Friday, July 10, 2009

GOD! You don’t have to get so damn BLOGGY about things

Well, things are possibly quite dire.

You see, I am very happy in my life, I am very busy with DrMr, Muppet, the doggy, GeorgieLove, the other job and friends added on into that. We have a routine that involves workie things, lots of walks when the sun allows, visits to the library, cooking, reading (aloud to the muppet and for myself), brunch in our favourite cafes, browsing shops, weekend nights at the drive-in, vaguely trying to keep things clean and occasional cups of tea with friends. All these things keep me extremely busy.

Yet, none of these things make for interesting conversation. I have lost all conversational ability.

Yesterday afternoon I had a cup of takeaway coffee (an over-sweet chai for me) with a friend who also has a baby in our local park. She is planning a wedding and we talked about that for a while. She pauses and says to me:

“so what’s new with you, any news?”
“um… no… hmmmm (wracking my brains for inspiration)… there is nothing…oh wait, I am thinking about redoing the bathroom…on a very small budget...”.


Oh hey, I went for a KILLER walk today. And I TOTALLY kicked the laundry's ASS. This baby book about bunnies is LIFE CHANGING.

I just then caught myself looking for someone at work: “where’s Michelle? I have to tell her that I cooked a curry last night”. WHAT? MICHELLE DOESN’T CARE.


DrMr and I are in the car on the way to work this morning. DrMr is looking very intense and caught up in his thoughts (usually work related, I don’t take these things personally), Muppet is getting tired in the back, so I start to sing to her (a self-penned HELLO RUBY song. I have heard her kind of sing along to the tune, which is the CUTEST THING EVER). I say to DrMr:

Me: “do you know Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
DrMr: “of course”
MeL: “well, let’s sing it to Ruby in a ROUND… ROUNDS ARE AWESOME”
DrMr: “What’s a ‘round’?”
Me: “Well you sing the first line and then at the end of the first line, I start the first line and we sort of sing it on top of each other”
DrMr: “that sounds incredibly lame”
Me: ”TOTALLY NOT LAME… you obviously never went to Christian Camps when you were young”.

I like the small things. I like my small life. I don’t need a ferris wheel in my backyard to be happy. I just don’t have anything interesting to say anymore.


Splendid Little Stars said...

cracking me up! totally awesome!

third bird said...

Ahh, the memories!! I had forgotten all about singing in rounds. It was totally our primary school thing! Now I have the song 'Underneath the Mango Tree' looping around in my solo rounds??

Cath from chunkychooky said...

Hehehehehe-we often sing to Busy in the car but instead of singing in rounds ( Chef wouldn't know what it was either- I can't believe I haven't thought of that!!!) we sing nursery rhymes in operatic voices- we do this when reading books too - purely for our own entertainment- I look back on our little home movies and we are just cracking each other up with Busy sitting in the middle smiling but confused...
I get it to about the "what have you been doing lately?", going to work, sewing, walks, gym, eating a lot really its not that intersting and a little bit ground hog day...

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

I know how it is - I complain about being busy and when someone asks me what I have to do or what I have done I don't have much to say - it's just life! Boring things like nappies, and washing and more nappies and more washing and some fun bits in between!

mrs shep said...

oh my god..i do an amazing job at row row row your boat but i meow kids laugh themselves stupid!!
i'm thinking james and i could do it in a round now!
hmmm maybe he could woof hehehheh

Hannah said...

Brilliant, made me laugh out loud! Im the same apart from i dont have kids (that might mean im a bit tragic) A friend asked me whats up recently and i came up with, well my kale has bolted and my artichokes are covered in black fly. He looked at me a little confused and then told me about his 'aweseome' trip to Glastonbury festival! The shame...

erin said...

again, we are twins. always. only you're the more evolved twin who doesn't beat herself up about not being a terribly-over-dramatic, lovesick pervert anymore. happiness! i can't believe it found us! and it looks so pretty on you <3

of course you realize i MUST hear ruby singing along with you, right? MORE VIDEOS PLZ xoxoxox

Katherine said...

You know, this post makes me really happy. *hugs*

Leonie said...

Not only do we sing row row row your boat but we have sung it in rounds since our eldest was born nearly 6 years ago! The kids think it's hysterical when we stuff up the words which just goes to show how well they know them! Every night at bedtime it's between 6 and 10 nursery rhymes for the kids as wind down time. The never ending rounds of washing, napopies, preparing, serving and cleaning up food does seem to take up so much time and brain space that there doesn't seem to be much space for anything else. Maybe a book you've managed a few pages of, a new song the lyric you like....It does get easier both to find stuff to do and to find stuff to talk about, especially as the lottle ones get a little older.