Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thank you all for the kind words about the ongoing craft experiment and my attempt at phony flowers, although I don't need ego boosting or placating because I am just reporting the outcomes of the experiments and you know what folks, you can't argue with SCIENCE. Lordy, no!

The muppet is asleep, so I am trying to identify experiment number 2. I have a project in mind, I just need to locate some supplies. I just had a flick through the book and tried not to HAVE A PANIC at the complexity of some of the pieces, because I will take my time. After learning to sew, it appears I need to learn how to knit. And crotchet. Also, obviously, and how to cut a straight line, and don't talk to me about lines and rulers - I have those. I also have WOBBLEHANDS.

Anyway, the other things that occupy me this week:

1. We are very sad to announce that little Ruby-Muppet has moved from our bedroom into her own room. Which is only next door, but I still had a little cry about it. We both miss her night chirps. I've been settling her into her cot for day naps over the past few weeks, which she is now completely used to, but before she completely grows out of her bassinet (& we are very close), I have put it in her room so she gets used to sleeping there at night. It's day 3 and the first two nights she was totally comfortable, so that's good.

2. Still not sleeping through the night, we have cut her down to one night feed around 3-4 and she will then sleep again till 5. Which she thinks is wake and play time. For an hour. Then it's sleep time again. This is awful.

3. Since swimming is her new favourite thing, Dr-Mr and I have been taking her every other day. After a particulalry vigorous arm flapping/leg kicking session, she slept through the whole night. It was the one night in the week that I had insomnia and a crap nights sleep.

4. Seriously, $55 for a new baby bathing suit? Ok, it's a rashie combo and adorable, but SERIOUSLY?

5. She is now rolling about like no ones business. Out of the blue. Every which way, just cause she can. And blow bubbles, drool EVERYWHERE.

OH, AND FINALLY I hereby declare SWAPAPALOOZA 2009 a success! I am getting wonderful feedback, everyone seems to be LOVING their packages and wanting to play again, which is good news. If you haven't got yours yet, please let me know - some are coming from OS, but some I may have to chase up. I want to make sure that everyone gets something, so let me know if you are currently missing out.


Veronica Darling... said...

$55!!! I smell an area for some refashioning, I might start collecting old rashies and turning them new for babies!!!

On the crafting: I never believed it possible that I would ever wear something I made. I'd never sat at a machine until I was 22, and now (8 years on - gulp) I wear all my own clothes and have stopped buying new.

When your muppet is resting, practice over and over and over. You'll get better at crafting for sure!

Beth said...

The second photo in the pool is fantastic. Just look at that grin!

Chrisy said...

Oh yes that swimming definitely tires them out...and it never ceases to amaze me how much money people will spend on their children's clothing so once you master that sewing you can whip up a few haute couture baby nos...maybe a teeny crochet bikini for indoor pool beach parties...

Christina Lowry said...

I feel your sleep deprivation... It's not as bad as it was a first, but it's still not a full sleep!

Our four month old is still waking up for a feed between 3 and 5am. He then likes to lay in his cot and 'sing' for awhile, testing out all the little happy noises he cab make now. Very cute, unless you have been up every two hours with his teething!

Your little girl looks so cute in the pool! Cohen loves his baths, so we are hoping that he will love the pool too. :)