Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You know what happened today? My super-super-super lovely friend Bec come over. At 8am. And stayed till 2. AND HELPED ME CLEAN AND ORGANISE. That is super-awesome and totally deserving of some big ups.


I caved and finally admitted that hey, you know what I CAN'T DO EVERYTHING. JUST 99.96% OF EVERYTHING. I still don't have anything for everyone for dinner.

I peaked after the Gnocchi Bolognaise of last night. I know, I know that picture is completely on the cusp of grotesque/cute. I live on the edge.


Leonie Guld said...

Egg on toast sounds good!!

Monique said...

Oh yeah! I'd be kicking myself over the cream high chair too!

Monique said...

Oh yeah. I can now see why you are kicking yourself over the cream high chair.

Trove said...


(Thank God for fabulous friends.)

And for the record, 99.96% is pretty damn good.


Bec said...

i think it is fair to say i reside on the cute side of the edge. i LOVE it! look at that sweet little face, who wouldn't reside on cute?
and the pleasure was all mine today, marking items off lists makes me VERY happy...even if the list is not mine. xx (thank you so much for the present, unnecessary but much loved!)

MelbourneVintage said...

this should be an inspiration to all of us how to eat our dinner. vaguely aiming the contents of one's spoon at the mouth area would make it much easier to watch Masterchef. I take my hat of to the little supercute lady.