Friday, May 22, 2009

Crafty Donations Required

Craftspeople out there, I have had the following request from Renee Bamminger:

I work for Karuna Hospice, a charity in Brisbane that provides free care to over 300 people a year who are terminally ill. We also provide free nursing equipment loans, family counseling, spiritual support, respite care and bereavement support.

On the 1st August we have an art, craft, jewellery and clothing fair which is very popular and helps us raise money so that we can provide these essential services to the community. This event is really important because 50% of our funding comes from Queensland Health and the remaining money must be raised through donations.

I'm looking for donations to sell on the day and was hoping you could send an email to your database encouraging them to donate an item or two as the sale would really help some people that need it.

Items can be sent to the address (Rosemount Hospital Complex PO Box 2020, Windsor, QLD 4030) and I'd be more than happy for them to include business cards so that I can tell people about their work on the day. I would need to receive them in the next few weeks as I then have to start collating and organizing the market.

If you have any questions please email

Do you think you could make something to donate? If so, please email Renee and let her know. It's always important to support community organisations and we'll be thinking of something too.


chunkychooky (Cath) said...

i will and at some point will do a post about it too...we are floodedd in again- 3rd time in 2 months so loads of time for crafting....