Friday, July 03, 2009

Super-nothing on Friday

So there is this girl Erin who I would call my best friend. She and I have been friends for gosh, 10 plus years now. She is the one person (Dr-Mr excluded) I am completely honest with, all those squishy and embarrassing secrets. I used to have this ridiculous angst/drama/lust filled Livejournal from when I was about 22 or so, so it's been since then. Oh and I killed that journal about 5 years ago, because that part of my life. is. so. over. I am mostly an adult now. Anyway, Erin posted a comment to one of my recent posts to say:

ugh, twilight? you are GAY. i love you <3

Folks, I am not ashamed of my unclassy reading habits because really, in most serious literary terms, I think the Twilight SAGA is probably better than the Laurell K. Hamilton series of (ahem) pornographic vampire novels. POSSIBLY. So it's a STEP UP for me. I haven't read LKH in a number of years, so I may have to go back to compare. I am now reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels (thank you all for the guidance) and I like how close True Blood season 1 kept to the novel. Unlike Twilight. Of which the film interpretation is a travesty. Has anyone here read LKH (apart from you Katherine Irwin-Coles, as I think it was your fault that I even started reading them in the first instance) and can offer an opinion?

Anyway, in ALL THREE SEPARATE series of novels, ALL OF THEM and YES, REALLY ALL OF THEM have the Mary-Sue having to choose between a VAMPIRE and a WEREWOLF lover. I MEAN SERIOUSLY LITERARY FOLKS, HAVEN'T I READ THIS BEFORE?

Finally we get to the short point of it all, which is that I can not be bothered trying to be cool. Or for the most part, even witty. I LOVE a good Tacky Book. Or film. Or REALITY TELEVISION SHOW. I declared in public over the weekend (as I have here) to strangers that DrMr and I own not one, but two Snuggies. Not even Snuggies, but the rip-off cheaper equivalent called CUDDLEE. A girl SNEERED at me. SNEERED!

In other unspectacular news, I sent a text message to my friend yesterday saying: "I WANT TO MARRY THE HUMIDIFIER AND HONEYMOON IN THE LIBRARY". It's true. I have talked about my love for the library previously. Well, as you know the Muppet has had a myriad of colds since starting daycare, which developed into this sad little barky cough. The Dr tried to assure me that it was all good and normal, but we did buy a huimidifier which has changed our life.

Ruby has slept through the night. FOUR nights in a row. The same four nights we have had the humidifier. A coincidence? I THINK NOT. Four good nights sleep in a row? I am starting to feel.... dare I say... human again? I hope I am not jinxing it all.

We also went to a beautiful wedding last weekend and the cutest thing ever was the fact they had a place for Rubes. Who loves dancing and handled the whole thing remarkably well.

I did a massive update on Georgie Love this week. I have to say how much I love the Pearl & Elspeth skirts... I have 3 tops and 2 skirts and um, undoubtedly on my way to owning more. They sell like little hotcakes, because who doesn't love a quirky winter skirt? They all have vintage fabrics and sweet little embellishments like buttons and pleats and the like. LOVE. Frankie & Ray have sent me some rather wonderful denim skirts for GL, which should be online over the weekend and I imagine that it is going to be another thing I am forced to buy. FORCED. Keep an eye out, obviously.

Rubes is on her knees constantly and rocking back and forth. Crawling is imminent. Terrifying. Major safety and baby proofing in progress.

Finally: current SWAPAPALOOZA players: 21. It's a good result, but we could do better. COME AND PLAY. Oh and have a very, very nice weekend. I am sorry that I don't write anything for ages and then I write a rambling NIGHTMARE. NEED CAFFEINE OR WILL DIE. MUST RECTIFY.


MildlyCrafty said...

Have you watched Being Human on TV at the moment? It's about a vampire, werewolf and ghost all sharing an apartment. Trashy but I've like the first two episodes :)

Georgie Love said...

NO I HAVE NOT! Awesomeness! I hope it's not on Ch7, as we don't have that station.

Anonymous said...

um so i have to say, i agree with the VERY wise erin. i love you too but twilight...seriously, puke. i read the one book as a promise to my 14 (in four days) niece and i hated almost every minute of it. i LOVE trash, but there is trash and then there is twilight, which is just dribble. but don't worry, i won't hold it against you... ;-P xx

Katherine said...

Dude, I am not going to be blamed for your LKH reading - I first read your copy of whatever the first Merry Gentry one was called, and it all went downhill from there.

That said, I maintain that the first nine Anita Blake books are trashy fun. It's just that after that she discovered sex and lost the plot. Literally.

I will say, though, that while I don't think Twilight is much worse than LKH in literary terms (though I think early LKH is better - the books move a lot faster, and don't repeat the same conversation two hundred times, though she does that in later books, and she has creative ideas for villains), it's got the most screwy gender relationships - Edward is always threatening Bella and throwing her around physically, and she's all like "but it means he's totally in love with me!". Moron. LKH's gender relationships decline over the series, but the initial character is more likely to shoot someone who is physically intimidating her rather than swooning. And I think that's a step forward.

I couldn't get into the Sookie Stackhouse books, though I like the True Blood. A series you might enjoy, though, is Kim Harrison's Hollows series, starting with Dead Witch Walking. Also Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld, starting with Bitten.

Also, I will join your Swapapalooza cuz I make stuff and like music. I will email.

Georgie Love said...

Oh, I am not saying it's not trash, it completely is. They all are! Awful! I don't know where I got the LKH from, I know it was from someone, I AM SORRY I blamed you needlessly. ;-)

ALSO absolutely the relationship between Bella and Edward is ridiculous, controlling and entirely unhealthy (I was rooting for Jacob), but I still liked them. The books that is. The entertained me while we were all at home sick.

I haven't bothered with the last few LKH books, even though I liked the Merry Gentry books far better than the Anita Blake.

You are IN the swap kitten!

Lexi @ PottyMouthMama said...

Hey I am big stylie into the humidifier too. If it's good enough for Mariah Carey, it's good enough for me. For shiz. It's the real dealio. Same thing happened with Tiny when she had a cold - I didn't use it - cry cry cry. When I brought it out - slept through. Love it.

erin said...


and miss bec agrees with me so i KNOW i'm right :B xxoxoxoxo