Monday, August 31, 2009


HEY, it would suck NOT TO BE ME this past week. To begin with, my SWAPAPALOOZA arrived, and you can't see how cute the box was hand decorated. I had the LOVELY sarasophia, and oh boy I was super lucky with my swap.

You absolutely KNOW that a box is going to be good when the contents are described as "CD + girly-like-knick-knacks.... priceless".

Beautifully wrapped, with wonderful little handmade touches everywhere. Sarasophia put in SO much work, I was overwhelmed and completely chuffed. She sewed these little button wrap things, which were purely decorative and wonderful that I am going to have to find somewhere to put them, because I can't bear not to.

Everything! The cutest headband (worn twice, looks awesome with Weasley-red hair), yellow button earrings (ditto, 2 wearings), paper crane is sitting on a shelf in Ruby's room and the drawstring bag has been deployed in my nappy bag. SO AWESOME. Lovely lady, thank you so much! I was overwhelmed and clapping my hands with glee! It was SO worth the wait! Hooray! Oh and the cd, also superawesome.

Ok, so I think that is swapapalooza drawing to a close this round, if you have any feedback, please do send it to me - good or bad, a few annoying things happened this time around, so I will have to rethink about setting some guidelines next time around. All feedback will be kept anonymous.

ALSO, in a belated birthday surprise (I turned 33 in the start of August), my besty friend Erin also sent me a box of splendors. There was also a scarf that didn't make it's way into the photograph.

Ok, this new week you are LUCKY TO BE YOU because yes Rubes was sick over the weekend AGAIN. AGAIN PEOPLE. A nasty cough and a snuffty nose. She is coming out of it, but I feel a bit feverish and so does DrMr.

AND tonight I have to give my presentation on selling online at the Craft Vic symposrium, which is SOLD OUT (with a massive waiting list). I am looking forward to it being over, so that low-grade level of anxiety that has been living in my belly for the past month will be GONE.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning

Every night before I go to bed, I rearrange Ruby's play mat for her in the morning, I add toys, take some away, build things for her to knock over, to mix it up to make it interesting for her.

Rubes however considers a piece of bubble wrap and the clean washing basket to be infinitely more exciting.

I have been tempted to film the debacle that is either trying to change or dress her. Except I wasn't sure if what she did was normal and all babies acted like devil-possessed monkeys on the change table (shrieking included). I haven't changed other babies, so I wasn't sure. But daycare confirmed for me that she was in fact the worst baby in the whole centre (oh, 70 odd kids) to change. That's my girl!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Call Me Sally Weasley

Actually, these photos make it look darker than it is. It's intense. Different colours in it too. Very happy, but these photos aren't great. 8:30pm on a Sunday night not the greatest time to take a picture.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm thinking of having a party and I think you should come.

For the crazy animal people out there, I totally enjoyed the story from my friend Ms Erin about her crazy cat Chicken. And while I do love all animals (with the exception of one tiny fluffy dog, who shall not be named as relations of the owners do read this blog), cats are not my favourite. Not least because I am terribly allergic to them and as a child we had a cat named Merle, who would sneak into my room at night and INSIST on sleeping on my head, causing me to wake to with red eyes, sneezing and hives. Stupid cats.

Ok, so you know I am and ideas person, right? And I like to commit to a ridiculous amount of things. So I was thinking of having a clothes swapping party as a part of the Party for Strays fundraiser for Lort Smith Animal Hospital. I WOULD have it at home, but I would have to clean (blech), I am hoping more people would come than would fit in my house and I live 60kms out of the city. I was thinking if everyone brought all the clothes they didn't like or didn't fit into any more, paid $5 or $10 (with receipt - tax refundable) to come and possibly bought a plate, we could raise money, all have a play date in-person meet up AND update the wardrobe. WINWINWINWIN Would you come? If we got enough people interested (you come, bring your friends and the like), I could do some research and try and find somewhere bigger... arrange change rooms (champagne). Then also if there were people who couldn't come, they could still donate. Lort Smith do brilliant work.

Let me know if you would like to come (I am thinking on a Saturday afternoon in September) so I can work out numbers and I will get on to it. Good? Good. Also, if it gets big, and it could, let me know if you would be willing to help out in some way. Hurrah!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sally did a bad, bad thing (well actually 3 of them)

Ok, so I did a bad thing today. Actually, I was going to say 2, but now as I am telling YOU before I tell DrMr, that is a third bad thing. In my favour though, I DID try to call him and unusually he has not called me back.

Ok Bad Thing Number One
My lovely friend Misa bought a most beautiful quilt cover. Like BEAUTIFUL and I coveted it muchly. I am one of those people who does not like to buy the same thing her friends have. Cause that is your thing, not my thing, your lucky find. ALSO I MUST CONFESS, I have a weakness for manchester, I LOVE new sheets and covers, maybe because I like being in bed so much and am not in there enough. Misa tells me where she bought it and where it is on sale.

Bad Thing Number Two
So I make a dedicated visit to this shop. I told DrMr that I wanted to buy it so I don't think it should be a surprise if it suddenly turned up in our house, and hey sales are good to support in this rocky economic crisis, right? Yup. It was not on sale anymore and despite my jovial comments that because it WAS ONCE on sale, they should give it to me on sale and hey isn't my baby cute? No dice.

I bought it anyway, $200ish for cover and 2 pillow cases. From the joint finances.


It's the kind of bedspread that looks better unmade and all inviting to get into. It's like a cheaters quilty patchworky doona cover. I won't blame you if you need to buy one too. And yep, that's our super fancy bedroom. I obviously spend A LOT of time and money decorating.



Ok, quickly some things. The big things going on in my life at the moment...

1. Do you KNOW how disappointed I am that CostCo is at Docklands? You can bet your ass I would be there with a massive trolley buying 20 litre buckets of peanut butter. Not only would I be there, but I would be joyful, celebratory and photographing my whole adventure. You know me and that I LOVE bargains. And buying in bulk it seems. Am tempted to join and go anyway, but I am sure the 70 odd km drive (ONE WAY!) would get the better of me eventually. And so I mourn. Unless you want to come with me and make a day of it? Hmmm? No? Oh.

No vat of peanut butter for us then. I know I would love CostCo. I would be hyperventilating and buzzing like a junkie for a fix. Lordy, it's a match made in heaven. I'd be one of those those people hysterical screaming and making a scene.

2. FINALLY booked in for a haircut/colour. I didn't go with any local choices so alas, it will be a 60km trek to Greville St on Friday, but no regrets. I am going for a CHANGE. My cut is short and fairly terrible at the moment (due to it's need for a cut. not due to the cut I had last time), so there will be no big change there, but I am changing from dark brown to something else. I am not being vague and mysterious, but that will be the brief for the colourist "not blonde, but not dark brown either".

3. I am SO unmotivated at the moment, it's chronic. Gahhhhhhhh.

4. Ruby has started clapping her hands, it's the cutest thing ever. She applauds everything now - if I pour her a glass of water "clapclapclap". She knows how to lift spirits that one.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


ps: I was wondering if there were any outstanding swaps out there? Is there anything I need to chase up for you? Speaking of which, I am still without swappie love too!

too wordy and not enough drinking on a Saturday night

It's Saturday night, are there no parties to attend? Ah yes, there IS a party that I should be at, hosted by my lovely friend Gemma, but alas - I am sick, tired and um think driving to the city (60 kms away!) at this time of night is ridiculous. I am ready for bed. After I drink more wine, contemplate working and eventually end up finishing my vampire book number 9. Oh what? I posted the number 7 image only a few days ago? YES BUT I HAVE READ A BOOK AND A HALF IN 24 HOURS. Rock on party people.

Anyway, what did you do on your evening? Or what are you doing right now?

I got an email this afternoon from a blog I shall share with you when published, but they asked me to write a bio and whatnot on Georgie Love. I wrote the bit below, which I like, but I am pretty sure it's not what they were after. I like it, so if they reject it, I may update the website bio info with it, This is it:

Sometime in 2004 or 2005, Sally Morrigan had a dream. Not a literal dream mind you, she's not any kind of fancy psychic lady, but a dream none-the-less. See, Sally Morrigan was born to shop. Preferably online where it was only starting to come in fashion, as retail shops, crowds and over enthusiastic staff terrified her. She shopped online and goddamnit, she shopped CRAFTY. Spending all her hard earned dollars from working on a secret project in a chocolate factory (true) and then a secret anti-terrorist project for the Government/ASIO (also true, the woman gets around) in handmade stores in the US, the fairly wonderful cut+paste and completely formidable shana logic. And it was good.

Well, to be truthful, it was good-ish. Sally was an impatient and thrifty girl and got frustrated that despite paying the expensive TOPTOPTOP dollar for shipping, her packages would take weeks to arrive. And that made her sad. But not for long. See Sally was a reasonably bright girl and a lightbulb flashed above her head. WHAT IF, seriously, WHAT IF there was an Australian site where I could buy ALL AUSTRALIAN HANDMADE GOODNESS and have things arrive in DAYS not weeks. So she got googling and googling and found nothing, not a hint of Australian handmade online goodness. She despaired and rejoiced all at once. She held on firm to her idea and told all her crafty friends about it. Everyone got excited, but Sally was uncertain. While an internet shopping and googling maestro, a programming web nerd she was not. She told her then boyfriend (who is forever known as Dickhead Dan, but for brevity, we will call him DD in this story), who coincidently WAS a programming web nerd. DD saw the potential of her idea straight away and offered his services to help her build it.

And it was done. Well, eventually. In between their full-time jobs and other social commitments, which at the time was plentiful.

But what to call it. I have to tell you, some of the names suggested by friends were obscene. Sally's longest relationship in her life thus far was her dog George. Sally, being a woman of many ideas and sometimes secretly naff baby talk, had exactly 2149 nicknames for this goofy dog George. Number 1746 was infact "Georgie Love", which to pronounce correctly is *high pitch voice* Geeeeeoooorgeeeee Luv" She loved George and thought everyone else would too. So Georgie Love was born and the website was oddly, and some might say inappropriately, dog themed.

Soon after the launch of Georgie Love (April 12, 2006)... No, if I recall correctly it was a fair few months before, Sally Morrigan and DD parted ways and Georgie Love became as it should - a one woman-one dog operation, which has been run out of living rooms in houses all across Melbourne and the Greater Surrounds for going on 3.5 years. It originally had about 8-10 crafty folk, a mix of her real-life friends and people she poached from the Rose Street Artist Market. Now, a good number of years later, there are 58 different artists on the site, and counting. Google tells her that about 1500 different people come and visit every week. Sally Morrigan still has a 2.5-day-a-week job at a University (not secret), a 9 month old baby and a lovely and fairly odd partner who looks remarkably like Jesus. Georgie is still counted as her longest relationship ever at 5 and a bit years and counting. They live in a crooked little house in the mountains where they avoid social commitments on Saturday nights, which are instead spent in the dark watching movies, drinking nice wine and writing waffling stories about themselves.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love yourself sick

What? LATE? MOI? Shhh... do you think if I backdate this post to yesterday, no one will notice if I skipped the final day of the love-in? Which I just typed as Love-On, and I guess that fits too. Ruby (AKA Rubicon, AKA The Muppet AKA Muppachino AKA Muppella Tuppella) has ANOTHER cough/cold thing, which she has passed on to me AGAIN, so I did all the work I wanted to do yesterday and then just lay on the couch, read and felt a little sorry for myself. I used to have a KILLER immune system and never got sick, but this winter, we are all on our 5th colds or something? Argh. BABY GERMS ARE REVOLTING.

ANYWAY, ironically I am about to tell you about my final think that I like about myself. And despite my compromised immune system, it is my strength. Not physical, however carrying around 8-9 kilos for most of the day is a great workout for arm/upper back strength, but I am a very strong, determined person. I am proud of where I am and what I had to get through to get here. My strength makes me a supportive friend and partner, able to make difficult decisions and follow through on them and weather all kinds of storms.

Ok, that's it for now. I am not firing on all cylinders. Maybe not even on half a cylinder. I am all pppffft pfft pft petering out. But finally, what is something about yourself that you are proud of to finally cap off this wonderful week?

If I don't otherwise pull myself together to tell you - have a WONDERFUL weekend. Seriously. There is going to be sun and warmth about and I hope you get in the middle of it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am super tops

Ok, this is the second last day of the big love-in week. It's been a good week, but am having a flat day AND I am running out of old school superlatives. I was cold most of the day in my office at work (no jacket), it was so grey and miserable outside and there were all these little and annoying niggly points during the day. But it's mostly over, so let's sit and dwell on the positive. I did get a good nights sleep (despite 5:30am wake up time), ate an almost SHAMEFUL amount of chocolate and tomorrow is payday!

So. If people were to pick one point to compliment me on, it's usually my eyes. I don't mean to fall in the trap that I have noticed this week, that lovely people are writing lovely things about themselves but expressing it as "my husband says I have nice legs and people tell me that I have great hair, I guess". That's nice for those people who love and admire you, but there must be something that YOU like about YOURSELF. Even secretly? I am talking ownership of your good self. Being proud of it all and comfortable in your skin. That's the goal.

Anyway, my eyes are probably my best physical feature and I like them . The muppet has inherited the shape (we think, but we are hoping DrMr's colour as his are as blue as the deep sea) and that's not a bad thing. My eyes are big, expressive, grey-blue wtih dark lashes and nice. They are usually pretty revealing to how I am feeling and tend towards mre grey when I am tired, angry or in a bad mood and more blue when I am happy.

So be honest, what is your best physical feature today? No embarrassment or self-censoring necessary, give me the cold hard facts.


Just briefly as I have more to say today, but please look at the cover of the book I just finished. Click to make the image bigger. Yes, that's a woman in a sparkly pink dress riding a glittery tiger, being chased by a Vampire. It all looks like it was drawn by an 11 year old. I borrowed this book from a library. I even reserved it, so they had to have it come in and put aside for me. I then had to ask for the book and indicate that yes, it was what I wanted and planned on reading ASAP.

I am teh cool. Not lame at all. Not. Lame. At. All.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Significant and small joy in myself

I just caught Ruby dancing! She has this phone toy that plays different songs and she put a song on and then stopped to listen, grin and WRIGGLE AND KICK on the floor in time. Cutest thing EVER. I was going to write today that her cute thing at the moment is that she finds people cleaning their teeth hysterical and I gave her a toothbrush of her own (she's 9 months and still has zero teeth) and she watches me intently, laughs and then mimics it the toothbrush, this way and that way in her mouth.

Anyway, ridiculously obsessed parent with their child moment OVER.

So. I am having a very good week so far. Things are good, I am happy and I am loving, LOVING all the positivity this week. LOVE. I feel good about myself, about life and it all. It's all sort of spilling over in other areas and I woke up at 2am last night and couldn't go back to sleep because I was thinking about everything. I was far more eloquent at 3am as in the waking world it's all slipped away somewhat. But I really have my fingers crossed that I and everyone who has visited here or written in their own blogs about all the good things about themselves will let that cross into the next week and the week after and will pop up again when they need it most. Or if you do forget, let me know and I will make a point to let you know how ridiculously awesome you are. You kick ass! GROUP HUG PEOPLE. Lordy, I am super-lame. Anyway...

Ok, so let me tell you straight what I am loving about myself today. And it's a big one. I have very small pleasures. I don't need the world to be happy. I am not sophisticated, cool, hip or complicated. Come over let's put daggy music on and dance. Want a cup of tea? Aren't these socks AWESOME? Look! It's a doggy on tv! And he is WAGGING HIS TAIL! I like small things. I like finding the fun and humour in every day normality. I am very happy in my life, which is basically wake up, feed Ruby, my breakfast, Ruby plays and I wrap orders that have come in over night, she naps, I have a shower, she wakes has breakfast, we go to the post office, come home, play together, go to the library or see a friend or have someone over, another nap, she wakes, we make dinner, DrMr comes home, we all eat, Ruby has a bath, goes to bed, I do some more work and then DrMr and I hang out together. That's mostly it for most of my week and it makes me very happy. It's not to say I don't want things, I want a new bathroom, a bigger house, a haircut etc. All those things people want and plan for, but in my day, small things make me happy. I love a cup of tea. I love opening a tiny packet of dried fruit, I love it when the clothes I want to wear are clean, I love it when Ruby gives me a gummy grin and laughs, I love lying down next to her when she has a nap. Finding half an hour when it's all quiet and I can read stupid and trashy books.

It's such a small thing, but it's significant. I REALLY like that about myself. I am not wanting for everything in the future, I have learnt to live in the now. And be happy. I spent a lot of my life in unhappy relationships, with unhappy people and negative friends and I am free of all that now. And it's a wonderful thing.

So tell me lovely , what small-big thing do you like about yourself today?

Monday, August 10, 2009

I am badassical. Dudes.


Highly exciting, awesome, most excellent. The amalgamation of "badass" and "radical."
Dude, this is going to be badassical!

Ok, so I have had a lovely day with my friend Misa of Olofsdaughter She's tops. So I have just got home and am sorting through emails and haven't thought too much about myself today. But... ok... this is a hard one as it's completely subjective, but today I am going to tell you what makes me badassical.

See. Hmm... I am funny. I can make people laugh and I like that.

So, your turn, tell me on the fly or give it some thought, but what is completely BADASSICAL about you right now?

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The unbearable lightness of being ACE

Ok, third day of big self-props. I am LOVELOVELOVING this week, more for the comments I am reading about people sharing all the good things they like about themselves. It makes me so very, very happy to read. I still feel absolutely self conscious and like a complete tool for talking myself up this week, but that's the point isn't it? Pushing through that ridiculous self consciousness and saying "Not only am I ok, I am AWESOME".

Ok, so. You know what is ace today ? My mouth. Not only is it a good vessel for talking, holds my reasonably straight teeth, is a key feature in being able to kiss.. AND...

I have full lips. They are ace. I don't wear lip gloss because I think it makes them look TOO full. They are the kind of lips that tiny hollywood actresses inject themselves with poison into their face to achieve. I have them naturally. TAKE THAT! HA!

When I was younger and a very, very insecure teenager, my mean older sister made me paranoid about my mouth, all through my teen years, she told me it was odd shaped, ill defined and weird. My sister has thin, villainous lips (thank you Nip/Tuck for the description) and I never realised that her mean and pointless comments stemmed from jealousy. But that is in the past, now I see that my mouth and lips are a good thing.

So yeah. What PHYSICAL feature are you rocking? I know we are all kind, thoughtful and sweet people. But do you have ass that won't quit? (I love that phrase), ridiculously clear skin? Wonderful eyes? Super glossy and thick hair? Killer legs? It's easier for us to talk about our nice personality attributes, because we don't have to put ourselves "out there" as much. We are all so attuned to deflecting compliments and pointing out our physical flaws rather than going yeah, my features work well together, they make up "ME". And I like them. And I am happy to be me. So tell me, what's your best physical feature?

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Hey, it's Saturday and we are waiting for the muppet to wake up so we can go have brunch, which I think can now be officially classified as LUNCH. I wanted to thank you all for your comments regarding the last post on SELF ESTEEM and I LOVE that some of you are taking the time out to go, hell yes I am AWESOME. It's beautiful to see. Ahhh. So, to continue the whole I AM TOPS theme I was deliberating over what to choose next.

Today I choose BOLDNESS. I am RAD because I am bold. I am one of those people who put themselves out there. I am shy or have a lack of self confidence (there is a difference, am not sure which basket I fall in), but I will always stand up for myself, speak my mind and not put up with any nonsense. I will send a pizza back if I ordered a plate of pasta and I will question why I am paying $50 when the quote was only $35. I will cut my long hair super short, sell all my belongings and leave one place for another full of strangers. It's something that has been called alienating, but I would rather shout and be heard. I think boldness is a good thing.

What is making you RAD today?

Friday, August 07, 2009

self esteem

Remarkably, randomly and unrelatedly, I have been having discussions with a fair few of my lady-friends recently about SELF ESTEEM. To tell you the truth, I hate even writing the word SELF ESTEEM. The words alone fill me with shame and embarrassment. It's so 1980s after school special. I am a teenage gymnast who feels fat and develops anorexia after pressure and sexual advances from my coach.
How is your SELF ESTEEM? Do you feel super-awesome? Confident? Beautiful? ENOUGH?

Yeah. Me neither.

It genuinely distresses me to think how much time and energy we ALL secretly invest into feeling bad about ourselves. All that time and energy we invest wanting to be thinner, smarter, beautiful, more creative, more like that other girl over there, I want to live in their house, but have her bank balance and that wardrobe. I don't want my daughter Ruby to grow up feeling like she needs to change herself in any way to be happy, the idea makes me both angry and sick. I don't want to pass on all my paranoia and fears and moments of self loathing. I have spent a LOT of time thinking about these sorts of things and subsequently removing all the people out of my life who don't make me feel good to be around.

I am sick of media who attempt to make us feel unworthy so we spend and waste money to feel better about ourselves. Mean people who put others down so they feel better about themselves, but I don't blame them. I am 100% responsible for how I feel about myself and whether I fall for that bullshit. (note: edited to clarify that I don't read magazines apart from Frankie & cooking ones usually!)

So today I will tell you that I am TOPS. I am very, very nice. And especially so are you. Every day for a week I am going to write something that I like about myself and I think you should too because I like you and we need to spend our time and mental energy on more positive and productive things, yes? We need to live and be happy in the here and now, rather thinking that we will be happy or more desirable if we were different in any way. We are perfect now. You know what IS IN. Confidence and happiness. I'll be having some of that please.

So for me I am working up to this slowly, today I like my: skin. I am super-dooper palepale and burn to a crisp in the sun, but pale goes with anything for any season. I get to have freckles and rosy pink cheeks and dark hair and no skin cancer. Today I am all about SKIN. It keeps all my insides safe and warm, and that is why my SKIN IS AWESOME. It looks good and is practical. I am going to like my skin today and look after it.

Wow. this is hard to do. Apparently as either a) ladies b) Australians or c) humans, we don't like to give big props to ourselves. I was debating even posting this because I felt so naff, but it's time to get over that and move on, isn't it? Yes. So this is me.


Have you seen the new felt brooches on Georgie Love by Candy Bandit? TOO CUTE! And I have to tell you how cool and well made they are in person. Lovely Maker Gemma has a brooch making project called heartFELT, which seems pretty nifty, the details:

Now! Details of the new project titled HeartFELT.

As you may be aware, I make my brooches from felt, but this time i am asking artists/designers to submit a unique 'Heart' design in their own style, which i will make from felt AS WELL AS recycled materials from Opp-Shops etc. Its all about being Eco-friendly & loving the planet. All hearts will be auctioned for the charity of the designers choice.


Here is the photos from the first project-


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Selling your work?

Just quickly, did you know that Craft Victoria's month long Craft Cubed festival is now up and running? There are a ton of exhibitions, professional development seminars and open studios to go see and get yourself all crafted up.

If you are interested in selling your work and haven't quite figured out your options / where to get started / what to do, there is a session on Craft to Consumer which is "an information session outlining the basics of selling your work at a market, through a retailer and online". Speaking will be Adam Ferrante who is the Project Director of Rose Street Artists Market, the lovely and ridiculously knowledgeable Bec Jobson who is the Retail and Sector Development Manager at Craft Victoria itself and finally the wonderfully neurotic and oversharer SALLY MORRIGAN from GEORGIE LOVE will be talking the online sales component. Details are as follows:

Date: Monday 31 August, 6-7.30pm
Venue: Craft Victoria library, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Bookings: 03 9650 7775
Cost: $20 / $10 Craft Victoria Members

I have all the info on selling online already together from something I did a long time ago, am currently compiling it onto the WORLD'S FUNNIEST, MOST INFORMATIVE AND PROFESSIONAL POWERPOINT SLIDES. And by currently, I mean, putting it on my To Do list every day and then subsequently not doing it. I will get there, I always do.

Wondering if there is any way I can incorporate this into a slide.

I am wearing this pendant from Polli today. It's fairly lovely, yes? I don't usually wear much jewelery at all, but could not resist this. Yep, that's a cow jumping over the moon.

And finally, my current status: tired as usual, but very happy. Am putting something new on Georgie Love every day at the moment. I thought the WORLD'S BIGGEST UPDATE was nearly over, but just had a flood of new stuff through my door, so it's only half over.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Snug Love

Just briefly, I have news and things to say, I really have had a lovely day, but this morning I went downstairs to make a cup of tea and I return upstairs to find that Ruby had pulled the Snuggie off the chair and wrapped herself in it. Joyfully. SEE?! Snuggies are IRRESISTIBLE. A 9 month old baby won't lie to you people! (Dodgy camera phone, sorry!)