Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekends are nice

The weekend was great, thanks for asking. But COLD. Lordy, even I, a seasoned Melbournite who DOES love the winter (which by the way, is the Muppet's middle name, that's how much we DIG THE COLD) was frozen to the bone in the city, which is on average 3-4 degrees warmer than the hills where I live. But anyway. The highlights?

Dr-Mr's birthday. Celebrated with presents and cupcakes from the crabapple bakery. Today is the actual day, so there are MORE cupcakes from the local bakery and I am cooking a meal (yep, you read that right) for him tonight to mark the occasion. Georgie wrapped his own present. Obviously.

We found this lovely Doll House for Ruby at our local vintage furniture store which is usually super overpriced, but we got this little Grandpa made gem for $28. I love it.

We also bought this jumperoo thing for her, as she was getting a bit over the playmat and other toys. So delightful when we first put her in it, she was the most excited I have ever seen her, she just kept looking at us and BEAMING, leaning down close to inspect the toys and lights and then look up, wiggle and beam. Yup, I cried a little (again) at her joy. Dr-Mr put it together while I fed her dinner (pureed chicken and pumpkin), which is why she is sporting it all over her shirt. She doesn't usually look like a baby hobo, all one pant up, one pant down, one sock and covered in food. Just saying.

Sunday was a sewing lesson with Bec, from Amy and we made zippered purses. Don't look at this stitches TOO closely, but I don't think you could have found two more proud crafters. I'm the pink. This was followed by a delicious eggy lunch, a Queen visit (hello new sailor pants) and a visit to Beck Wheeler's studio where I purchased 3 tiny monster paintings for Ruby's room. Which I WILL photograph one day. Just because it's lovely and I love it.

Attempted Craft Experiment 2 (finally) today details to follow shortly. Just waiting for Muppet to wake up, I think we are going to head to the library this afternoon for some more books. Because she's a reader, yo. I also said I would host my Mother's Group here tomorrow, thinking it would inspire me to clean, but no. Lacking inspiration. I tidied, maybe will vacuum later or tomorrow morning. Wanting to just warm my cold feet by the fire. Am hoping YOU are warm. And cosy. And drinking tea. Possibly with biscuits.


Pod said...

Ruby is going to LOVE her dolls house, I had (have) one almost exactly the same and played for with it for years, They are so much nicer than the plastic ones. I think I might know where to get furniture and dolls if you need some, email me if you do...

CurlyPops said...

Jumperoos are fantastic entertainment....especially for the adults to laugh at all the funny expressions!
Great dollhouse, that was an absolute steal.

Anonymous said...

i think the glaringly obvious stand out in that blog post is those amazing purses! they look great! yes, the dollhouse is fantastic, and ruby's excited face is delightful but definitely the zippered purses is the winner for me! happy birthday to dr-mr, i hope he enjoyed the cupcakes! xx

potty mouth mama said...

That dollhouse is super awesome! Great for a bookshelf for now!

Happy Birthday Adam! Looks like it was a great day - big love Georgie's signature wrapping.

And hey - how about that sewing?! You did a zipper. I've not done one yet. Bit scared. Love it.

.girl ferment. said...

what a lovely doll house

great find