Sunday, July 19, 2009

The week that was a week

I don't even know when I last posted something, I am sure it was over a week ago. Rubes has entered that incredibly inconvenient phase of screaming hysteria whenever I leave the room or am not within 3 meters of her. Sometimes if I am not even looking at her. Wow. DrMr can even be holding her, but if I dare to decide that I need to use the facilities, it's still hysteria. I CAN LOVE YOU FROM THE BATHROOM DARLING! I STILL LOVE YOU WHILE I WEE! MUMMY IS STILL LOVING YOU FROM IN HERE, RUBES!

Makes doing ANYTHING difficult. She is napping now. Her naps are all upside down, I used to get a super long 3+ hour nap in the morning (perfect for doing Georgie Love work, we'd then walk to the post office in the afternoon). Well that's gone, and a mini nap has replaced it and a slightly longer nap is now in the afternoon, which is when I am exhausted from the non-stop Ruby party that is the morning. I just want to sit down with a cup of tea, an empty bladder and without a baby clinging to me and trying to pinch my windpipe.

Anyway, that's just a small part of the week - she lunged backwards out of my arms Monday night, falling to the floor and hitting my head, requiring a few hours in hospital for observation. She's absolutely fine now, no lingering head bumps or problems. DrMr wasn't at home and I couldn't get in touch with him at work and wanted someone to take us to the hospital, our neighbours were out and I couldn't get on to my friend down the road. My nearby friend checked her phone soon after I called and noticed that there was missed calls from me and said "Sally never calls! It must be an emergency" and she called me straight away. It's well documented that I hate the phone, but so much so that if I DO call, it is immediately noted as an EMERGENCY. I think that's funny, but perhaps a bit tragic. It's ok, I am good at texting and emailing instead.

Georgie's leg has continued to degenerate and he is not using that leg anymore and is hobbling about on just the three, which is incredibly sad to watch. Another trip to the vet yesterday changed his anti-inflammatory medication (which is obviously no longer working) and the outcome that Georgie is going to need a $3000 operation to fuse the joint and fix it. Of course he will have it done, but that outcome is as depressing as his sore leg. My poor boy. Luckily the vet said he didn't have to be on such a strict diet, so he has been having lots of treats. He can't go for walks and can't even get in the car at the moment (DrMr is the only one who can lift him and get him in), so I am glad he does have something back he loves. Treats and lots of pats and naps in fornt of the heater is now Georgie's lot.

I can keep Rubes occupied in the kitchen. Wow things from the plastics cupboard are fascinating, it's led to a cooking extravaganza. DrMr rubbing has been rubbing his eyes in disbelief when he comes home and there is dinner on the table. I am not known in our household for my cooking prowess. Or even interest.

I would be updating Georgie Love if I could find my camera cable. I had it yesterday. Very annoying. I have new stuff.

I am bad and have not sent my swap yet. I am finalising the cd now, so should be in the post tomorrow. Have you sent yours yet? Have you got yours yet? Did you like it?

Anyway the week finished on a higher note, I took Friday off from work, had an acupuncture session in the morning, went to the Queen sale with my lovely Bec, of which we BOTH left with a couple of items that were both bargainlicious (my score reduced from $240 to $60 - I did a victory air punch in the dressing room), a lovely lunch and more shopping, before an afternoon massage (finally using my Mothers Day gift voucher), picked Ruby up from care, was super relaxed and happy. I don't think I have had a full day to myself for 8 months, so it was perfect. Perfect!

In other happy news, I have this cd playing in my car at the moment. Lordy, does it take me back.

She's awake... I think we'll go bake something.


Bee the Comics Widow said...

Ah! Someone else who doesn't like the phone either! I knew there had to be more of us out there. Long live emails and texts :)

Bailey said...
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Mama Mogantosh said...

I'm feeling's so, so sweet, but so difficult. I've noticed that I can have a really long day with the two small ones, and feel like I've been frustrated and struggling all day, desperate for them to go to sleep...but then just want to discuss every little funny thing they did with Keith...all frustration forgotten.

And what is with that windpipe pinch?!? I've got a pincher too. Looking forward to the end of that phase.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Little ruby is so adorable! Enjoy these times when you are so wanted.

Sam said...

Gosh! That sounds epic!! But what an absolute darling she is!! Those big blue eyes and all!

Anonymous said...

seriously, look at this child. windpipe squeezing and all, she is just freaking adorable!

Swallowing Stars said...

the breeder put us onto the all-meat diet for dogs - chicken necks for brekkie, raw beef/turkey mince for dinner - milo was on it already and mimi is loving it!

MelbourneVintage said...

My god, Custard - how AWESOME are they. First Aussie album I ever got - I remember driving through the scottish highlands screaming 'i feel like ringo' out the windows of the car. Bit of an odd intro to Australia but: Wooooot!