Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

Wow, it's a Saturday night and I am about to GET DRESSED. AND GO OUT. AND SO IS DR-MR. Ok, and even so is Ruby, she even has a brand new party dress to wear, which will be SO ADORABLE that I will soon spam you with 1000 photos of my obscenely cute child. I haven't taken her photo this week. The last ones I took were last week of her first milky babycino and her going ridiculously nuts for it, trying to grab it and gulp it all down. I guess because it was her first taste of sprinkles of chocolate on milk foam. She only gets fruit, vegies, some meat, plain yoghurts and cheeses. No sugary things as I am her food nazi. At her day care they give them sweet custards and things after the meals and I am the mean-mama who says no, she can only have fruit (SHE'S ONLY 6.5 months old! Argh, she does not need desserts). All the other babies love their daily sugary treats. Oh, I digress.

It was our three year anniversary during the week. I love you Dr-Mr, life is really pretty good.

It was very, very wet and cold here today, we had lunch at our new favourite cafe, I had this AMAZING toasted sandwich, it was ham off the bone, vintage cheddar and tomato chutney and the thickest soft and crusty bread I have ever seen. Wow. I am still SO FULL 5 hours later. Substantial. Dr-Mr regretted his choice once he'd had a bite of the SANDWICH OF WONDER. My camera batteries were flat, but trust me. Awesome.

I am happy. Listen to this song, doesn't it make you happy too?

I need to go have a shower... and get out of these tracksuit pants, party attire they are not.

(Oh and I should also say Georgie Love has a ton of new updates, I have been busy. AND DISCIPLINED)


ck4eva said...

Wow! That song was so uplifting I had to play it over twice! Love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

I was and still am a food freak- we didn't let Busy have anything sweet until she turned 2 and she had chocolate for the first time ( although i suspect Chef snuck some in before hand) and she doesn't know what lollies are- I asked her the other day when we saw them all in little jars at a shop what they were she said "buttons"

potty mouth mama said...

I am the same - Scouty still doesn't get any sweeties - though she's had more than Noah did at her age. No need to introduce them to sugar earlier than needed methinks (says me who is a complete sweet tooth).

How's work going?!!? I've been thinking of you.

That sandwich sounds ACE! When you visit Sydney, I'm taking you to a great place that makes a mean ham sandwich. I often think of it. And great soy chai lattes too.

PS Scouty goes nuts for the babycinos too. Funny!
Word veri is grayphoo. Mean anything to you?

ClaireBee said...

I love The Be-Good Tanyas! I hadn't seen that clip thanks :)