Sunday, June 07, 2009

This is post 300 and I have NO FANFARE to share with you. Hello post 300, nice to spend time with you, but roll on 301. I always liked the Odd numbers more than the Evens. Don't you?

Anyway, this has been... a week. Not a bad week, but a week where I have to deliberate between what is possible, what needs to be done, what I WANT to be done and well, what actually WILL be done. I always feel like there must be a BETTER or more PRODUCTIVE way of doing things. I just don't have the time to figure out what that looks like.

Highlights of the week:

Monday was spent with Jules Knoblock and her super-cute babe Stevie. We haven't seen them in ages, so it was amazing to compare how much the babies have grown.

I am back at work 2.5 days a week now, and as we haven't worked out how that .5 day will look like working from home, they were more than happy for me to take her into the office, which worked better than I thought it would, she even managed to have a nap in the dark storage room attached to my office. I have to say that despite how busy things in my life, I would always be very hesitant to leave my job altogether. I like it. I like the people and they have been RIDICULOUSLY flexible and accommodating since coming back. Like RIDICULOUSLY so. I feel like I keep asking for cheeky things that I am going to have to debate over, but they have been supporting me with everything. So grateful. And lucky. Both.

I baked scones yesterday, using this recipe. It was annoying as it only made 7 scones and I DON'T actually believe it is the best ever scone recipe. They were ok. I am always tempted to try the cream/lemonade/flour one, but I think wow, cream AND sugary lemonade, there is an unhealthy relationship. Anyway, fresh hot scones with homemade plum jam, you can't go wrong. Happy to be led to a better kind of scone.

The muppet has another round of sniffles from daycare, which is annoying for her. This round seems to be clearing up far quicker than the last one, so hopefully she is over it soon. She is also sitting up on her own and started her ba ba ba da da da conversations. It sort of goes *squeal*dadadaheyaaahh*raspberry*. Deliciously cute. Oh, she now also has a laugh that sounds like a chicken.

I desperately need a haircut and I am shamed into admitting that I am debating spending the money on either seeing a cutter OR um an Osteopath. I have been having a quite sore lower back this week, which I am assuming is something from post birth, and maybe the way that I pick up Muppet from the floor. I was induced which can apparently lead to a strong "back" labour, and having no drugs, I can attest to the strong back labour being present. Uggghhh... I feel like I am not walking straight up because it hurts bit. I have been trying to walk more and stretch it out. Wow, this sounds worse than I meant it to. Ok. Vanity aside, Oesteo it is. I just wanted to know if anyone knew any exercises that stretch the lower back. Low, low back, but not the bottom.


MelbourneVintage said...

try googling "pilates lower back stretches". lots of videos should come up. i always do these, they work really well!