imagine the shame if I was the last one to get their stuff out? Argh.


erin said...

i just totally caught up with all new posts from the last time i read your blog (bad friend! bad! the worst!) and now i think i have to try that craft book....even though, less than able, i am severely LAZY and will more than likely wind up just reading the book on the toilet rather than doing any of the projects. this is all very inspiring, though!

ok, that's the end of my inundating your inbox with my nonsense. love you!