Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello Weekend

It's Friday night and shhh... I am procrastinating, the muppet is in bed, but I just checked on her, she is singing at the ceiling and whinging to the pillow. At the same time. IT'S NEARLY 10PM AND ALL BABIES SHOULD BE ASLEEP! You've had both nurofen AND homeopathic things to help your teeth, so SHUT UP AND SLEEP MY LOVE! MUMMY HAS WORK TO DO AND WINE TO DRINK.

I just wanted to quickly tell you about my favourite new blog, found through one of my other favourites, the beautiful Lilli's twitter. Natalie makes you monthly background for your computer and these cheeky (but about time) posters.

Her twitters made me laugh out loud and she seems definitely wonderful and perfectly snarky, which is my favourite. I think you should go check her out too, because she DEFINATALIE is a good one and makes beautiful prints.

I think I will be buying this print as well as the one above. Because I put exactly this deer thermostat thing in DrMr's office and on the antlers is hanging the dodgiest Batman marionette he bought in Mexico. I will put it above his desk, next to the real deer and the motivational sticker I put there which says "I am wasting my life". I am the feel good hit of the summer. And I really hate dream catchers, did I ever tell you? And screw work, I have been working on 2.5 hours sleep today and I am T-I-R-E-D. It's time for cuddles with my gentleman and sleep.

I made DrMr buy me this book from Amazon. Am very excited for it to arrive.

Have a ton of things to write, but am overwhelmed with teething baby who won't sleep at night and gets hysterical if she is put down, so it's a brief catch up on other things when she DOES manage to sleep. It's end of month finances time and lordy it is very important but my most tedious part of the month. I'll get there. I am still in the middle of an amazingly massively sized update. Only 2/3 there I think. If I say 2/3, I really mean 1/2.

Ok. You have a very nice weekend. Make sure you do!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My week thus far

Gordon (who to confirm, is our next door neighbour's goat and is visiting our yard for a munch) chewed through his collar and escaped our fully fenced yard. Picture very-nearly-almost 33 year old LADY (I was going to say girl, but that is not right, woman feels MATRONLY and lady well, best of a bad bunch. You have to say it like LAYDEE though, as in a Beastie Boys HEY LADIES, GET FUNKY DING DING DING DING DING BUHBAHBUHBOW way)in a knee length denim skirt, knee high boots and a baby in a baby bjorn crawling over fences and through the neighbour's (that we don't know) gardens in an effort to find Gordon and put George's collar on him to take him back home.

I eventually found him a few doors down, on their back porch, eating their herb garden (now destroyed, sorry) so I put the collar and a leash on and walked him back down the street and back into our yard. A new leather collar for Gordon and he is now back and happy. He still loves a pat, scratch between the horns and bleats annoyed when I leave. Sorry Gordon, you SHOULD have a friend, but noone has enough land and Georgie is not ...well... good company for the non-humans. Let's leave it at that. He is an eating and pooping machine. I meant Gordon in that statement, but really, George too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hahahah. Oh it's true.

Thank you. I snorted like a pig at my desk.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick things

1. My new favourite corner in the house. Wall vinyl from Made by White, which looks AWESOME. Even though it took me nearly an hour to put up, but I think that was more me than the vinyl.

2. Waking happy from naps.

3. Gordon the Goat has come to visit. When he entered our backyard, he got all excited and overwhelmed, not sure what to start eating first. There is a lot to choose from...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Watermelons are happy things? Or make creepy faces.

Oh, like forever ago, the start of the month or sometime one of my favourites pottymouthmama nominated me for a watermelon award. I think. It was a blurry thing, but she has been having a shiteous month so I didn’t want to talk about happy things in the middle of her notsohappy things. But now I am at work, I have ANOTHER FREAKING COLD passed on by Ruby which kind of makes me want to hit myself in the head with a hammer, as our house of disease knows NO respite. Anyway, I need a distraction. From work and sneezing.

Plus I am terrible at these award things, if you have ever said anything nice to me and I have not responded, I am sorry. I put it on a list of things to do and then I get distracted by a bright shiny thing in the corner and I come back and focus and it’s 4 weeks later and I go “ohhh… well, that’s a bit late”, and I let it slide by, hoping no one will notice or be offended. A lot like emails, I always MEAN to respond and then it’s weeks later and I go, well if I respond now, it’s just ridiculous, better that they think that I am RUDE and FORGETFUL, rather than just LAX and ridiculously BUSY.-

Anyway, it’s a watermelon award, which I hope is not a statement on the size of my chest and more of an indication that I am a fairly bland and overrated fruit, with annoying pips to spit out. Or that I am completely sweet AND refreshing, that too, sure thing. Here are the 6 things that make me happy (in a random order of happy-making)

1. Breakfast makes me happy. It is my favourite meal of the day, due to its versatility. DID YOU REALISE that breakfast is the only meal of the three that can appropriately be a SWEET or SAVOURY dish (or a creative combo of the two). Go breakfast!

2. Music makes me happy. I am a big, big music fan. Sometimes I feel listening to music isn’t enough and I wish I could open up and swallow it to have it inside me.

3. Weekend mornings in bed with DrMr and The Muppet. No one is ready to get up yet, we are all drowsy and content. When they are both asleep (and Georgie snoring on the floor), I watch them - my little family. It's one of those times of uncomplicated happiness. I don't want for anything else.

4. I watch youtube clips when I am wrapping packages for Georgie Love to keep me entertained. At the moment it's old Graham Norton show clips. I loved the show when I was in the UK and occasionally I get to see it on the Comedy Channel. Very funny and silly. Much joy to be had.

5. Oh Meredith is not only famous for its amazing music festivals. Have you EVER had Meredith Feta? It's just like (have sat here 5 minutes trying to think of the most appropriate way to describe)... it's the creamiest, tangiest, most delicious thing that comes in a jar. If you have ever had a greek salad with that dry, crumbly, Styrofoam-like disaster, do yourself a favour and buy a jar. And then try not to eat it straight from the jar with little forks. Fortunately, a little bit goes a long way. Oh good god, it is to die for. Am salivating. Fortunately the cheapest place I have found to buy it is my usually completely over priced local supermarket. As this is my longest happy paragraph, you can tell I am serious folks.

6. This book makes me very happy. It's very bittersweet, I want to get one of the panels tattooed somewhere. Sometimes I am Chunky, but I am mostly Dandele.

I love Craig Thompson very much. Some of the most beautiful stories I have read have been in the form of graphic novels/comics. There is a whole lot more going on out there than superheros. I would lend you the books if you promised not to bend the pages.

I started picking 6 blogs to play along, but then I got tired and self conscious.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The week that was a week

I don't even know when I last posted something, I am sure it was over a week ago. Rubes has entered that incredibly inconvenient phase of screaming hysteria whenever I leave the room or am not within 3 meters of her. Sometimes if I am not even looking at her. Wow. DrMr can even be holding her, but if I dare to decide that I need to use the facilities, it's still hysteria. I CAN LOVE YOU FROM THE BATHROOM DARLING! I STILL LOVE YOU WHILE I WEE! MUMMY IS STILL LOVING YOU FROM IN HERE, RUBES!

Makes doing ANYTHING difficult. She is napping now. Her naps are all upside down, I used to get a super long 3+ hour nap in the morning (perfect for doing Georgie Love work, we'd then walk to the post office in the afternoon). Well that's gone, and a mini nap has replaced it and a slightly longer nap is now in the afternoon, which is when I am exhausted from the non-stop Ruby party that is the morning. I just want to sit down with a cup of tea, an empty bladder and without a baby clinging to me and trying to pinch my windpipe.

Anyway, that's just a small part of the week - she lunged backwards out of my arms Monday night, falling to the floor and hitting my head, requiring a few hours in hospital for observation. She's absolutely fine now, no lingering head bumps or problems. DrMr wasn't at home and I couldn't get in touch with him at work and wanted someone to take us to the hospital, our neighbours were out and I couldn't get on to my friend down the road. My nearby friend checked her phone soon after I called and noticed that there was missed calls from me and said "Sally never calls! It must be an emergency" and she called me straight away. It's well documented that I hate the phone, but so much so that if I DO call, it is immediately noted as an EMERGENCY. I think that's funny, but perhaps a bit tragic. It's ok, I am good at texting and emailing instead.

Georgie's leg has continued to degenerate and he is not using that leg anymore and is hobbling about on just the three, which is incredibly sad to watch. Another trip to the vet yesterday changed his anti-inflammatory medication (which is obviously no longer working) and the outcome that Georgie is going to need a $3000 operation to fuse the joint and fix it. Of course he will have it done, but that outcome is as depressing as his sore leg. My poor boy. Luckily the vet said he didn't have to be on such a strict diet, so he has been having lots of treats. He can't go for walks and can't even get in the car at the moment (DrMr is the only one who can lift him and get him in), so I am glad he does have something back he loves. Treats and lots of pats and naps in fornt of the heater is now Georgie's lot.

I can keep Rubes occupied in the kitchen. Wow things from the plastics cupboard are fascinating, it's led to a cooking extravaganza. DrMr rubbing has been rubbing his eyes in disbelief when he comes home and there is dinner on the table. I am not known in our household for my cooking prowess. Or even interest.

I would be updating Georgie Love if I could find my camera cable. I had it yesterday. Very annoying. I have new stuff.

I am bad and have not sent my swap yet. I am finalising the cd now, so should be in the post tomorrow. Have you sent yours yet? Have you got yours yet? Did you like it?

Anyway the week finished on a higher note, I took Friday off from work, had an acupuncture session in the morning, went to the Queen sale with my lovely Bec, of which we BOTH left with a couple of items that were both bargainlicious (my score reduced from $240 to $60 - I did a victory air punch in the dressing room), a lovely lunch and more shopping, before an afternoon massage (finally using my Mothers Day gift voucher), picked Ruby up from care, was super relaxed and happy. I don't think I have had a full day to myself for 8 months, so it was perfect. Perfect!

In other happy news, I have this cd playing in my car at the moment. Lordy, does it take me back.

She's awake... I think we'll go bake something.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Hotness, Weekends, Swapapalooza, you know, stuff.

Ok, so it's Sunday afternoon, all SWAPPERS have been emailed their swap-partners. Lordy, when I said I wanted 138 people, smack me around the head if I mention large numbers again. This swap sorting was way quicker than last time, but I think for future swaps I will make the limit 45 participants. Lucky and manageable slot numbers. (Oh and final player numbers were 35).

Wow, I just did a search for "tick" for the gloriously detailed image above and actually feel quite sick in my tum for all the images around it.

My feet are two blocks of ice. What a cold and fairly miserable weekend. I love the sunny winter days, Rubes and I head out for many long walks in the sunshine. It is one of our favourite things to do, we love it. We both hate being cooped up inside for too long.

Our drive-in plans were washed out, so Saturday night was spent in.

I am also seriously contemplating a posture support harness thing. Because did you think I could GET ANY HOTTER? Turns out I can. I am such a hunchback, after lugging around an 8 kilo baby all day, oh the breastfeeding boob extravaganza and just a general slumpy demeanor. I notice myself standing over the sink in a C shape. Noice. But seriously, is this:

Any worse than this?

I mean hey, they wore them in Ladette to Lady, right? Good posture is COMING BACK. Slow down bandwagon, I am jumping on. (Ok, there is no posture support bandwagon, I am trying to talk them up in the cool stakes. I think I will be the first person under the age of 64 to ever buy one)

Oh and in a sort of snuggie side note, if you want to terrify your pregnant and/or friends without kids, that childbirth is really like THAT scene from Alien, then I introduce you to the Peekaru. That kid looks like he is about to chew his way through at any time.

Friday, July 10, 2009


OK PEEPS! FINAL CALL FOR SWAPAPALOOZA TWO - THE SWAP STRIKES BACK (or something akin to that, I can't remember what ridiculousness I came up with last time). It's a whole new swap with about 20 NEW swappers so you definitely will NOT be paired with someone you had before and hopefully someone you don't even KNOW, so we can all meet new people and hopefully become friends, right?

Just to clarify - you can post a CD OR crafty item (or crafty supplies), OR both, can choose to post just AUS wide, or internationally, and that's it. It's fun and lovely to receive snail mail.

AND if you haven't swap before, throw all your reservations out the window as you will definitely receive something, as I will be sending out the Georgie Love if parcels go missing.

Further details and superlatives here.

If you have emailed me your details, then you are definitely in, sorry I am terrible with emails at the moment. :-( My email is sally(a)

GOD! You don’t have to get so damn BLOGGY about things

Well, things are possibly quite dire.

You see, I am very happy in my life, I am very busy with DrMr, Muppet, the doggy, GeorgieLove, the other job and friends added on into that. We have a routine that involves workie things, lots of walks when the sun allows, visits to the library, cooking, reading (aloud to the muppet and for myself), brunch in our favourite cafes, browsing shops, weekend nights at the drive-in, vaguely trying to keep things clean and occasional cups of tea with friends. All these things keep me extremely busy.

Yet, none of these things make for interesting conversation. I have lost all conversational ability.

Yesterday afternoon I had a cup of takeaway coffee (an over-sweet chai for me) with a friend who also has a baby in our local park. She is planning a wedding and we talked about that for a while. She pauses and says to me:

“so what’s new with you, any news?”
“um… no… hmmmm (wracking my brains for inspiration)… there is nothing…oh wait, I am thinking about redoing the bathroom…on a very small budget...”.


Oh hey, I went for a KILLER walk today. And I TOTALLY kicked the laundry's ASS. This baby book about bunnies is LIFE CHANGING.

I just then caught myself looking for someone at work: “where’s Michelle? I have to tell her that I cooked a curry last night”. WHAT? MICHELLE DOESN’T CARE.


DrMr and I are in the car on the way to work this morning. DrMr is looking very intense and caught up in his thoughts (usually work related, I don’t take these things personally), Muppet is getting tired in the back, so I start to sing to her (a self-penned HELLO RUBY song. I have heard her kind of sing along to the tune, which is the CUTEST THING EVER). I say to DrMr:

Me: “do you know Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
DrMr: “of course”
MeL: “well, let’s sing it to Ruby in a ROUND… ROUNDS ARE AWESOME”
DrMr: “What’s a ‘round’?”
Me: “Well you sing the first line and then at the end of the first line, I start the first line and we sort of sing it on top of each other”
DrMr: “that sounds incredibly lame”
Me: ”TOTALLY NOT LAME… you obviously never went to Christian Camps when you were young”.

I like the small things. I like my small life. I don’t need a ferris wheel in my backyard to be happy. I just don’t have anything interesting to say anymore.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You know what happened today? My super-super-super lovely friend Bec come over. At 8am. And stayed till 2. AND HELPED ME CLEAN AND ORGANISE. That is super-awesome and totally deserving of some big ups.


I caved and finally admitted that hey, you know what I CAN'T DO EVERYTHING. JUST 99.96% OF EVERYTHING. I still don't have anything for everyone for dinner.

I peaked after the Gnocchi Bolognaise of last night. I know, I know that picture is completely on the cusp of grotesque/cute. I live on the edge.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


In the words of Kurt Cobain, I hate myself and I want to die. There is no other reason why I would go to IKEA by myself. On a Saturday morning. With a PRAM. I did spend $85 on 40,000 different things that I did not realise before that I could not live with out. DrMr is lucky that I only spent $85.

I also wanted to smack the lady in the face who beeped me to hurry up to leave my parking space as I unloaded my IKEA bag, nappy bag, child and took my pram apart to put it in the car. Obviously extraordinarily rude lady, you do not have children. Beeping in fact SLOWS ME DOWN. Well, encourages me to sit, take a bite of my subway sandwich, a sip of water and reapply my lip balm before turning on my vehicle to leave.

Other things of note.

Check out my library haul.

Cheese sticks are currently the finger food du jour. Well cheese sticks and all berries. In my next life, or even possibly next child, I vow not to buy a cream high chair. I really just didn't know.

This revolting thing is in my laundry sink. It freaks me out every time I see it, but I think I will be MORE frightened when I can't see it anymore. I hate to imagine it squished under my bare feet.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Super-nothing on Friday

So there is this girl Erin who I would call my best friend. She and I have been friends for gosh, 10 plus years now. She is the one person (Dr-Mr excluded) I am completely honest with, all those squishy and embarrassing secrets. I used to have this ridiculous angst/drama/lust filled Livejournal from when I was about 22 or so, so it's been since then. Oh and I killed that journal about 5 years ago, because that part of my life. is. so. over. I am mostly an adult now. Anyway, Erin posted a comment to one of my recent posts to say:

ugh, twilight? you are GAY. i love you <3

Folks, I am not ashamed of my unclassy reading habits because really, in most serious literary terms, I think the Twilight SAGA is probably better than the Laurell K. Hamilton series of (ahem) pornographic vampire novels. POSSIBLY. So it's a STEP UP for me. I haven't read LKH in a number of years, so I may have to go back to compare. I am now reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels (thank you all for the guidance) and I like how close True Blood season 1 kept to the novel. Unlike Twilight. Of which the film interpretation is a travesty. Has anyone here read LKH (apart from you Katherine Irwin-Coles, as I think it was your fault that I even started reading them in the first instance) and can offer an opinion?

Anyway, in ALL THREE SEPARATE series of novels, ALL OF THEM and YES, REALLY ALL OF THEM have the Mary-Sue having to choose between a VAMPIRE and a WEREWOLF lover. I MEAN SERIOUSLY LITERARY FOLKS, HAVEN'T I READ THIS BEFORE?

Finally we get to the short point of it all, which is that I can not be bothered trying to be cool. Or for the most part, even witty. I LOVE a good Tacky Book. Or film. Or REALITY TELEVISION SHOW. I declared in public over the weekend (as I have here) to strangers that DrMr and I own not one, but two Snuggies. Not even Snuggies, but the rip-off cheaper equivalent called CUDDLEE. A girl SNEERED at me. SNEERED!

In other unspectacular news, I sent a text message to my friend yesterday saying: "I WANT TO MARRY THE HUMIDIFIER AND HONEYMOON IN THE LIBRARY". It's true. I have talked about my love for the library previously. Well, as you know the Muppet has had a myriad of colds since starting daycare, which developed into this sad little barky cough. The Dr tried to assure me that it was all good and normal, but we did buy a huimidifier which has changed our life.

Ruby has slept through the night. FOUR nights in a row. The same four nights we have had the humidifier. A coincidence? I THINK NOT. Four good nights sleep in a row? I am starting to feel.... dare I say... human again? I hope I am not jinxing it all.

We also went to a beautiful wedding last weekend and the cutest thing ever was the fact they had a place for Rubes. Who loves dancing and handled the whole thing remarkably well.

I did a massive update on Georgie Love this week. I have to say how much I love the Pearl & Elspeth skirts... I have 3 tops and 2 skirts and um, undoubtedly on my way to owning more. They sell like little hotcakes, because who doesn't love a quirky winter skirt? They all have vintage fabrics and sweet little embellishments like buttons and pleats and the like. LOVE. Frankie & Ray have sent me some rather wonderful denim skirts for GL, which should be online over the weekend and I imagine that it is going to be another thing I am forced to buy. FORCED. Keep an eye out, obviously.

Rubes is on her knees constantly and rocking back and forth. Crawling is imminent. Terrifying. Major safety and baby proofing in progress.

Finally: current SWAPAPALOOZA players: 21. It's a good result, but we could do better. COME AND PLAY. Oh and have a very, very nice weekend. I am sorry that I don't write anything for ages and then I write a rambling NIGHTMARE. NEED CAFFEINE OR WILL DIE. MUST RECTIFY.