Friday, April 10, 2009


Happy Easter to YOU. I hope you have a lovely and peaceful time with your family. Did you get your swapapalooza package posted in time? If not, never mind - as early as you can next week would be awesome.

I knew that all over Australia packages have been arriving to many happy people in the letterbox and to an overwhelming positive response, which makes me SO happy. I had 2 arrive today (I did one both craft & cd package and a couple of straight cd swaps) and I am SO EXCITED. When I get really excited about something I can't open it. I open it squeal and wiggle a little (true) and have to walk away. It's a somewhat kooky delayed gratification thing. I then go back to it... Fortunately I have had enough time to delay the gratification and have listened to the GLORIOUS 80s mix from Manda (who, love her, made a mix for the muppet too - including detailed dance and action instructions). I also got a very cool hipster mix from Fiona, which I have loved every track of - so am thinking I was EXTREMELY lucky to have hooked myself up with those two. Oh yes. I still have my craft swap to come, so there is still MUCH MAIL JOY TO BE HAD.

Have you received something yet? The overwhelming response has been super positive and everyone has said "let's do it again!". So we shall. Shortly. It's too soon!

Hope the baskets full of chocolate just for YOU. Oh and did anyone find any Humpty Dumpty (with beanies) eggs this year? I was looking for Dr-Mr (he insists on one every year) but could not find one in 5 different egg-selling stores. I had to contend with "Rolly" a kind of odd clown looking beanie-filled monstrosity.


Pod said...

Yay glad you loved it Sal! I enjoyed making it for you and Miss Muppet.
PS no sign of beanie humpty here but got to agree It's a good one

misskit said...

Hey Sal,
I bought my Nephew a humpty-dumpty at kmart in richmond...don't know if thats any help!
Love your blog though, happy easter

Fiona said...

I loved making it! Man, everyone should have to suffer through my music choices. Also, both cds I mailed out were made with cd single cases I was too embarrassed to own - I gave Carolyn a hint on hers, but yours was too terrible to even pretend I ever owned. I'm glad you enjoyed it; I think Swapapalooza is super.

Helen said...

Posted! A day (or three) late but my mix tapes are AWAAAAY.... Yay!

Hope you didn't get tooo sugar buzzed over easter. I broke my "no chocolate" vow that's been in place since I first got pregnant, and now I remember why it existed! Hmmm.... sacrelicious.

Chrisy said...

Hi Sally...just letting you know I've just got back from holidays and received a fabulous swap parcel from Liz at Betty Jo Designs - a covetable lino bird brooch and a baker's dozen mixed tape...thanks again for organising this...