Friday, April 24, 2009

Ok, so at the moment I am resembling Flat Stanley. Do you remember him? Not because of my SUPER THIN PHYSIQUE (it's not), but because I am feeling a little stttrrreeetttccchhhed at the moment. Ahem. Also trying not to show the mild sense of panic at the prospect of returning to work for 2 days a week in 2 and a bit weeks. They are being incredibly flexible, are supportive of me working from home some of that time and are giving me the options of lots of interesting things to do, but seriously? Day job, Georgie Love, Baby, Dr-Mr, Dog and more? Argh.

Oooh. Deep breath.

Well, I never said I wasn't ambitious. I think I envisage my lack of a social life continuing. I had been planning for a few weeks on having a BIG LUNCH here and inviting everyone I know (it's a few, and it's a lazy way to catch up with everyone in one hit. Of course, it would be a lazy prepared lunch involving little or no cooking, or better yet everyone comes here and cooks for me). But I have done nothing about it. There is the whole cleaning, emailing, inviting, planning, getting dressed and brushing your hair nonsense that I can't be bothered with.

Anyway, have been doing orientation at Ruby's daycare (where she will be max 1 or 2 days a week) over the past few weeks - it's the best of a not-ideal scenario, it's on the campus where we both work (in Dr-Mr's building to be precise, we are both within 5 minutes if she ever needs us), the staff are lovely and have been there for ten years - or more, and frankly, I think it could be good for her. She's a very shy and somewhat touchy baby, so the social development is a good thing. Still, I'm trying to pretend the idea of someone else settling her to sleep or feeding her lunch doesn't make me sad.

Speaking of the muppet, she is getting very active. And grabby. Rolling every which way, I don't watch much tv during the day at all (seriously, only The Ellen Show), because if the tv is on, I leave the room with Ruby happily in the middle of her playmat, rolling to grab her toys and yelling at her Oobee or Mr Banana. I go downstairs to make a coffee and return to find this:

She will have rolled/scooted/maneuvered a full 90 degrees to position herself squarely in front of the tv. Which I promptly turn off. Seriously, not good for the brain development, surely?

Other than that, she's a beautiful, happy baby who slept from 7 to 5 last night. It's getting better. Just don't ask me about the GREAT CRAFT EXPERIMENT, it's slightly backburnered this week. Shhhh.


Dick and Dora said...

We're big fans of Flat Stanley in this house but sorry to hear you are feeling stretched. No advice I'm afraid (or pehaps that's a good thing), although I reckon someone else should offer to host the lunch for you ...

Jenna Appleton said...

Wishing you all the best in going back to work. I really admire anyone who is back at a day job at this point!

My little guy (six days older than Ruby) adores daycare. I felt terrible the first time I took him there, but while I adore being with him, he seems to need more stimulation than I can provide (he is TOO social and gets bored of just me!). I'm sure Ruby will be totally fine - and you will be too, although it does kind of hurt the first few times you leave them there.

potty mouth mama said...

Firstly, isn't it strange how babies are captivated by TVs??! I love that she rolls over just to get up close and personal with the screen.

As for tackling everything ahead, you will be ok. You will be. And once you hit your stride you can start to reclaim your social life. Seriously.

And it sounds like a FANTASTIC place that Ruby will be hanging out for the day. Staff that have been there for 10 years, my goodness, that's unheard of, and AMAZING! And the fact that you're just 5 minutes away is really great. I hated that the Doctor was over 40 mins from where I worked. Was such a schlep and a mad panic to get to him.

As for all your roles, lists are good. Lists are your friend. xxx

my word verification is skinacle. are you getting skinacle? I wish I was.

Anonymous said...

sweetheart, i hear you! and will do anything you need me to. you know that right? ANYTHING!!!
i LOVE that ruby loves the tv - and if she is anything like dr-mr, which she is, she will like daggy 80s kung fu movies!! and this is a good thing! but i hear you, all in good time miss ruby, all in good time.
can't wait to see you on sunday if for no other reason than to give you a big hug cos i feel like i need one and you need one. xx

leslie said...

wowee, you are one brave (and possibly crazy) woman : ) my admiration is at full strength!