Tuesday, June 16, 2009

full disclosure. Again.

What's going on right now...

I LOVE this. I love the song, I LOVE the 80s retro styling, the inane words, the beats, I LOVE it all. Enjoy. Let's all get up and DANCE.

Well. I would. I am still getting over this hell ridden cold. It's THE COLD THAT NEVER ENDS, IT GOES ON AND ON MY FRIENDS. I was saying to Dr-Mr last night that it's like it has gotten it's second wind. I am not as COLDY, but I just feel like laying on the floor next to my desk here and having a lay down. Rubes will eventually make her way over here and roll over me and wake me up. UGH. Maybe it's also got something to do with the fact that I also have two wisdom teeth coming through at the moment, don't tell me 32 (almost 33) is too old for wisdom teeth, as they are THERE and ANNOYING.

Anyway, let's talk about POSITIVE stuff. You know what I am loving right now. I have rediscovered it (and I know some of you smarter-than-me folks never lost it) MY LOCAL LIBRARY. We are there at least once a week, mostly for books and cds for the muppet, but they are lending me stuff too. I love that I can browse their catalogue online (like a bookshop) and just mark what I want to borrow and then I walk up there and it's ALL THERE WAITING FOR ME. It's a LAZY READER'S DREAM. You would think I cured something, such is my library enthusiasm. HEY PEOPLE, HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE LIBRARY? IT ROCKS!

Ok, so I don't have a lot of time to read, but I love to read. Do you know what I borrowed to read, which I am typing with some shame, but eh, let's talk about it anyway. They lent me this.

And I.... Liked it. Oh reading it, it's such an implausible story and aimed at 13 year old teenage girls and I smirked at how ridiculous it was (oh and how ABOVE IT ALL I AM... OBVIOUSLY! ahem), but I read it AND the borrowed sequel in... um... 4 days. I AM a super-dooper fast reader, but STILL. Not bad for someone who claims to have NO TIME TO READ. I read during Rube's long naps, when she was asleep at night and happily playing with her toys. No wonder I am tired, I read with a ittybittybook light while Dr-Mr is asleep in bed. Have you read it? I went and bought the other TWO books in the series yesterday. I am way cool and not a loser AT ALL.

Ok, so the lead character is irrisitable to the vampire (you saw the movies, you know the names, let's not taint ourselves here further, shall we adult ladies?) and her smell nearly drives him over the edge to CONSUME her. I kept waiting to see what would happen when her monthly friend came to visit, but it was never discussed. Obviously, I am not the target audience. I think you need to be perhaps prepubescent. I kept waiting out for it, but halfway through the third book and no mention... so wow, they are certainly super absorbent in Forks. Anyway, if you like some escapist fantasy (I always hearted some vampire and wolf stories, Buffy anyone?) check it out.

I cheated on my hairdresser and went to a new one over the weekend. I went to Prahran (yeah, it's a long way but something in me refuses to have their haircut in the outer, outer, outer Eastern suburbs. My nearest hairdresser is called Tre Shique if that is any indication of what I am dealing with) and wow. I forgot what it's like, having lived here in hillbilly land for so long. Anyway, new haircut is good. Having gone to the same (very good) guy for about 4 years, it was time for an update. A photo eventually, if I can shake this SICK pallor.

Rube's has just ripped the cover of the "Encylopedia of Mythology" in half and is waving it about like a flag of victory, so I think I need to go grab her, I think it's time for a stroll in the sunshine. Later! Enjoy the little bit of sun!


MelbourneVintage said...

What's the name of the hairdresser? I am dealing with 'You are Hair' as the closest option, so I have a right to know, yes I do!

Georgie Love said...

I went to Fur in Greville Street - I saw Rachel on a recommendation and I would have to refer others to her too - she was very good!

You are Hair is HAIRLARIOUS. And weird. I don't get it, am I dumb? OH. I just said it out loud, YOU ARE HERE? Wow. Another local is Hair Down There (it is down some stairs in a basement). No.

MelbourneVintage said...

Yes I don't think they mean 'you are hair, literally' - they mean, 'you are hair, as in here'. It's tragic! I used to go to a place in Munich called 'die mit den scheerenhaenden' which literally means 'those with the scissor hands'. Just disturbing. I will try Fur - although, now that I've heard about Hair Down There, that too puts me off. What's wrong with hairdressers!

Anonymous said...

Augh, Twilight. It mortifies me greatly that when the fourth book came out, I had a day off, went into work (I work in a bookstore), came home, and then stayed on the couch eating popcorn until I finished it at ten o'clock that night. Bella is such a sappy and useless heroine that I can't stand her, but the books are just so damn readable. Harumph. I'm interested to hear your opinion of Breaking Dawn, which I spent text messaging Lillipilli: "page 88! OMG!", "page 127! OMG!" etc etc.

pen said...

Try Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood..... sex, moody vampires, sex, were-creatures, laughs..... did I say sex?....... and Buffy references! What more could a girl want in the middle of winter but a rip roaring Louisiana vampire series of 9 books!!
And the True Blood dvd is out on the 1st of July!
Do yourself a favour and forget all those teen-vamp novels!

Georgie Love said...

I have them here - the first 3 in the series borrowed from the library. Saw the first season of True Blood - Loved it and I know the second season has JUST started screening the US, very exciting.

Have you ever read any Laurell K Hamilton books? Ridiculous amounts of sex and blood, vampires and werewolves. Ridiculous, super trashy, delicious.

erin said...

ugh, twilight? you are GAY. i love you <3