Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Was I really gone for that long?

OH HAI. Yes, it's been forever, so much so that people were asking me if everything was ok. Well, yes, it is! I just feel like I couldn't sit down and write in here, while I was neglecting other things. You know, cooking, cleaning... shopping... emailing and taking some photos for Georgie Love. I have skirts, tops, brooches and scarves here that need photographing and put online. All lovely... but it would be more lovely if I could show them to you.

Anyway, since the bushfire evacuations say, oh 2 or 3 months ago, we have been living with the clean clothes in two dumped piles roughly on/near two clothes baskets in the doorway of the bedroom - yes, you had to STEP around them to get into the room and kind of jump over them to get into the wardrobe. Nice, huh?

So I didn't feel I could write HERE without feeling bad about all the stuff I SHOULD BE DOING. Now as I am going back to work tomorrow (2 days a week, mixed feelings), have been wearing jeans and tees for 6 and a half months and was oh, pregnant for 9 before that, well... I haven't THOUGHT about office appropriate (or my version of) clothing for a while. So I spent 2 hours yesterday hanging, shelving, folding and trying stuff on.

And here are the obvious things I have discovered:

1. If I ironed, I would double the wearable clothes in my wardrobe. Apparently, hanging up clothes (or leaving them at the bottom of the clean laundry basket), does NOT infact encourage the wrinkles to "drop out". I have carried all the to-be-ironed clothes downstairs and I don't have to look at them as frequently as they now live on the dining table until I...um... buy an ironing board, or double um... pay someone to iron them for me.

2. If I hang all skirts/trousers on their own hangers and not 4-5 on a single, hey I CAN SEE WHAT I HAVE... and I have a lot more than I thought and some nice things I haven't seen in YEARS. Wow.

3. Wow, cleaning and tidying really does make me feel better and certainly does unclutter the mind.


Other news: Rubes is rolling every which way, teething and sitting up on her own unaided. Totally adorable. She also has this thing where she puts her hands on both side of my face and leans in with her mouth open to my cheek. I THINK it's a kiss, doesn't matter if it isn't, I am counting it as one.

Mother's Day - handprints, beautiful lunch, massage voucher, drawings from a 6.5 month old and a drive in the hills. Perfect!

What does the picture have to do with this image? Nothing really. It came up under a google image search for "dirty closet" and I couldn't resist. Seriously, could anyone resist a sad monkey in a pink and blue donkey jumper? I THINK NOT PEOPLE.


ck4eva said...

Oh it IS good to hear from you again! :) Totally understandable though!

And yes, it IS a kiss from Rubes. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

Anonymous said...

you share my retarded theory that cleaning does actually make people happy. it certainly makes me happy! i mean not the act of cleaning but the after effects! i am super happy you are back, and i'll be looking forward to one of those kisses from miss rubes on saturday!! xx

Betty Jo said...

We called them "Bubba Kisses" at our place. They make you go all gooey!

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

yes, I too thought you were gone for so long- welcome back. It is so sad going back to work and leraving the little one but I found that the idea of it was far worse than actually doing it, plus I think working part time actually makes me a better mum to her as I feel happier with the adult time.
Isn't it amazing when you tidy up yout wardrobe and you find hidden treasures?

Karin said...

Wow, I had no idea that you had to be evacuated from your house for the bushfires. That is scary.

Well given that it seems like you have so many other things you should be doing, perhaps I'll add a distraction to your list.

I've given you a blog award. Check out my post for more details. :)